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Listen to Mistress Carrie interview America's Pleasure Coach, Dr. Sadie Allison

Jun 10, 2014|

Dr. Sadie is AWESOME! She gives great advice, and suggestions and is able to have candid conversations about sensitive topics in a way that is fun, educational, and entertaining. If anyone can kick start your sex life in time for Father's Day, it's my new in house sex expert, Dr. Sadie! (Dr. Sadie Allison holds a Doctorate in Human Sexuality and is a member of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors (AASECT). As founder and CEO of Tickle Kitty, Inc., her signature sex-help books, sensual pleasure kits and sex lubricants enable her to help people find even greater sexual fulfillment in their lives.)

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It's just very weekdays treatise on Austin -- station WAA asked a doctor see me -- but it is a news. Thanks for calling. It I guess I have so much to talk to you about -- right. Well I have to thank you for the care package so you're very welcome I got all your blocks and some other little good isn't man very exciting and I hit my girl that that -- so I was so I think you're gonna call this week because Sunday is Father's Day. And I thought you know a lot of people don't know what to get data on -- day and for the moms out there I thought maybe we could make some suggestions. First -- pretty but it doesn't know you are your doctors say Alison ends you are basically vis sex expert I mean you have a doctorate in human sexuality doesn't get much more an expert and that. That read like a comic -- America -- -- how exactly does one get a doctorate in human sexuality by the way because that sounds like a -- -- degree yet it. It actually isn't they have them at state universities now. But I got mine at the institute for advanced. Study of human sexuality here in San Francisco. That student loan most people would be very willing to take out at -- at your own life but there are who has been on the zone and it is not only are you EP. End all be all as far as sexual knowledge goes but you're an extremely. Successful. -- you publisher on boxing soared two million. Let's update you oh yeah I've been working at working real hard at this. You know -- -- -- thirteen years ago I wrote my first book called tickle your fancy a woman died. -- sexual self pleasure. And it basically a female empowerment guide that that to those women and didn't learn their bodies that well maybe it will emitter is getting out of a really long marriage. -- the great resource for women who were just kind of looking to understand more about our bodies work because. It's the it's very confusing out there man and Oregon and their bodies are so different than -- there's this huge disconnect. And that's where -- education comes in because we're -- ever really learn how to is. And receive pressure. And it -- the Internet obviously doctor CE. Right. After everything you read on the Internet and unfortunately today a lot of the young men out there learning by watching -- Now part of the plate and they can be great and the relationship but on the other hand it's not the place that he can use the that your teacher and -- got to doing today that -- huge disconnect after. Well when it comes to father's death in -- there's a lot of guys out there that are like why can't she read my mind. And there's a lot of girls out there that are like I wish she could read my mind I thought why not talk to you about may be some romantic wish is that guys might have that. You know we could help the women out where -- or. You know maybe some mistakes that. Guys really hate that we can help women avoid this weekend. Terror I'd love to share my insight. First of -- and it really easy creatures. You know the wind blows they're ready to go they they don't need that much. So on an intellectual level and like to be appreciated and they acknowledged. So ladies if you're not letting him know how much you care about him and appreciating the little things he might be -- view that the good place to start. And then out of work by the side of things like what can you give him of course that he got they got what you want. You'd think that effect that would be easy but they've all the other things around they can do to make it really fun. For example dressing for the occasion -- -- say you -- your kids to bed in the evening you have some alone time on Father's Day. Why not stressed that in his favorite purple Jersey with nothing underneath. A patriots Jersey I would think of hearings and is what you're gonna find the closet a couple of. That would be hot and and lock in the living here with -- at the fact of the year. That's every. See every I would not bet it's so he's seen it practically free. I'm and that's what it is he really think his interest in and thinking of something. Really find that that's so if you put thought into for example if your diet of big video gamer lot of guys out of their game. What if on Father's Day after put accused -- that he got to play his favorite video game and you. Laid down in front of him naked and let -- use your back side at the table example. I think every nerd in the vicinity of WA -- head just exploded. I'm happy -- I think that would be the coolest gift he would totally not expect that and how erratic for him. To rest his hands full holding that controller while using your naked body has the leverage. I think that the hot and another thing that you can do when you see incident is to whisper -- felt something in his years now and Italian trick. A lot of women think well I'm not used to talking dirty I don't know what to. Yeah I'm not afraid to say anything. Yeah Aggie after the trick is it's not about what you say it but this -- more about how you say it -- you can think of something grill. He didn't say like just describe something that you like that he does -- -- tell him to use that state your favorite part of his body can be real simple stuff like that it capacity thirty -- say. And then when you say it. You wanna be very lonely place them on it. Lower your voice. You can effectively. And you wanna get real close this year are you whispering and -- can feel the heat and steam coming out. And then you say something like. I love it when you pick up your dirty socks and take out the trash. -- rock. -- community here. But but but but I think if I need you each hit it exactly. -- Exactly so there's a lot of really cool unique things that you can do. That aren't just jump in the -- you know -- in the back. -- here here's a couple other one thing that I'm so okay so here's the really fun one what if you guys -- your own. Could have had your own photography session again after the give the bad. And you let him take nude photos of view and met him -- -- art director and Kelly had a. See now all of a sudden every woman was just like oh my god they're gonna end up on FaceBook -- Cut the cut ladies get to keep all they have that camera and the film in that this afterward. But make that I cleared. But during that moment you can let him take erotic photos of you and I think that would be so exciting for any guy. Now obviously I would think that that the biggest thing the top of the food chain number one on the wish list. I think that topic of conversation is covered in your book tickle his pickle that right right into the entire I love the fact that. You've got -- Doctors say Alison is a penis GS quote from Adam corolla like right on the -- to the buck. Larry is yes. To get used to being called a -- genius. I have all of compliment -- would -- -- your Columbia penis genius. I would take that as the highest compliment. That I would have put in the name -- and I would Wear it every day to work Mistress Carrie penis genius. It is it is sprinkle. But yet that would be the number one you at stake in these days. -- -- -- giving giving them our pleasure -- guy. And you know I -- a lot of women don't get it enough either. But definitely that would that would be that night it really open up and Michael any inhibitions and won a number of one of the reasons that women don't give. As much or pressures because they're not clincher whether they're doing it right buddy insecurities about it and -- women are natural leaders were theatres you know we've run our households take care of families. The women you know we want to be able do this can do it well but where where did we ever learn how to that let I go into in the book -- his -- I mean there's over thirty different measuring tips and techniques and ideas on actually had a pleasure. Him with you know orally or with your hands. And you want an out and number one being is that guys who want that makes that it's five star. Experience. For them yet tell everybody right now is crashing on the mask I'm wondering what the number one thing is number one is saying is yes. -- well. Ask is because men would much rather have a woman. That might not be so good -- it. But he's into it and you know she's been chilling keeping the pressure and she's -- -- -- that much more attractive to a man and a woman who's the pro and get it done in two minutes. Going to carry your bucks. Especially 'cause we're talking about tickle his pickles so I'm kind of thumbing through while you and I are talking. Could -- illustrations. Because they air picture is to go along with it. Right it's good friend of mine that they would be believed here in San Francisco. Exactly computer animator. And it was so funny conservative guys with a great illustrator and we started working on the book together I would I would -- direct and describe to him what to drop. And he'd be trying -- -- you think they either. If people really do you think -- Oh yes the picks are Berry storm just yet it is it necessary and I can't illustrations instead of photography because I think we can be. -- harsh on the eyes that I wanted to book to be really accessible and easy. For women to read until comfortable and be able to grab the technique that's when things to read tax. On instructions that when you see an illustration that goes with that you can literally followed the drawing in the book. And know what to do. I just find it's so surprising in this day and age with the Internet there's just so much information out there I find it so interesting. That people still like when these studies come out about. How many people don't master -- how many people. You know I have all these fantasies that don't ever talk to anybody about that people are just so insecure Arab cell acts and you would think by now it would just be like if had no big deal. I know it it it's pretty crazy and so shocking and we still have abstinence only. Education and school it is the third because -- -- gonna do it there and is he made a repeat them. How to protect themselves and not just this and they're not going to just could be told not to that end up getting no education about even safety and that that's that's for that goes wrong but -- Unfortunately. Lot of wind grew up with negative messaging and shame and guilt around sex and sexuality so there's still a lot of coming age for a lot of women. But fortunately. Mr. -- where we're on returned to spend a lot of changes in the last thirteen years I've seen where's there's a lot more openness and with the Internet people have been able to learn more information could have gotten more comfortable -- a lot more conversations going on. Something that's amazing and they've been getting better and better. Plus allot more gadgets out there 'cause I wanna talk about -- kitty dot com because if people are going to. You know may be -- little. Pre Father's Day shopping. Maybe they're not so you know shy about things and like maybe you should buy a new -- -- I thought maybe I would ask you some some toys that you recommend that are that are tried and true some real crowd -- Ers. -- -- Good way to put it I'd be happy you what. It here in newcomers like college to using by leaders of goalies. On the best -- start would be with a play you like C classic silver bullet. Inexpensive. Great start actually. And it used publicly on the surface but not something that gets inserted. So your man doesn't have to worry about being intimidated by other types of police about the great start actually. It here I'm just newcomers added in your diet might be Littleton mass Serb but he might -- and get something small and that he's publicly. -- you can put those Blake in other things like you know they have. You know underwear that have -- forum -- like all these other fun things that you it's it's a multi purpose crowd please. Yes and you can use it on him as well because there's lot of nerve endings is stimulating areas his body is well a lot of men -- nipple play. Or vibration and it -- -- Other activities that the friendly's classic silver bullet as well I mean you're talking about there's remote control panty -- club side. And that is really funny comes with a late. -- -- A -- rating -- -- flat piece that goes in the -- and then their remote control that you're an African holed up to twenty feet away and vibrate you. -- need to go out to restaurant there are going to be your own little secret but with crow about the club side does that also work out for BP music. So if you go to our hour concert or something. Or you just at home listening to WA -- Share a couple of -- He cannot that particular remote. Not only does it you can set it on vibrator mode or it can -- paid off at the music but he can also be in to the remote and it'll -- break up the sound of people. That's just they grocery shopping so much better -- So much better. Well that would be distracting. They picked up along that -- in the grocery story in the frozen food section or something you're so hot you could melt all this stuff. But after the after the -- that the what an era. IG to Boston ever I mean we have so many colleges here I'm assuming you must come to Boston every once in awhile awhile right -- I have been a while I might be due. Well the next time you come to Boston we please come up in studio I would love to have you come up in the studio I would love -- That would be a lot of -- and I also before I let you go I want to talk about on the book giveaway that you do to celebrate your two million books old I know you're doing -- big promotions I want. Talk about that we -- we you know we hit that huge milestone at this small self -- shop and we're really proud that the way to get back and say thanks. We're giving away 101000 -- At -- kitty dot com so tickled that pickle which we talked about nuclear fancy -- -- try to counter all these great second book. Are available for free you can just choose whichever one you want. An and -- the special actually going to be finishing in about a week or so so. Now would be the time to get your book. I -- a lot of rock bands this question I'm assuming it it's the same thing with authors you know when when a band. Record an album naming the album is the toughest part I'm assuming when you're working on a but coming up with a title is very difficult. It is it is and it's like each time you have a new book you want. UN top the last -- -- you have to get better and better right. And I about a lot of due to wake people in a lot of my -- say they wonder like how far can I go. Things particular -- -- I think. Skeptical might practically a fancy. Tickle his pick all. The web site -- kiddie. Cup. That what we'll see how far we can go I have to keep up with a statement that I might typically for -- idiot are you working on another book right now. I actually I actually am. And it just about ready -- called the mystery. Of the undercover but. Yeah. And it's for men and that is my first book that dedicated and written except for the guys. -- about simple and had a Texas preacher and nothing else pathologist about the simple touch that women want because so many guys have it wrong. Is it -- your girlfriend and ask how many of them have -- that touched them properly or even -- them at all. -- too many people get that I'm not that many and I want you guys have the real scoop on on how gentle it needs to see. And how low he needs to go at least the start because every woman's different but cancel and -- it starts and then you kind of an actress -- communicate. Find him. What we talked a lot about sex on the show and there's always new studies in new crazy list of things in like what CDs are the best to get laid all that stuff so. When I sex questions will you be like my in house sex expert can I call and ask because. You heard the smartest sex person that I never talked him. I think it is so please -- I would love to -- and let me ask you what outlet you -- Mistress Carrie scary. Well wave action today when I started. I was just on the air carries my real name and guy I used to be on here -- -- guys would call a time and say that they spends every night with me. And it was like they had a mistress that there wife knew about and she is cool that -- listeners caddie gave me that name is like the other woman in their life sell it kind of gave me the name themselves. And so it's pretty fast though thank god they -- that not something ridiculous where at least it's cool -- -- That night it came from your listeners -- -- -- they just calling it was great to talk to you and congratulations. On such a huge milestone like constantly publishing that's amazing. I appreciate appreciate -- eleventh report. And so we're gonna send everybody online to you know get when you free books which is amazing and also to maybe do some early shopping for Father's Day. Yet only you know one more play that guys like -- to put specifically for the guys it's called the head honcho. Of course is this topic and kind. Good name to and it's basically AM -- as a writer so it's basically something you can use on him during foreplay. Or he can even use it on himself if you're not available so it at that point specifically to please the man. How guys are gadgets and Adam. As well the next have a sex question you were the person I'm calling. Please bill I'd be happy a topic again -- -- them. Thank you so much I appreciate you con men are admitted I think you know you -- can't wait for your new book I write thank you -- It's just scary weekdays three to seven on Boston -- station WA AF.