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Masshole Theatre: Terminator 2 6-16-14

Jun 16, 2014|

Every week we visit the Masshole Theatre where we get the Boston version of famous films, this week it is Terminator 2.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always -- Online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. -- Hill Man Morning Show -- It's cold. It is time for our weekly celebration of the unique vocabulary. And it. I tinge of variation to the Boston -- and so there's a difference I think Qaeda. They got it it's like Providence you know that's got its own little accent there maybe is just a slight different mom Boston where did you find these people. While I was doing an appearance last week at Wendy's and there was one guy who came up yeah Allen -- big fan -- -- -- and the station. And the way he was speaking to us I said guy please guys -- leads. Do this for me a guys' lack there. And you I mean this is one of my favorites yet okay this -- Andy hello Andy or article are handy. Under. I'm happy. It is going to Andy gets the warning is going to be eighty today. The -- the planet is melting I just wanted to let you know that. -- premier -- billion years. Don't all right now the deal today -- -- record been on a prayer -- 100000. Men and we've all I've been involved and every emotion and all hundred -- and -- bogey but it. And he seems like a very intelligent was there are very very intelligent -- like the way hero care. Our ID handy if but if indeed EU could that take a listen to today's mass whole theater. Acting segment and tell me what movie it is then you'll be the winner are you ready our current art here we go. -- why do you deck on finally catalyst in the way people talk your guide issue of affirmative. -- -- stuff like. Is it. And some Bozo comes in acting like -- best Italian -- ST eighty is saying look this guy ghost world. And if you -- shine a month after levees their baby. After I love these are baby we have -- kids and have some tough guy gets all bent out of shape the same time you'll -- a -- that is now. -- -- At that -- wickedness. Is -- and it is not bad. That woman. The problem and death records and had to be handy below normal murderers terminator true. Laser show you can't do in the row behind it will all be I'll be Donald -- dot fantastic. I love this rebel -- yeah I have a pretty disciplined and it. And we. I I there are tickets for you to go to the WA AF Chanel show. At the house of blues in Boston on September 2 -- guy. Well candy you're awesome thank you very much for planning and alone OP have a great week agony here that have to do that it was a very low. Now why do you -- all of finally catalyst in the way people talk here -- -- -- affirmative. Acted now little was stuff like. -- -- And some -- -- and act in light of past Italian -- ST eighty is saying look at this post will. And if you -- shine a month after levees that baby. After -- her baby brilliantly acted. And have some tough guy gets all bent out of eight missing time you'll have a a calm now and airport. At the tool wickedness. Is he and it is not that. Some. Cousins as they'd be out well yeah yeah I love it -- of that line cousins as -- And the state it's true though I didn't have my doesn't just days after everybody's -- -- is dating back every finals loses its data.