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Hill-Mail 6-13-14

Jun 13, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours the main topic of the day was Father's Day Sunday.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each unit junior talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents his old man up. My dad had to go -- walk. Will play -- so. Let's give me. Well -- if you're gonna have to go out there. Okay. On W hey -- Fantastic used to the sound effect in helmet on message by the way I love I love well I really I applaud the effort. Alright. Today's hill mail messages are presented by noon turf care -- or a residential and commercial line care provider. Visit new turf care dot com and mentioned WA AF. For a free flea and tick treatment from the experts at noon turf care. Period goal is 90. 7 AM. All I want portable library and I won't learn that do need -- ball. It out of Q how are not. Accurate yeah. -- -- -- Overestimated that looks very library prostitute was in there would show or you let their child a -- idea. Indeed -- frictions that should not bad not bad not. Thanks again. And the message. I think sixty and older. Yet abroad. Tim Duncan here. All of the data that good -- European that that won't quit your nephew. -- -- -- What kind of message Arab man they come back of course nobody know it then well no they can't not a chance this is insurmountable. The 31. I listen I I love LeBron James. He's not good enough to be. The whole San Antonio Spurs team might wanna do we what you wanna go Tim Duncan LeBron James Boris and I think it okay if -- we got shot you go over Clinton's win when it was started -- one for -- last summer. Wow so -- not going to be three Fuller's. Dive. Championships that they -- I know I I listen Brenda house beaches LeBron James is halfway through his career do I believe EG EU data performed by chairmanship share jury could you bet. 704. Older. Compared to. If -- had reported to get a better look at your day off my way. And as of march. Yeah Harrison Ford was injured. While filming the new Star Wars film he got caught in the the hydraulic door of the millennium -- Iraq. You know problem when you're 67 moved too quick when you're 67 and they have you pretend to be twenty -- anyway you know did a stunt can you imagine a whole set everybody -- Little Democrats like you know really low low low well start troopers out. I don't you have to dial the walk Barack Obama. May be dead may be tripped over to -- errors on the AME you know in the -- goes is one of the first things I go again. You never now in battle downhill fast now he wasn't airlifted out in the millennium falcon I don't know I don't know evidently. We're gonna it was a helicopter. More than glue sticks -- I know -- I you. Know. Are. Into men. Who who who who. The -- the paths of America. 7:24. AM. Well we -- as -- we pick it up and as he took the market commit pocket right after he I don't know won't. Got a story and now -- that. Anthony parziale -- Gerald Green and dreams. His father passed away and he took the money out of his pocket than it was kind of excited about that if I remember -- rescued. Like in a box in the pocket insulin enough to go through probate note on that -- Went right into his into his bank account. Thanks -- an internal war. And ordered her hero and overeating. Pertinent cameo and Derek are here for oil. Dorgan says and it went through dumb and -- two trailer bill well. But another and it it is the big -- saying that they have a it's gonna hurt. -- vendors that reported -- grinned and have no beer and I bet per never visited Libya. -- -- can't they probably in the movies. -- maybe he's nowhere to -- sounded like Bluetooth and around through the playoffs. Although I know it's not a big deal they had a man and a -- from the forward. You know Bobby early trade lake area they've looked Colombo -- bet that they don't or because they're pretty good to have both. Herbert felt as the race card that's camp hasn't been on the -- and allow this process I think he he's not in the trailer but I bet he's in the movie US. -- Betsy best is in the amity yesterday got to be he absolutely has to be 720 while won't hold. I hey Ali Al darn -- Eric goes practical and -- every Nicole quote or fact. I picked up there -- And the problem. That is frightening kind of alarming. That OJ's girlfriend said that he wanted to look exactly like Nicole and then used to throw out. The old. That you better be careful or you might end up like Nicole Pratt and during the winter does that mean guess comforting is it doesn't matter much -- -- and that's what I wanna hear from my man. That's love him. That is who. -- -- -- -- -- Figured I must have 56 you know I've been married for 34 years. What do you think I want for progress. Yeah that I remember my thought is it's just. It's at I don't know that the -- and it was completely collapsed one out of every moment the world that. -- now I. Am completely. Experiment -- a lot while the way -- play it I know what you're ha ha. I guess that's that a lot of things like that you never know you never know when when it's going to be when it's going to be the last verse 1345. Minutes -- hit it wherever you may ever know. It's so they go eighty cents. -- own. Sound and special offers. The old Fella. But the big. You know you know after the fifth with a live however whenever you like that that does not it and.