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Jonathan Wingo from Balvenie

Jun 12, 2014|

With Father's Day just around the corner, why not treat Dad to something special this year! Jonathan Wingo, a Scotch expert from the Balvenie Distillery has some shopping and tasting tips to help you make the right choice! Your Dad will thank you for it! Mistress Carrie gets the answers to the most common Scotch questions!

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-- scary weekdays three to seven on Boston's rock station WA AF. I'd heard John and yet. How are you know I'm good how are you know I'm how to reduce Judy bell BM bass arid and hard whiskey acts birds. No no no we have so many investors great. I'm very excited to RT today of course Father's Day coming up on Sunday there are a lot of people that wanna get their dads something nice but have absolutely. No idea when they get into the store and look at about all the choices on the shelves where to even start. Yeah no that's a great leading -- that's for sure. We just need to start at the beginning like what's the difference between whiskey and Scotch in Scotch whisky and person did it really doesn't know anything let's just. I -- yes absolutely okay we'll look. I would look at bill will be back let's make it real simply I would -- -- beat the overall category. But that under the umbrella term so everything we're gonna talk about that they will be would -- -- ten. So what they really break it -- I mean literally which he's only three ingredients. It's actually quite simple to make you basically all -- starts out as a beer. And then you distill the -- so always he is distilled beer. Those beer fans out there that -- no that's -- I guess they. So WA AF has its own Beers so we could turn our beer into whiskey. You absolutely could most whiskey makers don't wanna put pops. And that's the Beers for ingredients. You get kind of like a mall water used to cops after risky you don't really need the -- he might find that. Your own beer might be a little bit of stringent if you distill it but absolutely you can run it through. Still and and all distilling doesn't really concentrate that alcohol to restart -- the beard and they concentrate that alcohol and then we let it sit in oak casks. To mature into each of those steps along the way you can change in tweak your method and get a little different flavor choices so. If we talk about whiskey as the overall category it's all this still be here that's an agent and in oak casks. From there let's say that they -- in Iraq which is American whiskey that's 11 little -- under the umbrella American which is big suburban and right. And they they get a lot of their flavor from new -- So Winnipeg capped his -- new. Hasn't held anything before there's still a lot of the oak flavor left in the word. So when you put -- in Q. This -- to mature it's it's going to take on a lot of that so characteristic. -- is a relatively. Shorter time in maturation only you know 6810 years. Because -- volatility of the crime there and in in Kentucky and Tennessee. In Scotland we actually need it used both. Because our particular lot longer to mature which is their maturing 10121517. Sometimes 3040 years. If we were to leave all of that oak flavor intact. We might find ourselves you know 1520 years down the road with communities like a baseball bat. -- do we actually need that that used folks something that's kind of been. At port that flavor out a little bit so that are just really characteristic postal shines through in that older maturation. That's not a real big difference between Scott and government. Said I. Also think it should be clean up its ash -- huge spectrum of believers. I'm so some people -- people more familiar with seeing the smoke your PDA into things or. -- about -- we've really focused on kind of like a truly rich we we always look for honey in the Noah out of our whiskey and I think it might surprise people to know. Just how wide spectrum of Scotch -- there it is and that I really do you think you -- kind of planned a flavor for. Anybody out there. So when someone goes up to a bar or goes into a store attendant to buy a -- whiskey or more specifically a Scotch. Is there a way that they drink get that is insulting to the people they have -- get it did bad to put it on the rocks 'cause some people think it's terrible the you're diluting it or. -- water -- I mean. Does that just drive you crazy when you make these beautiful beverage and then somebody throws a splash of something in it. No not at all personal like everything in -- whatever you order order it confidently. And make them second second. There is really there's no real right -- to to enjoy whiskey there's a ton of things we can do to help appreciate. And pull out different notes and you know funding like a Roman K. So there'd there'd there'd definitely certain things that your line that you can't get out of it that's said. I will just -- just so he gets a little educational -- the thing is that. Ice and cold really suppresses the kaine closes down a whiskey. I'm so if you were to go on to a bar and I wouldn't overdo it would be nice. If you're lying to pull out a lot of the subtlety from. Good whiskey if you're just going to you like for example I'm based out of balance. I'm so the right week for me to drink whiskey and August looks a lot like you know red Solo Cup with I excuse and that's what people. Enjoyable for me but I. If it would it -- being -- -- and -- most suited up in our -- and we're gonna walk you -- an expression about ready. Then I'm gonna put it in -- Glenn Caron glass which resistant to achieve dosing glass but it has been a lot of time get a lot of those pretentious. Poetic tasting notes now on I'm a Roma. And then just have little subtle -- I do highly recommend for all scotched. Just a little bit of water. The -- a dilution -- starter last round as a dirty word but really what it's doing. Of this was he's been seen at 121517. Years and holding onto all that flavor to fund trap that -- -- -- delivered. I would that just a little bit of water to help kind of opened that up. I don't know a lot about it but I know that when you wanna go and get somebody nice bottle single malt is like the big buzz phrase when you -- win in single -- usually means really expensive and people associate really expensive with being really gut. Right not indicate exactly so when you're talking about. A wedding gift or are marking a big milestone birthday you wanna get somebody really nice bottle for their first special occasion. Is it singled -- should be looking sure it wasn't really generous where where should they don't store. Yeah I mean it's about always makes her great guest it's you have to spend time with it it's really it's an opportunity. To basically create an experience I think especially around our savior if your gifting a bottle and seeing the ball. Think the assumption should be that you're actually going to share it with that person at some point. And kind of forces you to sit down unplug it. Talk about you know Euro liked. For the whiskey or what's about to happen to create news stories -- old ones I think there's something quintessential about sharing that. Now if you know it's going to someone who immediately -- -- they don't know about this seat price -- Yeah I mean in the law that the very easy it's been a lot of money on seeing a ball. There's ways to get into it you know I think if you're prepared to spend 45 to 65 dollars you can have a delicious single ball at your fingertips but. Certainly if you really wanted to splurge communities picking up up my head here for or are we have a delicious 21 year old. That's finished in port. Port to ask or part pipes. But that can run you over 200 dollars. I do you think it's too good gifts I do. I think -- is. There are opportunities to kind of get it and it is different price points. First -- it's doing a little bit of shopping what's the difference between the single malt and the blended. Are great questions so. Palin lending back our leading back to this the value conversation basically blend -- is. And I don't know an amalgam are marriages several different single -- with a grain whiskey. And the by and large they are less expensive to make it to actually make them. I'm so they kind of enjoy the smaller and looks sticker price then seeing the ball counterparts. That said it's. Kind of come with a bit of the -- and I think you'll find a lot of single -- snobs. Looking down on -- but the art and skill that goes into I'm trying to harm harmonize several different to the mall to create this one flavor I think is very impressive. I'm so you can you know find some good value in London and they're very delicious but the single law is literally just from one distillers. And it -- data on the on the label you'll see you know develop any single -- curiosity grants blended -- -- this -- -- big breakdown. So somebody's going shopping for dad which this is a great guest he's going to restore. If I just -- bottle off the shelf and I'm looking at the label what are some things to know that I'm getting something good lead that I should be looking for on the label. Okay cool yet so I'm first and foremost you're getting a single -- chances are not going to be -- were very lucky that -- category itself has a lot of good regulation in just a long tradition of making delicious stuff so. Starting their you know it's going to be a good quality. At that point I think a lot of it comes down to tapes so just have a fun little guide. That is not only indicate there are certainly exceptions but Scotland can be broken down by region. And certain regions lend themselves to agreed to certain flavor profiles. Also easy on that label Iowa or Iowa and something like that. Typically you can anticipate a very smoky repeating clear -- -- -- on the bottles you can anticipate kind of a floral lighter style -- IDC space side -- -- -- it's from but that's kind of that -- in the -- talked about. It's that more of a fruit and richness. And then the CPC highlands -- he you can anticipate just a little -- smoke. With the -- -- honey this kind of mixed together. There's so much to know yet but at the end of the day you sit down you open the bottle and -- you don't just wanna -- date. Do you have a favorite besides the red Solo Cup and rocks in the swimming pool like cocktail. Some that may be. Most people wouldn't think that you could put whiskey in that combination. Oh yeah so we. If you think I mean I think -- is very very high right now but not a particular bars like great Exxon just putting things together. There are I've had some delicious single -- cocktails I think. Part of the issue is. What what makes those single malts. Unique or different at a certain point. Gets a little locked in the in the cocktail that's not really. Pretty much to the table after a certain amount of basically just -- alcohol in general whiskey -- I'm so although I've had some delicious once I think some of the best pleased to celebrate that media. And usually is. Popping things it was so that so you've heard would -- water Paula for a long time but I particularly -- Especially in the summer. You know just me being. Found out -- half of whiskey. In a nice skinny column to collapse. Just popped up -- sort of water herb you know you can get -- into place it has the crushed ice and agonized. The topic about the sort of it's a really interesting expression of the wish he could still pays the whiskey. And the dilution of the water really draw not a lot of flavor. -- and this is very dirty the car Monica after that comes from that carbonation. I'm actually pleased with your mouth hooligans is different now feel toilet that I can think that is kind of my adult soda in the summertime. -- -- please people can go for more information online if they're curious stories there like a buying guy NATO or. Yes sure I mean the it's it's a wonderful social media. There's a lot of people out there on Twitter and FaceBook. There's a lot of people can follow and in the trees are pretty well connected I mean you can follow me on Twitter. I'm already JW you can definitely find me on FaceBook I'm really just kind of a -- off point to get into the network that's buying guides. Are I think that the bartenders in the trade talks. Giving their recommendation. He talked to someone like me from the -- yes I would love was give up watching all day about all kinds of different miscues that ministers to come from industry professionals and I think there's just a little more that this integrity and popular. And I think there's about people find out from. Well you definitely have one of the greatest jobs on the planet I'll tell you that absolutely a couple of our. Jonathan I really appreciate you taking the time -- calling an end. I know you made a lot of fathers this Father's Day very happy because they're going to be getting something other than a necktie so yeah something a lot more delicious that. -- have a great weekend statement just carried it here it's just scary weekdays treatise on Boston -- station WAA asked.