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Father Knows Best Round 3 Mike and Cheryl 6-13-14

Jun 13, 2014|

Every year at this time we invite father's and daughters to call in and learn more about one another and bond as we play father knows best round 1 featuring Mike and his daughter Cheryl.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. But I do. Well we know you can't because I have. I was. Say a father and a daughter a united front you know like this show already is a great -- as I can hear me you calling like my daughter a couple of ten years from now on our shoot get a mile flown high. We have one more around the Father Knows Best the play and and is Cheryl who is going to play this morning hello Sheryl. Hello how are an excellent how are you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- General this is fun for you and your dad right and ya come how old do you Cheryl. I don't believe that -- okay and where you from. And -- -- okay Braintree. And a -- your your data's is he in the area hours he located -- -- -- -- -- area okay query. Output high frequency let's get a hold the Mike Kim and and have a little father daughter. Reunion here on the show this morning hello Mike. Hello I'm. Ready to go I'm not sure what's going on I'm not sure -- up -- I'm OK guys had to go. Might you be do you do you ever listen Michelle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- like general and you're in school. Well and let -- automatic -- -- all right. So dad we're gonna try to find out how much you really know about Sheryl. During our game Father Knows Best and about there's five questions is why G three right you get Red Sox tickets -- -- I'll talk. Mike. At what age did Cheryl. Half her first drink of alcohol them. Split I'm gonna guess. Well -- Around. Well with one out twelve. Cheryl. Cheryl your first drink was that thirteen right. Yeah we're pretty pretty close pretty close what was it like slowed gin -- let's -- it just -- show. Exactly what it was another government -- and I'll never think that ever again. -- and stuff out of did you steal it from dad's a blues collection. Now actually I didn't go to that party -- and my friend as. -- the party at the friend's house. All right -- -- -- your pretty close you were so. Well I would give it to I'm gonna give it to I mean that's pretty awesome right there I'll give it to you and by the way I was image you know it was just in the network that I your area bond it was so -- area and all inmates obviously today you can never drinks those so go to -- I mean I had missed all of Christmas morning. Mike. That's the first time. Mike what type of underwear does. It's Cheryl prefer. Thong. Thong panties or booty shorts. -- Tom. What it. The question was your daughter Cheryl. -- on -- right now does she prefer to Wear a Thong panties her booty shorts. Just gonna go -- Belong in the. I thought -- -- we have friends. And daughters when -- said -- kinda that's a perfect age that you can sort of I'm sorry that's I actually it's good that is not a match but Cheryl what do you like to Wear. I don't typically we're pretty short booty shorts you don't even know what that is. Extra the white wearing bloomers and mart in the white light where is going to the -- bears the full on panic. Or rather belly button. And my wife yeah yeah on Aussie dollar there are liberals and others. Yeah. Our guys got now you can't you just got back on all right Mike. Where is the craziest place. Cheryl ever made love. I'm -- and then the a home I mean I'm -- forces need to think about that -- I -- But I let operatives are quick here so -- just a com. My my room. And I. Fidelity most he went -- Humbling. And Shannon -- where where is the craziest play. -- believe -- -- a movie theater doesn't move and how could well wasn't Schindler's List. Yeah yeah what what what was the movie in and the old Peter Pan movie. Actual act and -- on animator Ollie. -- Robin Robin Williams. Now god did you ever have to have sex in Mike's bed. Now -- actually have a deeper utterly weird and I thought you might think you. You know -- my two more questions than you in your ideas. Mike has Cheryl ever have a threesome. I'm gonna say. Who. -- it up to say oh yes. General let's. But again what's the answer. -- What's the what's the answer on the streets and now I haven't but I'll. Danny -- you have. An -- -- its own. Who are every bit well that's you know I mean it -- any -- them to shoot -- -- dad wants what is scary -- is yeah yeah it was. An -- at him and I I might -- pops who has -- ever as Bob's program three. I have no. Idea demand and Syria. Alliance. We're playing our final round of Father Knows Best today with Mike and Cheryl. It is but it didn't. My. Career I don't say an elegantly it's yet it's the weirdness that is not let me -- -- don't get -- accidentally here aren't we and I. Mike. To get you ready for Father's Day. How many how many sex toys does Cheryl currently own. -- I'm home I'm gonna go where is. Maybe two. It. -- what's the answer on that. I think it at a about four or floor or aren't yet you can't you can't do the same thing every right -- -- -- -- little. Spicer now listen I'm inclined we'll watch -- I bet you. I don't know how many matches that -- but I'm glad Mike has been a great -- I'm I'm inclined to goodness I think yeah he -- -- guys that I -- area and I Syria Mike Mike can show congratulations. And talking. We've worked well enough what's that -- Due to -- the -- from -- beat up when you get my god if he had missed the actual there's -- second part of the answer wars for extra alarm. God will be pleased to open. On now Mike just I have a daughter so when you like what is it about a bit like -- that made you think she'd have a threesome. I. -- -- -- She's. Really explores. -- the world really I'm -- it and learn and I wasn't sure on now. -- are surely you guys and guys or maybe you know they were or. The I thought he and I. Happy happy yeah yeah how -- hottest day you guys are great sports and I might don't understand what your daughter now -- -- -- -- -- -- all -- might not -- -- -- The older all right you guys are unbelievable thanks a lot for playing Father Knows Best.