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Father Knows Best Round 2 Rodney and Jen 6-13-14

Jun 13, 2014|

Every year at this time we invite father's and daughters to call in and learn more about one another and bond as we play father knows best round 1 featuring Rodney and his daughter Jen.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Powell is fine and your special. Today asked dot -- Why are you ready to play Father Knows Best again. Our please -- -- out there went very well during the first hour but we're getting you ready for Father's Day in and Sunday is the big day so don't forget about. Your dad and every year we play Father Knows Best. Quest to find out how much your dad really knows. About his beloved daughter and up first today are up second I guess today is Jen hello Jen. Hi how are you oh I'm sorry no axle and where do you come from -- I come from -- okay how old you. -- 31 years old. And you spend a lot of time with your dad is he in the area I want you didn't -- -- -- well okay. Com -- -- a lot. I do more Lebanon and they're shuttled to match she sees you Beverly farms what do you hate Jan what do you do. I am here are silent -- hair stylist. OK well let's get your dad are okay. Rodney is so here right now good morning Rodney. Wave radio and how -- yeah. I we're. And I think he's like her -- -- it -- -- while we're where are you right now. -- well. Sit in my bedroom waiting for my grandson the vigilant it's so we can watch -- for a few hours. -- -- person that I was really the first. On the all right Rodney so happy Father's Day first of all Rodney yeah. And say -- -- So let me. No you. Know listen Rodney you win if you guys knew you were I'm gonna ask you five questions about yen. And if you win and yet you just have to get three of them right if you didn't get Red Sox tickets so what we're aren't so all right like. That's why yeah. -- -- -- -- Listen listen carefully. About it. God I hate to do this to you -- grandson but it has to be done oh yeah -- Rodney company partners has you're doctor. Jan had in her life not only I would say -- -- On collectibles -- order of course you run a gallery but I'm sorry that's that's not a match Jack and I how many partners. A lot more than you not Zhang sees someone you know about an hour drive you're right there yeah. Around an eight -- You. Are you saying. I am not a single. Let me know and -- and -- -- like you're dumping -- -- If you are around that's Rodney that was around fifty. I'm -- hot. Rodney what is the what is the first name of the boy that Jen lost her virginity to. It. Billy Billy. Noted it in you know I'm sorry about that -- what was what was his name. Where are. Austin. Do you Austin U member Austin -- you're just a who's honest and remember him hanging around Rodney are now. And -- know what's that. Maybe Billy bush had a baby -- Billy social how touchy I would dig up right now on the first time to life. I'm all right we got to get the next three right here Rodney yeah yeah oh god death on. Rodney what age did -- get on birth control. Well you know -- -- well that's not what but that. Hello -- good old. Malia. And he's asked him on. Number I haven't -- seventeen is is that right. -- I am I correct that might -- any doubt that I'm out of breath control -- seventy. What do you mean I got yeah yeah. Definitely. It. We're playing father. We're playing well in -- you're almost -- -- -- -- that Rodney has has -- ever been to a strip joint. As you minister -- -- I would say yeah. John nailed it right. And one senator once -- many times. -- 'cause it was you know you and then she. Never worked dead she's working her. She never workable option -- home all for fitness. All right Rodney you almost done. -- right yeah. Sometimes sometimes it's the hand that that seems like but the -- and it gets better I promise. Rodney what is -- favorite position. -- -- that the tickets. Any position with the Sox. I -- and they expect it and our young as a result is that your -- better position on earth and what. -- -- We'll talk. Listen -- what I'm making a winner anyway that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It. It. -- Africa question yes there are other news I was gonna I know I don't know why I know running out of Red Sox on -- I'm ashamed. Hello -- -- and what what is your favorite position. -- -- -- I don't usually drives it really fascinating here. All right thank you we get Rodney around the block what I -- yeah how. Thank you got the -- and thank you Jack. And you put yourself he wanted to sell some Sox tickets nice job behind I don't think grammys ever gonna be said now -- -- That's -- family dinners you would be a doozy. Option I don't think he was -- abnormal -- Below that snapping and the question -- ask you -- -- but still on an open. That is going to be a serious back into an alarming they were great aren't public. Humble public gym at the end of the our Internet it's just. -- -- Dodgy time mom in the background of influence is an effect after the he got to tell when she was seventy. Right after she got my way around not enough in -- must come around a freshman your eyes go for that virginity and move everybody. Every year when we do this I get text messages saying pass the worst team member people's best where -- -- never. I brag how would you feel if that was you being asked quite often the must. This is a pedicure and wondering what play of the game I played we don't even when we would let -- get into jail wasn't Jen wasn't fifteenth. 33. What makes. When he looked opens -- -- the it's when he they were good way I do your highway were asking questions to have firm between fathers and there are middle school daughter. So did your daughter Blake Taylor and. Were you guys you can play -- 88000. Real gold sex marriage doesn't want and one person saying your pattern from bath. Thanks Debbie downer Claritin. And yes sure I'll participate in ten years if Juli wants to I'll play this game in ten years in Greece calls implant when and where we show what he's hosting the show and and I'm 57 years. All I mean they will object will be cleared there's a there's a catch for one right here I've -- It's full on on being the yeah yeah -- what's your number well a whole lot more than suit that -- the I was -- -- -- -- just showed it would benefit if I think it'll it'll be another and a very low fifteens the fifteen. We don't work Jan. That's Father Knows Best that the we have one more left that next car.