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Hill-Mail 6-10-14

Jun 10, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours, topics included LB's welching on his TatTuesday again, fast food chains, and the mayor trying to get the NFL Draft.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each -- returned to talk as the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- -- Okay what happened was that and the -- of -- break open women's I don't. Being an element -- think being let alone what their -- groups are. What they've written over it and I was maneuver -- -- component weekend barbecue. On WOK. And so well and brought to you today by noon turf care your residential and commercial lawn care provider. Visit noon turf care dot com and mentioned WAA. Half for a free. Flea and tick treatment from the experts at noon -- turf care hello -- Well good morning what's up. I have -- fact -- -- well here and yes. And boring and you black yeah that they do legal action and any sleep the act in at the end. And in -- And their -- that. Other -- -- their band also yeah. Shall. I gotta give -- credit she turning to -- -- -- yeah it's pretty good nudity. Yeah we are black Judea and yeah it's this lady who is a smoke show what's hurting the actress. Which had the main character yeah Taylor she'll. She gets sent to prison fairly -- drug deals she participated in and at the women's prison you like Adobe is lower than what it deserves and it shows a transgender. Yes that is correct very Cox Erica yes that is yet to firm. She was just on the cover of time yes it sounds -- mentioned it and it was sort of young bats yesterday about what. That's the information that's pronounced -- through. Can guarantee you she says Weiner that's Weiner. It's pronounced folks. Got it it's no game at the island well what are pretty good food no -- dad. No giants on that show no no giants on woolly mammoths on oranges the new black when that giant. Was about to go through the gate and those five guys were really willing to risk their lives -- -- -- -- you don't really know because at the end of the thing you did you I images line they're dead but -- the five guys. They all died. Killing the giant and keeping the castle say and that's. -- happy at this late -- out many times that's important. Scared to spill on the best OB bars well the Brunswick is where I got a browser gets the brunt of the bronze and accuses the brown what do what -- what some -- -- three ago. On the water. We don't we promotion yeah the -- that as the big deck. That's a pretty lost for the goods. But bush a -- apparently not nothing beats. No nothing beats the Brunswick not that he other than maybe the ocean back in Daytona Beach -- it is. It gives you view -- beer well I don't like those mean that robot desktop proper part airports the chairs -- -- -- that's my go to kill. My age as my go to up there when I'm at the -- on the wall of -- -- I don't have any they don't have like wolf hello yeah WA AF -- -- -- I think by -- I think it. Heck if you have I think we gotta get you envision my view I think -- -- tally gave us an electrical -- you -- get air shared a letter jackets are glasses are you Aaron. I choose that spot when I'm going out for the two hours to get pizza when I say I'm I'm gonna go get pizza for everybody and and it I get back its argument for the pizza places passed -- -- so it's a guy. Do believe though aren't out of that place -- ocean pizza jail have everybody was getting an extra problem but yeah what did you would have believed -- and didn't -- -- And today aren't might fit that we have LP creating one of your life from one of the movie. -- -- I don't -- That's. Pretty confident. That money -- 37 AM. But it's double veto member of the formula that people one on one but it didn't we have yet. That system map it was a good. Don't let -- -- -- -- guy apologized immediately yesterday house battle has a Good Morning America. Whose car is crying and he was talking about his beloved race course and he just California Chris got overwhelmed with a motion. And had coward's way out so if you if you cry during an apology. The immediately accepted by the American public you can say anything yet and that if you cry later during your apology -- itself that's a good. Monday -- Child killer. I think -- got stuck doing portal like out -- me and -- may well it really. -- -- -- -- Updated your age out of that -- I mean not for meth and believe. Here you're amazed because it's just story after story after story can do panel -- does anybody in normal live down you could do tenable. Hello to them. Good morning what's up and I have a quick break correction yes -- there's no also wait -- to get all your chin don't need my -- -- could go one on there. It depends on the angle I mean I mean I seventeen mile if you what you have not built. If you if you lift your head up at the bird appears to be. Less massive than it is. Create 47 AM. They're sports score and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- and -- different era blaring and the capital. I wouldn't. Put him. There are -- but I thought -- America. And that message got through it. What exactly that -- We thought it is always still energetic JFK -- still on the threesome with -- yeah yes yeah. -- -- -- Why -- he was doing was he making a play on what what made JFK -- -- -- -- 4:44. AM. Greg I think that Linda never fears in the mirror are done wonders how -- get under read a prepared. I don't think it's proper -- -- slender man. 601. AM. Great. -- -- -- And trial -- -- -- -- -- that it open. -- What are your Butler fight bird or not. -- Yeah that aren't we should -- the trial by combat thing on the shelf and and you can pick like. -- at the decade like rob -- A home on our special OK here Mike bridge authority where you needed to reduce the crowd and what happens if you're a if -- you know you don't watch game of rounds if you're accused of a crime that. You can choose a trial by combat. And then the verdict is decided by -- where I got you so that's how. To real and it's there is and is going to is facing his execution because -- the imprints. Loss itself. If you're -- -- -- If it is since you've been accused of absolute lack of execution when it comes to that pat Tuesday. You can choose a trial by combat and you give them Omar fight for you lawyers special K here. Range of forty or you could have -- downer. Going to. Ring of death -- while I can you speak and can't do that -- -- -- -- These new baby you don't want that's okay the the prince that is girl there which she was confident that he was gonna win and give it. Still watch his death. Thanks boom on him -- on the Discovery -- ticket buyers get true. The foot of the current application of the -- just something they didn't ethnic. -- -- -- -- -- -- And then let it I promise you at the bottom of my aren't you out after you did that last week ended the week before. From the bottom of the block going in my world that six -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I'll be like well what a place called quiet burden Robbie I -- the perpetrated by a quarter ended their regular don't -- -- place had a bite they've got a bit. Apple didn't. Smith -- -- little -- that -- twist at 720. KM. What your -- We were -- -- an adult but then it was even hope will hold up. And the mattress that I think -- And the amazing he read up on this 1965. Government study. The lady did -- -- -- -- -- of -- she needed just 23 and that's why not our -- -- -- Trying to get and the dark and actually did talk like the golf and actually did speak English he did his duty got a bunch of wars gibberish but he put the words the year she put the where it's because the TP clearly. Put the words together in -- and -- amazement she talks in in the peace talks about how I took them like. A couple weeks for him to learn the -- yeah now. Round pronunciation wise that he was like he did his head under the water and make bubbles to get the ends and I'm Mike -- that's a lot of effort you must love this play and what would you like being able to imagine if you could talk to your animals who have these -- very good excuse me well are you can I do it could. I have friends that do. Imagine. Yeah this lady 1965. Live with the dolphins for years. And that is the BBC special coming out there talking about it he had done a sensual relationship with the -- speaking of talking to animals I have I have officially now even admittedly reached crazy person -- as I went to. Leave the house the other day and one of the scrolls was in the tree standing there -- in front of my house and I got a fairly busy street. And I'm yelling at her in the tree not to ran into the street and a hot and -- mile an -- later tonight I -- it. Definitely Natalie don't let the street you're gonna get hit I got back in the yet I try to dynamite at the genre like that -- it's this is yes is happening status that's like a normal person talks -- there kids yet nobody UH -- docked to the squirrels I do and drinking again. I tell you go to one -- -- of the draft that that we could look at why. That's fine but may have -- that really what. And -- left his -- -- I'd love to have the NFL draft here. The mayor was on earlier this morning he's trying to get Roger Goodell in the NFL to bring the draft or next year which would be great fun event. Great event for the city serious at all well -- for all of -- pay for anything that's -- you bring the you know you bring people and they used to get the hotel -- -- bring some attention -- your city like you. Seven -- 8 AM. Great let's go to Jack in a -- -- burger. And our members don't eat too much you don't wanna grow up and have people making -- your -- and -- -- Operator -- yeah -- start him today. We used to go to get in this station wagon. -- woody. With the back seat spacing out back. Fumes common yeah and if we ever got hit and what I wondered if we ever got hit from behind forget about the kids would die at least at that station wagons. Listen this one kids. They used to have these station wagons and a lift up seat in the back and it faces it's based out of the back of after the station wagon. And we go to Jack in the Box or you go to San you've -- accurate data you remember what do you mean. I don't know I immigrant Jack Navarro it was tacos that that's what they had. Jack in the Box he's got a little dollar it's it's it's it's it's -- when she. The -- the place you can get egg rolls and taco yeah and another better and -- Venezuela won the but I think -- it though they didn't have the burgers it was just tacos and that it was on route nine in -- shows. The only place for miles around go to had to drive and doing. -- -- now concentrated the whole family and then go over there and you know it was the is as an activity you know as it was fast it was the it was the dawning of the fast food -- And analysts and it just -- guys with the road trip. Here's a tax it says you're not crazy animal people unless you have the FaceBook page for years at two people have FaceBook neighbors there. It did actually I saw a statistic this morning that 25%. Of people are friends and at least one. FaceBook page of their friend on on FaceBook are you kidding me and I can I do not have what is big business pages from what is it time what does this nation what is the station coming through although I -- make a FaceBook fan page for the dog rescued and are pretty fit our time and I didn't look himself kind of. Eric called -- -- Erica kids. I mean a little Japan show are you people call me SP CA because they entered tortured Jonathan Quick missed returns so torturing and dog. Thought he'd spent -- everything's all right to break it to you so like what you've sort people filling out like the status report -- like oh licking my notes that is about it yet right now I'm looking minor events. Right now I'm just -- some dance on the character -- allegedly risky. Let the foot -- -- just got it HJ former researcher in the pool and. -- -- a player's face but yeah it's. Candy is the status is go F yourself all -- you know. The problem and I don't mind you know social networks are good for a lot of things but the problem is you're creating like a massive generation of people. Who have no idea how to talk in interactive network right now with other human yeah it's that's fun. If we kids' cereals to understand and a group against each other I am going to feel like at a much higher. Like it is like I fear for I mean there's that they don't know how if you said to somebody hey there is. You know I'll use an example from my own life you bet could you walk but when you walked by a table of yes could you just acknowledge the fact that there that -- there -- At the restaurant -- not want. I don't know how to how to I talked personally. -- somebody and it gently into the restaurant I had to write text them and just say. Let's welcome dude dude yeah. Then it happens in the workplace all be -- happens here you want what you want right to sales people that don't they say hello to you. And they don't talk cute on the DL they give you good to get a forty minute this -- ten minutes later that's. That's where you get to tax gone -- -- the -- stuff by my equipment but appointment. Hello Jason. Say good morning what's going on what's happening is that you graduate you'll bring back yeah Jack in the Box so I wired up. You remember church and checked. Down their law. Churches she's -- in. Annapolis and I would like the Kentucky fried chicken that was like ten times that I go to war politics kids. -- -- nobody -- -- I used -- village hit well situated and energy is he. A kid I remembered that don't remember it. Here's a text saying you guys -- Twitter FaceBook all the time now you're knocking. Yeah now because usually don't talk to people in person let me just be clear. There are great uses for the social network yes I I think they've revolutionized the way. Commerce occurs. However if you're if you're literally. Friends -- -- a pat on FaceBook group and you'd think that it's interesting. To like the status of the Tibet. The -- is interested in two things. Eating and and -- That's always angry and I -- so that's all of -- knows they don't know what you're doing on do like what you're liking on their FaceBook page yes Greg. What's up Greg it would -- a ordered I have friends that have -- that I would not say what it is yeah. And their whole purpose and that is that they have State's farm bill aimed at all that's a good play. And they need more friends that do whatever it is a state you are rare and so yeah. I figured. I mean I guess that's okay it is -- playing some kind of gamers I don't know anything about arm seated please everybody -- everybody's -- it. There's two sets of annoyance this year it's the people that you get the game requests from which they can't help because they're not sending them out of their -- and the people that put up the complaining status about getting the request for the game -- like if I want -- send me game request and deep spreading everywhere it's just go to your settings and say don't send me notification to the state to -- -- like it took longer for you to put up that status update. Bitching about it three days ago that it would for you to turn off the notification I -- -- and deal and it. Well Paul. Good luck -- that -- care Paul. A cigarette and figure although each of our current that it took so it can't it. Of course. Of -- Alia. On American there's good. Good spot that -- can't -- to get up there I'm way behind nine don't know you real -- dude I gonna start working on the design for this and castle contest because the fourth of July is right around the corner. Yeah I don't know the -- well I'm trying to learn from trying to pay somebody off to Galveston match at a time -- that because I have that. It's harder to defend at the LeBron we'll tell you this it's harder to defend -- title that it is the winner of the first -- that's you don't get ripped up and especially with that group of you know. Eight year old student now I've got. Other people live their whole lives to think -- on the contest like outraged that I won this thing last year and I know -- -- Another -- on inform me and here's somebody who on on FaceBook. He and his girlfriend broke up in the she blocked them and then he got a friend regress from her calf that's it -- it's fine. A hopeful that he's not could -- figured that out. That your it. Take 0:3. AM. Yeah spirit nick got a medal well there but I do walk. That. It could be out do we are good that it because somebody who locked up you what state. An adult -- starts now. Sticks and stones my Brothers found turn off yet you want some Welch's grape juice this morning happy at all. Well shark food thing. 22 -- And maybe -- -- -- what impact the foot. There's no have a -- And don't get it. And then -- and I'm the baby I'd like go with the baby back. And epitaph like pat I say -- wealthy -- to clarify. That will LB get this chance to right. It could be another -- and you could randomly show up with what I am emblem for some supportive -- we have clarified exactly and we'll also have to clarify will you have a baby not will use steel one from the I never got lucky little rant about a look. Not cutting people open to still -- there was -- -- congratulations I'm. I'm the nurse I thought I have to take your baby down of the -- and 18 and but get a check his Billy -- I'll be right back. He's they do on the video -- run he running out of Brigham and -- and that's the local. Topic up. But. 628. A little bit get a base hit it out he out they are asked but that act. Yeah that I have but quite or boat or not. Won't -- that there was a little confusion with the tattoo artists. She thought LB was gonna call with its at this event opted not with the could be questioned now that no -- where are all sort of -- a -- that was the computer there she is very busy she's very very -- he's like amazing. I don't hit nine again. Well here. And that now since I was in -- any of my teammates from from the Peewee hockey and a when I play with there to do the Bruins San Jose Sharks Las Vegas under you're not a culture I had their back. Q and on -- Wiltshire. Here's a text through says worrying about a sand castle contest is a 1% after problem that they had a point. By just how much to be it. As much of kindness it with so much of a content so it could isolate your -- so what you bill to that one yeah. What kind of abortion was like let me get a serious look at the castle what brought -- all know what -- then they. I believe related to him I can't believe we I cannot believe we have to go over this again the theme was sea life and then the thing was away all the eating a diver and the dive where -- the underwater guy yeah have the full. Soon on the Greta wetsuit brand that I mean that it can give it would you still -- the picture of it on your phone I'm sure I do try to finding your Twitter feed via news. And this American is a similar theme you can always go that dolphin study aren't good coherently I. I don't know -- -- -- with what what's. Is hoping. I could. Lady doing a -- And I'm imagining dolphin Ronnie do game. I'm a product that Natalie idiom of speech that things had happened that's really its first of all it's amazing that I won. And when I pointed out when I was such a Lamo. And when I say hi I mean big group of 147. Year old man and a bunch of teenagers and ten year old. It's amazing that one because that was judged to buy like a bunch of legacy. Like ocean park. Family members sell it to me honestly it's amazing just in order to do you have that Danielle good. I have I'm -- -- AM like I I've I've caught you know Oregon History Channel whatever it guys you know when they have the world's saying castle -- -- yeah competition as -- people go -- one bit but that stuff they builders like you've seen you know it's and then -- -- -- amateur and immature I'm like what happened and I'm not a professional mind. This -- was the year before rain yeah I was gonna -- on the winning I mean I -- -- are you did step it up from the -- to the window I'm in that was totally partly out of Italy with fraud.