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Hill-Mail 6-16-14

Jun 16, 2014|

The best Hi--Mail messages over the Father's Day weekend.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each -- return to talks as -- Hill Man Morning Show presents -- man -- It at all I want -- arbor. How all right let's do need to Alter. -- -- here are not. Accurate. Yeah -- On WA EA access. Yeah here's a romantic text through says whatever happened to the scene from say anything yeah whatever and I cranking up Peter Gabriel signed -- On here. Boom box outside of chicks house does he really liked grant. I guess immediately you'd be given a restraining order and called a creek for that right yes that's I think. Here's that Texas says like LB isn't the creep can't. In my gives is email address out to any chick who calls the shelf and well let's he's just trying to -- the premium younger American captain David Nelson amendment I mean it's given him the option he's not dead. I mean the communities not -- you increments of not only are you wanted to reach out for the sags your life and put. That'll -- at -- America is allowed to throw his email address out there and handing him -- you rejects and that's very -- does and I thought he did happen Simpson eastbound and -- -- you have free -- -- process that it is -- and now our guys I think I am not shy now knowing it's not in -- -- in his -- other operating -- and heading into the -- helping on -- -- actions and help get WA AF dot com and now -- day here's a woman who says it makes you very uncomfortable when you. Have to keep saying no on a phone number and a guy won't give up besides -- you know I -- I hit it. I just had no idea that there were so many guys that don't take no for Iranians -- they get Barry like I said I let -- I get a no I'm gonna my kind of like almost. Like threatening. Like -- deep -- -- -- up and I'm not making myself out to be this big prize by any means but I've had a couple of individuals I dealt with in the past have been like. Ocean wallets -- the systemic I'm I'm sorry have a boyfriend thank you so much why does Michelle Obama block. Day and it they just they get really aggressive with a like black might give me a chance why -- why would you -- chance like that I'm in a relationship the united and I wanted to -- Wasn't it Kennedy now what is something -- -- -- -- -- know -- I'm not I mean. Yeah I guess that the ask you would think that a normal guy and his you know egos involved and stuff if you ask and somebody said no it than me just say okay no no no no problem thanks anyway but it's like why I'm gonna show up next and you guys an appearance and see how great I am what you -- note on it's like -- -- -- -- -- -- really. Turn down with that up. -- you know we live that race. For the let's see I don't understand why guys waste their time being so persistent move on there's Honda's grossed just like her better -- ideal. Well fixated on I don't know. You know I'm gonna turn this chick it. No it's not being persistent it's called being needy. Not an attractive feature for a man some guys demand an answer that will please them and it's a complete turn well -- maybe you're learning something here -- You know if you don't get the number that in no time Milan. -- move on. Let's see him. I'm with -- LB if I know I'm not gain number I'm on to the next one no point wasting time on -- Truth mildly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here's a Texas says this is creepy -- gas attendant got my name off my credit currently branded me on face no yeah that's correct that's weird. That's extremely proud -- would have. We could be and this is -- -- literally like Peter you know like my dreamy -- anybody has a name on anything in immediately elect Pelosi couldn't find this person on FaceBook. But we do with new stories all the. Time like criminals and stuff. Oh here's the Texas that wouldn't women should just carry burn phone it's a great we'll get back. Etc. a lot of a lot of other occasion and it -- Let's see somebody recently gave mine number out to a guy who wouldn't wouldn't stop bothering there. Then his life -- to me and and not like I had. -- that's out of cannot pull yeah yeah yeah I mean you had grown he had last question and ask for us out there and can. Who. The way the -- was so we're. Gonna try to point that I don't even know who this guy and we'll. Here's the text that says the follow up to sorry I have a boyfriend is what about your friend is he tackles. But my grandmother a well I didn't take my number to call me when you guys break -- -- that's the next -- no but thank you. Thanks for listening to have a great day it is a little bit you shouldn't be like. If you work in a retail place like a gas station or story you should not be contacting somebody from that interaction the customer. Do you -- interaction that. That is not really appropriate right. And dad that's a little bit 50 unless the woman gave you some indication that she wanted to be -- I don't -- Turkey and we get yeah I -- it -- but your fair yes. -- -- -- -- bartender and you don't have your running for refer you know now someone who's attractive to me when a search is not on FaceBook. The 401 tax when I met my current girlfriend last year I told her she had nice shoes -- mine number and walked away. -- doubt that semantic -- there next day who. The mystery Lisa mystery now here is our show and this is on the wall mount. This -- moment. A woman who says that. She can't stand when guys take your phone -- I'm paying attention and put their number in -- -- is that there's a lot of phones first is that mr. insistent. That's yet. That's some guy who thinks he's big that's not a -- method of giving your number men's variant they instantly portables that thinks she's honest and the Barney Frank. Basically that the that the I'm what did you ask and on your phone that's just spotless. My friend. And it Julie. Gives her bowl Brothers number out to the guys that that's what led to -- than what works. He -- want that. With the other manager for a major retailer when my cashiers -- trying to pick up chicks cicadas register and the idea is number I had to fire him had a fire assets. And I you're number Nina for -- currency pairs of -- of dollars and embargo. It's a I once got rear ended by somebody on the highway we obviously had an exchange information many state text me oh my god in no -- -- nude pictures of his itinerary and again I don't think John and yeah giant that's generally. That is. That is consistent illness that is there and justice and. That evident me the other day I get a random junk shot punched somebody in the group in a group messenger and I must temporarily forget what's up my own it's my old cell number. And I was supposed to meet I was supposed to meet my my buds that can handy and so we were three of us we're we're texting back to avoid messing up. It's -- send me pictures -- -- -- a picture him in Hammond does some dynamite what's the deal so that I send a picture. Of me I'm thinking you know what -- -- whatever and in the next picture that we get back recognizes. Guy got the governor guys you don't feel like it was Larry Holmes I'm like you mean. You. The immediate junk picture yeah I'd advise here's attacks from a woman who says if a guy told me I had nice shoes and left me his number. I would think I read I would think I found another gay Fred. Well I have I don't -- -- this is it -- beluga -- by the way to my number and then for your brother. That at the hey all with the platform things and new. Well we can explore this further when we go inside the symbol. May -- mind coming up in just a few moments now today's Salma -- messages handled -- -- -- -- -- year old. Marble iron or. We're about -- And the proven -- -- your arm and then. It won't eat and. And that that they know -- Chubby Checker who demanded that he be allowed into the rock and at all and I think he does I think he just. The twist was a huge it's. 4:45. AM. Our top story this morning. Red Sox and -- -- it announced the death struggle to pay. Citing -- lack of ridership. I feel trapped in debt and had this to say. Well we're definitely there are reorganizing and compact but look a little bit here. Yeah. Yeah it's not all the rate yet amidst did amidst. Approaching rapidly the all star break he got a dominant yet to be in it at the all star break our season Daley sucks -- that's trio. 446. Older. -- I got my father -- -- north -- hoping for aren't trying to. All after the Hill Man Morning Show happened to be good thanks so you know -- is not part of them. Even more important -- button. There's a woman who gave her husband a Father's Day gift to me was pissed about it who I sent a text oversell. We'll explore that woman your kids to the simple -- mind coming up. Six. -- fine and again. Ordered -- opera and I have. There's no. Yes decade. Top one they lost in overtime. To a PDA from injures last -- to -- -- I doubt it was yeah they have this thing the in PL national Premier League. And it's one of those things where if they won. There was the trip to the regionals in in North Carolina. It's a governor of in our committees that are good or bad depending on if you wanna you wanna go to. To a four or five days soccer tournament in the three years now and the now I'm not happy I was I was hoping that -- they had -- -- -- -- and to the last. Game of her high school career well that was you know that's the club team the essence liars so he's still got the Michelle Obama has a season in the fallen. I think there's one more her one more season of one more season of FC. Club next -- -- so I'm out of here I don't care that'll -- it. And they twelve. 27 PM. No I have always had a tough spot mine that -- -- But I'll tell you those who don't see it -- really good. Into negative ripple effect. How did you watch World -- so -- million us -- -- -- it's exciting. I thought the US I mean I mean I've watched the US national team play -- you know not during a World Cup here -- But -- it's like March Madness you know I'll love I -- World Cup soccer you know. -- I notice that they got to win bigger winner emeritus Karen you know his first or you know it's. Amazing is that normal leave. President of Brazil. Hands. Trophy to the winning team. The if the World Cup is there M in most countries the president does -- they they believe that it will be mrs. Brady. Well hand the winning cup to -- her she's cruel there are bigger than the president and the potency and Gisele bungee. -- -- -- And so the rumors that she's going to be -- hands the as the trophy to the winners. It will -- you seen -- and Hillary Clinton didn't know where their next you know summer -- Men are they don't greet her home. A lot of whichever pitcher Eric cook in. You know who -- ranking the Internet I don't know not that he didn't know where it was eight or. Endorsement of that with the kind of weird comment when your twelve Melanie kitty well they were dead -- That brocail and broke. They didn't shoot any man. A price -- very dear all -- my in my mother worked what group that's written it but like like reflectors. -- doctorate. In fear of black civic quicker around the golf I know what up what we're opera but they came all the that the -- -- they get. And incidentally. I thought that she mentioned it and now -- a text says what -- means is he watches what is on the mark Kelly and pretty much what an amazing thing that's -- I can't Virginia and softly as I don't know whether or -- thank you guys know me way better and that's why is this soccer -- Well Larry I don't like I don't know at Flickr. Sorry it's I'll be watching whatever I want first let them. It is pretty -- how the US coach said they had no chance like -- -- like coach says that he's honest honest guy again I yeah I cannot I played this statement that was sold blown out of proportion so yes it's kind of cheese is like at least all the -- in the same in the Brooks didn't say that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't save that -- in nineteen old. Am -- going to do. Little. I wonder now that aren't with the wrath. I -- collect that twenty bucks from -- I want. He loses. Spurs win. There will be no what what would -- would this have been their third title now man yes they were gonna bring 345. Set how many eight the -- How many was he bringing to South -- all around -- a lot not not this year. 721. There are no -- through Syria Rwanda that are. Butler who do you my partner I would love -- there our -- -- very happy that this. Or are. I hope you is caught me they all -- -- And you were able. Dumb -- deer Bob -- here are. I. -- are. Under age period and was. Just the man man last night and I you know I would you would be through you know spoiler alerts our market that's exactly what happened. To lose your life on the canned. And I mean just awful I have the decency to let the man get up and address you know and but I got the -- shame you your whole entire life. -- -- never wanted you as a side. And that's great -- that. I won't say anything further about that if you're ever every hour your question yeah. I want so badly to talk about the season finale. They stole -- -- that from new and inventive and it's a constant in every disaster movie Latvia and optimum thing yeah should show us. Or as. -- called it last night the privy. At the -- the pretty -- with me my uncles or lose and Lithuania. And then what the female night it. We'll talk about tomorrow I'm not waiting to Wednesday were talking about you know mark. 7230. Man. Okay act and what their daughter paper the record I'll I would say drop in order in basketball. The lead after the vote. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That was. The tough -- and I'll Alter all all alternate bodies were -- all six -- all six -- we're coming out they good sports -- sports on Friday. Twenty treaty. Him. The network brought against. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our I do not -- not all. Are through. And -- that it's. The Internet -- the public through 701. AM. -- -- What are father stay. Kirk. And gotten his thoughts. The fact that the 6:13. PM. Went back to American top forty -- keeping them. This week long patient education goes out toward the end of the current -- in Torino he writes. You can ironically one might -- in Detroit. Then my record and abroad and at north could increase for the sun but okay can pick your dog you're good friends abroad period. -- And that message yeah well Floyd -- passed away. Casey case you know you're talking about a time when everybody. Tuned into the race. You couldn't get your news anywhere else. You couldn't hear new music anywhere troops. That was Dan the man commanded a massive audience you did and so he might be as he the last of the great. Radio disc jockeys that passed away wolfman Jack is dead you know Alan freed died long ago. About bill -- is still the mormons though I think don't go -- -- -- -- also still room on itself but -- I mean you're talking about. The man who just commanded. Command an audience everybody tuned in they don't know what they want to know what song was number one improve every week. -- is life as a pretty -- it is little red Corvette still number one week. Great care -- noted that here or did it to create noise it'd drop five to number seven. Now it was big step. So Casey case and has passed away and now I hope his parents will. It's his family and will give them the respect he deserves it during the funeral period. They're not gonna do like one of those New Orleans style funerals with a problem up in front of them but I imagine all of my side and I mean that that with like sunglasses on and end. The top forty banner in the background that he he left that you pay right that he ever let us adjustment in my. Always side it was real about a mile. Of scenery out half. It'll probably I think I think give it looked straight maybe because -- -- to -- bright guy he dies he was the got a little more than just for -- there in here on the -- you are yet -- little -- He didn't want ever locals you know now. Let Dick Clark now -- Dick Clark is passed away right. And I not really -- killing department I think Dick Clark passed away. So I mean he's you're talking about the you're talking about that is like legendary. BJ's all the Dick Clark was I think he started BA did start as a DJ down this it doesn't refer -- Clark. Those guys are all getting paid the. Side which side was number one. That's right. Yours are to be number one if you leave Casey a bag of 5000 dollars cash understood that. But did you hear immature kid that but -- all weekend I'm up for it I should. Do some Canada. There is some kind of weekend count down the -- And I well aware what about Soupy Sales this Soupy Sales I believe this past the amber I'm pretty sure. I am pretty sure. Our our rights. If you would like to -- beyond this morning here's the number 6179311. Area we are going to go inside. The simple male mind in just a few moments we need plenty of time boy at today's simple -- mind segment so. We will do that momentarily if you're a woman and you listen to this show. And have a question about why -- the brain of a man in your life works the way in which it does. LB you'll answer for you next so you can text your question right now to 97. One of 797107. Let's see what about Seacrest well yes. He's easily. Like next generation irony if they're apparently -- Dick Clark pass the torch under. Through our in house Seacrest gets involved and then those guys dying brain that seems a little suspicious that. Why isn't the only engine take as Seacrest Seacrest out Seacrest took over her in need to go over American top 48 Kasey passed away. Seacrest took over. And here's the thing out -- Clark Basilan. Selects fifteen hello -- secrets. -- -- What's up haven't quite. Put it quite awkward even even almost. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Still -- Michelle bracket but he's still alive. And each the text -- says hash tag shadow Stephens. Now yes shadow a shadow Haiti's aid DOE IV aids and its. You really had to have a name back in those states that would be another name you -- nothing nothing you have to come up with a man yes that'd be -- I literacy and he had to have her a pretty good --