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Inside the Warped Female Brain 6-11-14

Jun 11, 2014|

We once again go inside the warped female brain where this time a man asks what to do about possibly taking a 6 month sabbatical with his wife.

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-- Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Before we get to some -- -- I wanna go inside. The warped female brain with the help of the and you know who is somebody who knows. The intricacies and oddities of the female brain very welcome and I got an email from a guy. Monday. About. Or -- I think this must mean his last week as it was Friday about his wife. And what she had brought up to him. And apparently this is some sort of a trend that's going on death itself. Here's the email my wife Linda and I have been married for twelve years. Most have been pretty good. Last week. She brought up something that her best friend -- holder about which is called. A marriage sabbatical. Sounds delightful apparently couples take to excuse me six months apart from each other. But stayed married because they loved each other. -- it's exactly six months when he left out. Exactly so yes Kelly yes it's exactly six months he signed an agreement. To get back together. And you continue your marriage would no questions asked about what happened. Danielle my question for you. Is does my wife really allowed me. If she's willing to compete with other men and away from our marriage for six months. I'm pretty upset about this need to know what is the female. Perspective on why somebody would do it. I don't know that on the right person to weigh in on this that I think this is a great idea. I marriage sabbatical that yet get -- -- so they did that like a common thing. -- -- the new track. -- -- huge trend actually get because people trying to what people are trying to do is a boy -- It's kind of like a trial separation. -- without the imminent divorce at the end of it like you know we knew -- have a trial separation it's kind of like you know things of garment bag you party you're trying to you know you're you hit rock bottom -- and -- -- afford -- right there kind of a preemptive strike I feel. Like OK in. I have no doubt that she loves him. They're probably not communicating well -- -- -- like maybe a little bit stale I'm needed -- do something else to kind of re appreciate each other and realize you know what. A gal we might have been married for this longing and sick of -- But it's not that much better out there. Say you know you go meet a couple people you know obviously the guy she can -- -- -- -- -- man what a pain in the -- this and that she got to appreciate. Her husband began the two of them you know they can categorize cattle and -- he since space who -- personal space when your married but what about when she. Switches their way home credit for her -- six -- the mailman. I went around here -- -- two -- two -- things you do do you she'll do her I heard somebody I don't know. You really you. -- listen to this. Danielle -- knots she just wants to mess around and cheat on them and you know. Now well I guess you know I mean look the she knows so we did better up front and to be like hey let's take a little break for awhile you go do your thing there over here trying to do it rather than just do -- -- guys back I mean it's. It's like you know. This I can't think the way to say this though sounding like an a hole but just does he cheat on somebody doesn't mean you don't -- -- Maybe there's something that stale in the relationship that's wrong maybe the sex isn't great maybe baby just keep the sound of his breeding. Don't -- didn't panic and beyond wait for the person I felt like. For some people all you know there -- there together couple years and an amazingly the sex gets better and better and better the relationship gets better and that's great. That's an anomaly like for most people things -- to get stale after like a year and and you know you've been married for a long time granted I don't know I'm married that many of my friends are. And I see it happening all the time and it's like sometimes -- you know we just a little break for awhile. And instead get divorced which kind of their own thing it worked out great. Here's -- Texas is sabbaticals great until one person returns with -- -- -- -- -- nappy hair on -- super -- -- I got to take precautions to protect yourself. I taxable I can't see myself giving -- MBI yeah La Camara to she's rails like twelve guys. I'm a woman 774 taxed I'm woman married for fifteen years in this sounds crazy however. Danielle did look it up yet. And it's it's it's I think a lot of people don't think it's it's a common thing now marriage sabbatical its second detox yeah I think let me could use of the sixth. It -- where I think she used Clinton to get the toxins out you come back here refresh your feeling better than the that's crazy I could never live with no questions asked after six months the techsters -- doesn't have to be six months it could be two months it could be three months -- just I I think. Did it makes you. Appreciate the other person. And makes you grow to love them again like I just I think when things get stale and -- -- you know you see that the grass is not always necessarily greener on the other side. That then you'll go back and take the time to -- your own lawn so to speak here's the text angry -- -- angry wife here aren't. You don't get married to call timeout in the middle this woman is outraged I can tell. But I wanted to portray this crazy way to get this thing didn't know if you're not in this isn't like the greatest generation stayed married. Through hell and high water in supporting each other like people there are fickle and people do things in. It's it's a lot of work well to be married lot of business. But now days guys and girls. They get married his tired chasing bill I know what you'll do you'll do little that I you know on for another ID on him thirty yard average give let's start a family. -- -- -- for ten years and have a divorce later. Now when the wife comes back. Does she go through one of those. Chemical plans showers that they have -- via the -- the plants the exit of somebody on the Hazmat -- that -- blasted with a -- in the last thing I don't know geez I don't know what do you think of this are especially -- -- ladies thank goodness. 6179311. Area. Inside the war female brain. This man's wife suggested a marriage sabbatical of six months and apparently it's a popular trend Mikey. Say good morning everybody loads up Mikey there's there's been so that I didn't but he really well let me tell the other guard quote what do you. -- what -- thought not only gonna below or -- -- eight what you gonna take like six months. They're trying to figure out if you can hook up with somebody probably sent it up financially stable -- -- forced out. It's not bad you know it's all back on -- so it's like we're ansari are gonna work outs are welcome. -- -- -- -- -- -- He needs said instead by a man who's been screwed before -- six months she's just gonna try to get herself together still as much money she can. Our relationship you've got six -- the court they're cute you can make -- -- it. Probably financially secure -- right. But it just not working anymore and act in you want to sports you don't understand the question that the -- Some -- economic won't. Here's a text that -- been married fifteen years tried it and it worked. -- from a woman as one person that's backing me up and he's. Hello little AMD I don't know I'm really aren't yet lives. Question you know what I'm an American fifteen years myself why don't we just came back from a six state like fishing trip -- already there appreciating him I'm sorry but that's not a lot. So you wouldn't. And you would not be interested in in six months apart tinted. Try to -- to get a breaker whatever it is that. Not gonna BG -- get by any assumption that right -- blackened inside. Perfect idea this is on one and here's the taxes that perfect idea I'm lament. Greg I tried this and now my -- is living at Fort Hood smashing some army did public well that didn't work out the way. -- went stimulus Erica here's the Texas as I've been doing this for years soon I'm gonna let my wife tried that. And I passed. I'm a woman I don't agree with the six month sabbatical but I do think time apart even for a weekend as wonders. Well I closure of weekends this person's talking about this guy's wife wants six months apart they signed an agreement. Is that what it was they -- -- agreement agreement that it stadium and how well gateway committee here comes -- -- downer -- -- about it and doubted doesn't let his chick like out of his sight for five minutes for fear that she might -- what is restrictive or did she go rent an apartment and issue stand at -- -- you look at the house I don't know I don't know anyway. That's why this and that's wait that's why is this silly guy signs agreement because she gets to go and smashed if they didn't sign the agreement. He you know he asked for divorce after she comes back citing her as going on -- other guys and I'm not loses. Cops to vote on a here's the Texas -- A text says I'm very surprised that being -- into the earth while she's at a forward thinking -- go but I know I didn't I I never at any point said that I would agree to this. I -- that I thought it was a good idea that a vehicle might be having trouble now this might not be the message that I would choose that given. What I have seen from all of my idiot friends that have been married once in place and heard the stories. And listen to the crying and heard about this so this one's over here in the NC doesn't like -- really great guys -- again fantastic. -- This is a better option for you and is going on -- some dude now I don't know now the sabbatical doesn't necessarily have to be about all about sacks like all these perverts. Are you -- -- more accurately it's about going back to school in a declaration. Apologetic K okay I economic and emotional attachment to someone else that's not gonna -- her I don't think and I just wanted to take six months I wanna go become a dental hygienist. But there but -- -- Machinists sign me up. I'm a female I've been married for only three years anything anything to feel appreciated and attract. Beltran hit him again LB video expelled -- WA AF dot com hello -- I I think that -- that I'd like. -- married. Hours. At her or. As I mean I didn't -- is out there and elect Obama has it. And I only a week. A lot of he. -- I don't get the other not at. -- up and say wow I am. I expect that. But you know to Daniel's point. A lot of heat you know what is whatever it is 50% half the marriages those people do just give up this lady may be is saying. Let's take six months the sabbatical whatever they call it. Six months in and come back and no questions asked and and it's kind of like you know when you take a vacation networking you come back on Monday were all fired up -- like. Somewhere but yeah no question. At a block. An -- yeah wait watch yeah. Great seeing with wolf Ferrell and his wife and -- marriage. Therapist sermon. And he says. The therapist says it's it's it's it's all open here now that's why I donate in a city that you have or in this case on there you know why don't welcome Carl tees off yeah. His wife loses remind me read what one but I thought we're in the states. -- all we have an old school so it's 731. We are currently going inside the warped female brain. And this show. Every day is presented by Echostar technologies your data center solutions provider for more information you can go to echo -- dot com they're great people. If you're in the in the IT in the storage and you wanna do business with fun people and get -- hold my pal John do leader. Scotch drinker anybody. That so. The the inside the work -- brain email was from a guy whose wife suggested. They've been married her what was it twelve years yet. And his wife Linda. Suggested ate something her friend told her about a marriage sabbatical where they would both go off for six months. They sign an agreement Danielle says that she lifted up and this is a legitimate -- get a lot of lot dealer knew a lot of people are doing a marriage sabbatical hello Sharon. Yes what's up -- I've been married 23 AM yeah -- arms. My -- net what is the grass is greener on the other side. And I'm. Like how you're saying basically like you don't want your kids to ever try desserts because they might like like what you say right. And -- -- Well I mean. I guess here's -- Texas says no guy could ever propose this that this can only be proposed by the life. You know I know I could never got any good to have a -- -- through this -- and Harrison and yeah like him he's got her out of the house. -- dry out. Whining whining. Teacher. With. People with -- -- and all the men and the schedule. Man that come up their rent an apartment Thursday at the Charles River -- surely. Think I'm -- The rich people that they don't bet on it up Iraq outlet here I mean. Do not need to eat and take it lightly I actually went -- I -- caddie kept. It. Audio yeah -- say I -- being someone who's been through that. Did -- -- -- it's a whole lot better than UN a UN year your partner Babylon in the house with the kids less -- top. So maybe yeah I mean there's nothing there's nothing worse to raise your voice and and you're you're you're -- you're you're not -- child was in the other room and. What mattered deacons regular day did just bums me out to those thinking about my my on my uncle they've been and there have been high school sweethearts married for ever been through you know. How high water whatever and it's just it bums me out as people get so soft these days owners think in my. What if this wasn't a marriage right. And two people gave vows for a life of whatever let's say they went into the army or near a military. And then. Six years and they -- I this is so tough I just honestly you know a lot six months and and get away if this is a different situation people will be called soft because it's a marriage and it's all acceptable I mean I don't I don't think people around. Or any -- to the Reverend Billy has now on the block. Stick the great generation. I mean you talked to some all the people I love doing this when you see an old married couple still -- hands walking on the street name been through it all got an -- -- it got. Me about an integrated Schiavo when I was dead and that there were many of the -- and mean one bit of all the crap out Betemit -- yeah I know we could -- and I mean but I'm not talking about that I'm not talking about -- I mean I don't I don't saying I'm looking at -- -- you know -- -- I love and it's a great ponies or do you view -- death do -- part supplement for you right. Remind him out of dodge. -- -- Let's see -- -- -- here's -- 603 -- I'm a female I would love to do this but I could never get my devoted staff of the husband to agree with. -- deacon down and look at. Preach -- -- that -- So you've got an -- deacon down there hello Nate. What let's leave the cities like you know 21 surgery brought to -- a big gulf urgency haul passenger on the ticket is there. That was like so I was like a onetime thing no no no -- -- I'll wait for marriage -- -- -- it got to go to six months. Six months well somebody said this is the puts a vacation. Of America. Where we live in nation -- policies and you know if it is rather than just say the mayor we're gonna make the marriage work. There right now they're saying I want six months -- to do whatever I want them about cannot talk about it if nothing else this is also taught me and and I had to think about it for second myself but about 3% of the population knows how to spell the word sabbatical of we've gotten like 500 iterations of the ten -- I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to me this and that it's a big word -- and -- What's up Greg. You guys -- close look -- the other first -- And she's I'm not gonna go to therapy -- grandmother prior you know proto auto giant. You know based -- opera not a guy along let me see my kids are not saying -- won't even watch. Now now. Well I mean. So but then again and if you're afraid of this just because she might c.'s meet somebody else that's better. You're lacking in some self confidence or maybe you suck and she really committed and other big issue well yeah maybe she will -- as a way to get married at 23 yeah. Hello Glenn. -- a great guy I love how many girls they give it its agrees that in the world that I team up with it's they -- chicken -- or tackle with her and her friend -- you believe you're. He got there. -- don't take this city. Lou let me let me do this since I started the year now did you grab so it feel like it -- and actually -- gamble yet. My -- go wait a little bit. In whatever she does each -- out of that voted sheet debt by at the welcome back I don't wanna know. So do you do you do you agree with the collar early here. Who said this woman is just trying to buy some time to find a Richard guy here. -- -- -- do kicking unit to put -- always but the -- if you don't want him down and out of the imminent. -- impact in any. Let me see I can get a little better than welcome back all else -- Well you know the and we -- Massachusetts who have the worst part about this issue could go for the six months special smash about the guys don't. Come back wanted to ports and get out and get big -- kidnapped she hurting you -- somebody else yes but this is a buffer the. This is crafty way to come -- the -- -- the tracks that -- that if it does work out with -- -- she -- -- that well and that's somebody and -- this really isn't working natural -- she doesn't look like the -- woman woman agrees that the I'm a girl the only reason I could -- ever suggesting this would be if Larry had somebody I hate to say that that guy because you know he's probably upset that I'm an insurance agent -- my couple clients that year off. Well I've got an apartment they're back together and very happy town does the alert a year apart -- gel. Money every one -- -- A comment so -- been married a thirteen years married. And any -- will put on Oprah Winfrey don't laugh -- -- Powell on him and that they together but felt like being in the spotlight and he said. Is there -- we had too many options could be a thing that you get married you can get opt out of it if you want to -- you pretend like you don't have an option that you know you make it work in your love each other and you worked really everything so I tried to live -- philosophy and Alphonso good. The second -- -- -- wanna say LB it takes to get an idea right since he couldn't complete and ready. -- angry dental agendas that -- yeah. Here's the text that says it's. A boyfriend. And the father. My child. Is -- radio producer I'd like to try this I think he would have forgot about it now I'm around you know -- I don't know who that's from -- The deal on a flaw that -- believed that. It it it. Rob is absolutely right maybe we emulated the greatest generation a bit more the nation of policies would come and. I'll while you convinced your wife to stay at -- I'm not doing anything but clean house line nearly. Make sure your dinner is -- at exactly five feet. Dean. Here's I'm correction for the woman who called the attacks several techsters. Didn't. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith also say that have an open -- yes -- there's trashing everybody and clearly there's a lot of options out there for that yes. Though it clearly that's how they make it work when Melvin marriage hello Joey. -- -- -- -- -- You know it's both public review affects one in particular back to Europe but now that. Well but it would be don't agree that it's not like she's leaving walking out. She's asking him to agree to it we are inside the warped female brain right now hello -- -- -- I don't know what happened to Kenny how can highlight came out there is no way -- -- for him to really agreed this though is if she brought it up and he says now. I mean what do you Bulent got to look at that brought every day be like -- -- year here you know like he's not he's had his hand is forced into this little chance the failure. All walked I don't praying that I can't say what she just -- thought he would he would do it many agrees duels like -- I Lleyton. Agree -- something like that I never thought about it sat up and down. I'd never aren't honest and a. This is why me and my boyfriend there in an open relationship I love him and he loves me we always tell each other who were going to do. Why. Are you on this there's a good program there. Here's a Texas says I hope this -- is listening that's not Mary nice Poland error than -- -- -- but I've -- definitely a life. Linda in Portland. Well okay marriage sabbatical apparently we I I learned this today being -- says that's the big trends it is take six months go on sabbatical. Like a professor does from a university now and I'm on sabbatical until fall of one accepting any. We're Conyers. You can work on your book and here new sexual position swim that's what several guys that you meet. Thank you Danielle is welcome for helping us out that is inside the warped female brain today also earlier. We -- just joining us we're we're we went inside the war. Female brain because we got email from a married guy who listens to the show and his wife. Had suggested after twelve years of marriage that they take a marriage sabbatical. And take six months apart. And sign an agreement and when they come back after the six months there's no questions asked and the marriages. Stronger and happier and her friend had suggested and Daniel looked it up -- it's a big trap so. Here's a 978. Tax. That I got. During the break from a woman. Who said married seventeen years. Husband having trouble keeping up. Suggested to a hall pass from myself only for -- Husband agreed. Better than getting a divorce. Nobody is. So anyone you want -- once a month he wants to do his business he is always there. That's. Jack. I mean what does that really not seeing -- behind -- on the Coach Williams have been did you watch your favorite TV show a. I mean. Some of these women. It's really interesting YouTube question about this on the FaceBook page yeah Antonia so navigate to it and get some feedback it's interesting there's actually a lot of people. Who agree would -- in -- that this is the problem with this is a big problem in our country is an apple giving up. And sometimes given up before they even go in and it now. Yeah thing in the vows and they just words and Nande actual commitment how to -- it downer here. Easily -- easy elephant apparently -- -- at least I'm Monica look back and I want someone that's honest and there's these thirty. Variances. That's the -- giving a couple of comments about it like more remote what's the overall feeling most of these terrible idea of -- it's a terrible idea -- -- Why would you want a woman back after she's been banged out by thirty guys trying to -- question Michael IDR said that that's five per month for featuring -- said go reverend rob it's -- commitment if -- can't make it that don't make a commitment marriages in for the long -- seriously this lady obviously doesn't wanna work for her marriage guns. You but he and his simply see exactly what these women. Now you're not you're not you you're not a guy that -- that's been through two divorces. Yet two sets a child support. And needs a place to live in and some security is like them. When you know so you -- of the vows and now. New movie then you get a house -- -- -- -- and blue room. So called considerably she's honest and Jordan Healy replied I guess if your idea of being honest is party cheating on and so she asked for six months to continue to plug some other dude. Are. The that. -- -- -- and let's see in in economics here's a Texas says in economics parlance this is called a no cost option comment back again and whoever's on the other side gets screwed. Been married about eleven years can't stand my life but I could never do this I'm way too jealous what are -- that's why is saying you can't spend your wife that. He. And you got knocked up at a proposed the sizzle. Been married fifty years here's a woman been married fifteen years I could do this but he's taking the kids also during the six month. Here's a trend for how about these twenty something clueless idiots not get married to begin with Paris. I. Been married nineteen years life's been cheating on me for the last three I don't mind because he has no desire to leave me and she's a great mom for her while -- you know. Probably good cook. It hello hello Dave. Well I -- today. You know laying out yeah and they cheated on me unfortunately and in addition you know fine and another guy after multiple guys. Thought I was you know motherly thing to do -- we have done together. Has joined the military wondering what Danielle stock was on. You know a mother join the military especially nowadays you know and then -- that Lee is. You know no financial order and having -- -- speaking about yesterday with the whole FaceBook saying it out she got a yeah. To come back for a couple of days. From her training and stuff that's what you do or should I draft. -- are now on FaceBook and everybody like that now. That she doesn't you know by her side any clothes while she's there diapers or anything like that in -- yeah. I heard it on the head of the bat one time and -- although it's it's -- it's it's not just -- He's out on a wanna kill myself I feel well I can't really do it -- other operators are. Just ridiculous you know -- if you wanna be with somebody EU itself but if you don't spend all cuddled close and don't be what. Because it's ridiculous you know unfortunately got out of hand now because you know I took a back multiple time Namibia. And you know -- but. It's like when you have a kid you know that's almost as saying. Well you want them out and and do it right I. -- they just don't get it. Dave you sound like your mouse. I think you aids you gotta get out of there I. And I want out of 8888. Years just just their heads up data center this is why don't -- watch a lot of -- -- that bad -- -- I joined the military pop up. I mean is going to be primed to be completely done and I don't think she stepped -- care of these figuratively yeah hello Derek. -- -- -- I do or say that I have never been married and I'm on my own constant sabbatical. Sounds like -- pretty good Wright is you're you're enjoying it. It's if I'm all right well anyway that was inside the war the email Moret and you're at WAA out.