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Matt Light Former New England Patriot 6-12-14

Jun 12, 2014|

Our pal Matt Light called in to talk about one of the news stories and his upcoming corn hole charity event at Gilette Stadium.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Joining us right now Amanda has some some very a man who has some very strong opinions. On on -- your personal freedoms of former New England patriot Matt Light -- deal. I want to join in on this cigarette deal on the youngsters might go to barometer. There's a real debate to be happier yes. It well I think I think the difference between. Having right. -- human beings right and being forty which relates. Around this country which in Libya. Bit -- -- area up by Cabrera. And then -- piecing things I think it's okay. To police things. -- -- and so we don't want to have water bottles. Because we think it's killing the earth. And the people voted him in the all the people surrounding it supported and they make it -- -- reported that situation. And it is what it is -- in America Europe or. What that yet those same people can then turn around and over local government and all the rest of the people how to eat meat and the good. Sort of thing in Massachusetts and they repealed so. There are popular for these things and I think that. A lot of Americans are forgotten. That people of Washington and people position of power. Go get them make up a little weaker. Growth. There's a reason that we need to get them all the reasonably to stand up -- what we are in the eye and say hey listen just because your wardrobe last name or are you bitter politics for a long time it doesn't mean that your innings smarter. Or had any better judgment than anybody else on armed armed guards are so. You know we are involved very. Got a lot of you out. I mean there are things that bother people all the time that others do but just because it bothers somebody and at the common courtesy argument came up earlier yet that's common. Common courtesy not the fart in public real big and now god if only a highlight for me so much easier every morning if all the -- CF OO. And hip -- vote late they just replied yeah. -- -- -- -- Let's remember. Yeah he'd been he'd been any Edmunds inside comments are -- has again give you keep that in. I do crazy about these opportunities to remember on the morning and though were opening up army bases for illegal children. You know when that -- passed through congress yeah yeah. -- -- -- Right and we ignore all of you about their -- units that not just here in northeast which. Then back out and are a lot of you have but I mean all over the country -- they -- the one. Fresh breath -- -- -- came flying -- via TV the other day. Was this Eric and brewer. Gathered at the carrier is in the primary -- early in Libya for the seat that number junior yeah well the guy's name date. There -- Tea Party guy all the ladies think he's dreaming. Do not want to be right -- you didn't get a chance to watch the interview where are illegal activity on March it would. The only our -- -- guy. Didn't image and our government ever say anything half -- -- maybe you -- are sure Erica hill road. I don't listen to have a -- yes yes hey beat the corn hole event this coming up quickly Matt Light. World record. You're darn right I would certain records people we need a few more come out and -- we didn't we wanted to we don't want to break the record by your team we work brought it would go about. One week seemed that we need to go with them. And you have Saturday all -- how -- but it did a world book record low score full -- and ever we don't know what a former players. Current hello there were used by the way who -- up went cold all aspects of the guys -- midwest. Are going to be coming out supporting the event at the data or repeal out at this stadium. They were gonna have. Beat that score halt German owner should go to Europe that are still against some of the finest in new England and brought. The won't be now we do in this indoors or out Matt. Let's start off in the actual indoor practice sort of like used to hate walking -- I could and then -- the final word remove our own drew the Al -- right facility. On the field out there are those dubious record there. Yeah the weather is going to be gorgeous and there's no better game two in July and perhaps have a couple adult beverages and I have kind of. Blight on the bought life to be -- -- flown you have to have or goes -- him an April court all the courts under the age of course you order. Good and great score Ruger and four point helped it grow out there have been phenomenal book foundation to prevent going to be where. Over the copy and he can't he can't go important point cooperate you can have a bad paper now really mean that that that again or -- and it's all there. I don't know how brilliant and Matty will you all we wanna -- demons -- shot. Just you know what you you could actually sure what Dario would go to a -- what is your name it we have a look at the list yesterday UConn record or -- And that. Can't wait the YouTube guys look like that these -- portrait portraits are getting character. Please do so -- -- see Ron Kuby show up and look I have -- that the new team from channel by the whatever -- you know. That the government quite a -- -- -- sign up online. Do you seem more out there and then we have a BI appear -- arteries or mom is going to be awesome car. I will go to Matt Light 72 dot com that's Matt Light 72 dot com. And join us down at Gillette on Saturday for words the world record setting morneau they're -- events. And the last plugged GameStop came up -- get a kid zone. If you got -- let him get crazy we can't then then area here and lose the ultimate and a lot. It lady nice to talk the body. You could -- -- world you know experiment and we we we -- straighten -- somebody weirdo. There's a lot of them out there that is there's a lot of them out there but they they certainly the have the absolute right to continue to. To be weird huge -- and man the great part of this country and yeah -- -- government run -- be for example we were clear lol see you on Saturday. Our Brooke -- Matt Light former New England Patriots.