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Adult Toy Price is Right 6-10-14

Jun 10, 2014|

Can you guess how much adult toys go for, are you an expert or a perv? This time we learn the prices of an item called Like a Glove, and the Disco Stick.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Morning show Brazil. Really it's. Oh come on down at -- come on down. Today's winners receive a fifty dollar gift cards forward Joseph fish seafood restaurant. And bar and this is Jean good morning Gina. Good morning heavy -- power you know. I'm doing good stuck in traffic at what else you know when illegally. Are you on Mass Pike east by route nine Framingham that's where it's really carrying -- out in. 93 only in the Boston's -- it sounds bad and route to also really bad this morning so. If he can avoid the masked by keys in Framingham. Or -- to avoid at all costs and -- you -- up against Manny this morning hello Manny. How are you buddy. -- what about you Whitney come from any. What's that are. -- you guys not a game marks Deirdre will now describe. A unique and adventurous adult toy for -- and you need to determine without going over what the actual retail price of an adult plea is are you ready both -- -- OK listen here. Our first actually his own life of the loan. The life of the love life you're beloved -- in this insanely strict -- leave his belt extender. And mastered later boom it flips over to add noticeable berth here penis oh that's -- yeah that's a good day failure -- The inside of this -- since Joker is lined with numbers of -- and soft cushioning. With a small amount of -- it fits him likable. The closed chip design delivers section and make cleanup easy available until tonight this large and extra lives. You know there's not a media minute you now. There's never seem all that our president you know inner dimensions of the larger five and a half inches extra large evident in man now I need this. That they may get double acts the -- -- settled down that's up zero duct tape to your apparent right. Gina what do you think the actual retail price of the like a glove that is. 291989. Manny what do you think it is. 3999. The actual retail price 49 dollar and. Israel and. Sounds like maybe merely -- the LA. Let it all right let's put both of those guys Manny on hold and -- and -- I think we have time for your. 1 more this morning. -- you there yet I am if I married him. -- -- W where do you come from pan out Britain's separate genetic -- you're up against Michelle this morning hello Michelle. -- warning warning on what's happening Michelle. Not my pregnant and -- met -- one -- -- -- ultimate at -- the courage to say give me naked you know it's. You almost everyday LB yeah. The Atlantis that the are you guys ready to play. All right here's the next item in adult -- price is right. Our next item is that -- goes to. Yes the Disco -- days -- the this powerful toy provides elimination game stimulation. One side of the tip his contoured with a scoop it provides intense. Been copying will say -- and the other site features a producer adding pleasure not that acts more like did -- -- The only. ABS plastic turn up the line you're on the vibrations. You can basically have dance party law you I events July you -- doing and -- you're doing the all right Pam what do you think the actual retail prices. 359. I don't think around 4040. Guys. Ladies I'm sorry you both gone over the actual retail price 25 -- it's why I'm harness. And it beat -- they've set the bar. That deal is that all right sorry ladies spice guy. Pam and Michelle and that is -- employee price is right here on the Hill Man Morning Show.