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Mayor of Boston:Marty Walsh 6-10-14

Jun 10, 2014|

Our pal the Mayor of Boston Marty Walsh called in to discuss the possibility of the NFL Draft coming to Boston, and trying to get more sporting events in the city like All-Star games.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'll -- lines and your schedule. Today asked. Joining us right now the mayor of the city of Boston our pal Marty Walsh hello mr. mayor. -- I ever -- one corner and we're great we were just discussing the NFL draft and I know did you reach out to Bob Kraft about this. Yet they did in small farmers they're about to have the draft some. He you seem very excited about it. You know maybe you generally rhetorically editing. I know a couple of cities potentially actionable large climate short. We'll get a visual -- or vision of lucked out. Web software award to -- what he's thinking of venue lies. I think you could look at lake signs are Atari and way to look at the blank I'm like that's -- I'd. Sitting on the side and what they need you know looks like an Arabic to the draft but it looks like they need rooms of skiing and you know areas it's -- -- players and ends. So maybe that kind something that would work great. Yeah probably need a place where like Johnny men though can like a high five everybody -- talk about how pretty is that you better and better and and showed discussed when he doesn't get it. Where he thinks about it now and it -- -- cocky announced he had drafted by the San Diego Padres now I know and Iraq. Well I get it I really I love the fact it I mean this is great this stuff like this for the city and we should. You know -- I was always amazed at Boston does and end up getting more. The All Star Games and stuff like that I mean it's been awhile you know the author game at Fenway was awesome. The MBA all star game I think it's been I mean all that stuff so yeah I I assume that that's warning or initiatives is let's try to get more this stuff. Actually you know we have galactic Milosevic brought I -- in -- saw -- start. In between you know blocking the world class city and in a lot of sports fans here obviously in and -- So trying to push more that you know we have a department city special events in tourism and and we avid sports that. -- is because so much there's so much final four. -- apartment in the frozen forward -- US safety attributes of the ship so a lot of the a lot of did -- people left out here. Why try to push those venues. From the -- I know what you're trying to do is basically move up your season tickets at a -- which is fine. And I and I -- -- and how much he that normal when he went out or close it is also the fifty let them out if I got that perhaps they could movie a little closer to the 50. Do you -- and the democratic donors it's just -- the right. Well how everything else go we haven't talked to allow -- really good things. Detroit you know working. You know we had -- we had -- residency thing if they're bigger or read in the -- China. And there are residency and a lot of people upset about a concern and there aren't made to address and in. I think that's an appointment to do the lesson that people. Or working a lot of economic development we're trying to attract more business here. Would do with a lot of around trying to create more housing in Boston you know so so side you know in my church -- I've heard a lot -- plunging back. I haven't heard a lot of negative which is good thing but we just everyday you keep -- -- and keep getting better and trying to improve the city or is this weekend. He is so on the residency saying if this is now is that Google is -- gonna lift it on fire and police unit. You know analogy it's just four presidencies -- insensitive -- after -- -- -- -- and -- -- a -- -- They're being they're negotiating each election what -- well. I'm born out of four is enough maturity that. I attract Islamic indices that that will help immediately went -- recovered the city had absolutely let us. Short amount of one out see yearly rates so anybody who are higher in the cabinet level department at level. I'm looking at they have an exemption for he gets that you get. It did -- option ought to you know some of them have people -- -- him. All hall outside the cities and give -- time -- -- -- on purchasing orders they wanna buy or rent and also secured their outside the city I get them at schools. Now that's good make sense billion men and about getting the best people right. And it is really it probably did the most -- while our people. I'm an actual good potential violation of law all the way to go -- long way to go you -- -- you know all through it which when he air -- at five months. But I took it will -- you know I'm. There's a lot of excitement a lot of Biden and speaker -- and hearing people from outside the -- a set of blocks talking about the expected in Boston right now like capitalizing. Smoothest move ever was the fact -- comedians -- the flu was like to five inches backfire and actually that was -- and did you get that -- found. I'd actually remembered dropped cemetery to -- up close okay so that -- -- Taylor election -- so. You know when we need to work finally win a bet yeah obvious -- sending something out there wherever I am -- you know what I yeah a bigger -- -- We got to get a bigger flag all right mr. mayor good luck I think the guy NFL draft would be awesome here to die and -- these cells. Good -- and -- it would be nice a whole -- outcome here hopefully we haven't heard it yet. If that's that's yes I will talk to -- soon. Are out chart there there is the mayor of the city of Boston.