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Match Game 6-12-14

Jun 12, 2014|

Bringing back an old favorite the match game with this question, what did Bill Clinton have to give up after leaving the White House because he was broke?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. -- you and I were chatting in the day. About how we hadn't. I played match game on the yes that's right and I and I thought this morning since I have a draft Marxist and know another one very nice is that we we might play the match games. It's been quite some time. Since we played the match -- so. The the draft -- system provides your beer your tap out your home button courtesy of draft marketing Anheuser-Busch -- Call right now 6179311. Area that is 6179311. Area and before we get to. Two days they'll mail messages. We will get the match game underway with today's match game celebrity guests. My issue you know -- Lyndon byers sleep -- -- where that we're losing celebrity get yours was part of the Atlanta just how -- -- as well. -- Elmer. And deacon begin downer I'm adequately and talent to match game is very simple you have to make a match with the -- -- any. Celebrities in the around there rain match game today. So. Let's get our contestant. And it happens to beat him I believe this morning hello I am. -- -- I don't. How how how are you. -- excellent now what -- the draft mark system be for you would you go to year husband boyfriend what's what's the deal if you win it about object excellence. Excellent where at where you from him. -- -- -- -- -- you've got the central mass gotta love it yeah -- ever seen match game on the Game Show Network do you use to at least know how it works. I would -- OK so. On -- gonna have to try to make a match when you fill in the blank with one of these celebrities in the room today do you think -- that you can handle that -- Sure okay. Our and shore. I'm nervous. We're we're sure there. Are a lot yeah. You're gonna go out there. Eight rob ready with the match in music I'm gonna do it just like gene Rayburn oh boy he's had a really -- -- -- and the other very -- microphone and we. Act. -- -- The value do -- you do Robert. Doesn't match game and that's and -- -- that. Match game in this direction down -- But again if he does stopper in the Bible. I -- you. -- me. Can -- Clinton's. We're so broke. When they left the White House. Still had to stop doing. I stopped buying black -- on the -- that again so that's the big clintons were so broke when they left the White House. Bill had to stop buying. Like a -- that we all heard. What Hillary Clinton said the other day we came out of the White House not only dead broke but in death to. Yes it they were dead broke and they came out of the race yet to find money for a couple more than your last known Roman. All right we can't. -- excitement is killing us are you ready to fill in the black. There really. -- -- -- come up and you know I just think of some I mean honestly how there's really no right it's kinda you just -- kind of as he what did you answer and turn your own hazard and had to be writers -- bigger and I don't b.'s thinking how. I had and I know that. -- bill had to stop by should I continue today idea and Sosa were so broke -- bill had to stop buying -- And the stop buying. I don't know. You can do with them -- -- on -- and a -- you through this campaign. Not represented south Anchorage hundreds -- I think I think I just lost I'd just -- -- out and -- a lot of the reunion that the young honor. Hello hello -- So what's up Matthew. Well I'm not to work map the clintons were so bro when they left the White House that bill had to stop buying blank. Well. What is it. A bad. I'm bed now he is sure he just doesn't help yeah I thought. -- I was the first thing to go right and it runs on the last let's see there's a match here. LB these big Clinton's worse so broke when they left the White House bill had to stop buying. He was close I was close and something you smoke Monica Lewinsky. Handmade hoops -- And Rome. And homeland and then and vulnerable -- all hand -- -- and all like to do with the local on the man. A little boy show. Bill that Clinton's are so broke when they left the White House a bill had to stop buying. Batteries for his flashlight. -- Carry -- says yeah. Deacon down there. As their match here the clintons were so broke when they let the White House bill had to stop buying. I had some similar to dialed the guy had done hand rolled some guy handles -- -- see. We have very hot hands -- on the on the text machine up. -- Danielle the clintons were so broke when they left the White House bill to stop buying tide stain remover and not. There has been especially those things are pretty they get any spin out you know almost that in your parents. I -- there was dollar -- I mean. So color me finally that I don't think we gotta match you know yeah gotten out of sorry Leah. -- We appreciate your way and Pam I hope you. I'll be able to regroup and come back and join us that surprised me on the phone giving the case. All right let. Awaited. That would have been great the Secret Service rather than guns at the tide stain remover things very whenever. Whenever that was addressed that needed to be saved up. Paula -- concerns to Bradley -- -- to match. And a traveler at the if the eagle has landed musical has -- -- an -- has moved out of this swimmer swimmer that's where swimmers or lose. It's. All right shield hopefully you'll will see a little of it and knives I thank you for bridges of that I nomads you know my actions now match today.