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Father Knows Best Round 1 Don and Amanda 6-13-14

Jun 13, 2014|

Every year at this time we invite father's and daughters to call in and learn more about one another and bond as we play father knows best round 1 featuring Don and his daughter Amanda.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always -- Online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Well this is exciting our first father knows best of the 2014. Father's Day. Weekend and happy Father's Day to all the dads out there and let's meets. Amanda. Hold on a second time to bring Amanda Apolo Amanda. I how Mario and get -- an excellent where you from. I read and think about it and Holland and all in Holland OK and what would you do for work commitment. I am a little -- cool how old deal. I'll be buried thirty OK I need my house suspected LB needs you to come over there in particular the browns next on news. I'm. Buying meaning for Amanda you Mary doer what's yeah I know about a -- okay. Let's get your dad on where's your dad right now. And he probably and a -- OK let's get Don. Who is hello -- How how it's gotten. You do guys. Say hi Amanda. And that. You know -- and -- our donors and this is Israel on the other guys just thought of as it has attracted big -- happy Father's Day yeah happy Father's Day Don. Now do you -- do you listen to the show. -- -- -- So we have five questions during father's Father Knows Best about your daughter Amanda. And as long as you get the majority of them correct all you have to do is get three of them correct and you will be a winner OK -- All right. And I am do you guys stay in touch of me I see each other frequently how's that and get like you know -- get a deal like -- Amanda's age someday am. Wondering like what she just totally forget about me you're. Now my dad great regular beat in I'm -- You do all okay I'm good -- -- I have them Amanda's answers to these five questions in front -- you don't get it. Done. Don at what age. Did your lovely daughter Amanda lose her virginity all. -- -- A truck and think that they had to doubt that triggered the. -- -- At the stated she probably. Why deluded if bush joined a college. He didn't -- and the -- Seven -- what's that. Let's go to seventeen. -- see you're you're nice. Amanda what age did you lose your virginity yet. I -- yeah 117 I was like OK well are just now got its notebook right now done. A bonus points Don where did it happen. -- My name. Specific plays or not. Not yeah not a body part look at. Technical error that fumble where let it -- you know beaten. Open edit out okay. It was probably something. Spur of the moment I'd have to say. Like. I don't know maybe it. -- didn't happen in the bed. Over outside this port in a -- Army. -- you. Yeah. Like. Seen so. Oh my god who's. Up who's got the Amanda and where oh where was. That my boyfriend about it and OK absolutely Fred tells the bullets and Donna coach your food out of a no no woman and eight. In his -- and I can give they can document that one the I Don has Amanda ever been arrested. But don't tell anybody yes she has but don't tell -- that Amanda that's correct right. Yeah okay and what was Amanda arrested for Don. Things. Cheered caddie is something he shouldn't have been there. And ended up. Is that correct demand that -- -- actually in to pick me up I'll -- It's. You know that's all I am not out there -- it out of things that you remember that those are the kind of things. Are right the -- actually you hit you hit so far you hit three. Don't tell but let's see -- think it matches final question during during Father Knows Best. Don did a man that ever have sex in your bed. You're gonna say now. -- -- Amanda what is the answer. -- now that you're right that's just gross your career. However Amanda. Before we go there is one piece of information regarding this question that Don might like to know about what is it. Let that the tell them the further information that you gave about that question. An annual. Yeah but I think I have -- -- the night before. A me out on it okay -- what's the and our kids are doing well this is you know I'm gonna stay home 24 hours a day this is what kids are doing. -- let's that your fantastic. Opportunity to have you guys. We got the Red Sox figures for you to I really absolutely appreciate the fact the guys arrived and I'm happy Father's Day now. I appreciate you do good. OK happy Father's Day Amanda nice work guys thanks thanks for participating. Both these guys hang on there is done and Amanda Father Knows Best. -- -- Father's Day to everybody here at WAM.