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Mike Hsu Talks To Director John Waters About His New Book 'Carsick'

Jun 9, 2014|

Mike Hsu talks to Director and "King Of Filth" John Waters about his book 'Carsick' which details his hitchhiking odyssey across America.

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And I have to admit I've never read any of your books and I have to admit I haven't finished car sick yet. -- had a happy ending our guy I get to my apartment separate go off sucks and I'm not calling from our printer and Stanford was his -- -- work happening in the first part of the book are you are you tied up in in some car somewhere him on the. No I didn't happen Armenian and parts of the -- -- I imagine the -- from the worst worst happens you're neither being -- up from -- car going countered I get murdered. But in the real life you know every person picked me up couldn't have been lovely here the last stride I got. What can Berkeley California. I can't get a it's like the book. Prepare for for a garment deep trouble. And the guy to pick me up for scoring right to a couple of cable people are very Westbrook walked from my child. Why I'm surprised people still pick up hitch hikers these days like I. I would never pick up a hitchhiker although if I did see you on the side of the road I would in this kind of or. What people didn't think it was -- they debated if it was me because why would I be standing and some sort of rampant cancer -- There are no it's right for the way across the country I don't want our. I like it soared because of adventure I think it a new way to be green. I think everybody needs to take -- change from so I would encourage people to its site and where I did my training wheels it's like in urban was a problem itself. Where I go every summer and I used to it's I care a lot even in the last couple years. I I and I know alive you've mentioned in the intro of the book I used summer in north for all and it's of a beautiful area. And I -- -- not prepped for breach your story short term well it repeats in the world that is a lovely beach still I'm surprised. People still pick up hitch hikers the -- voluntary and unload our Cape Cod you know. But beyond reference -- is going to -- -- people recognize. And they gave -- We're coming back on route six when you have to spend a real highway yeah. People Carter whizzing by that was more like relatives strike but none about -- toward the rockets striking things -- and like -- Bonner springs cancer killer in Ohio some of the places where I would have to -- -- for the whole day of market. There were there must have been points in where you're just like come on a car. This is no I didn't do about it now I'm sorry. -- I ask my assistant when I was stuck on the canned report premieres Helm of a 150 miles from make sure it would take hours for the cab to get there. So arm and arm is gonna get -- -- rest area about I I never did call you know overall I would have deprived were gonna die or something but. I don't -- understand and I know would formulate I did ask the dumpsters are a lot to get cardboard to make this fine. Went 30 it was a real nobody was following. I like the idea how the book is spread as ours are. Sectioned out three parts that the good rides the bad there what I imagine -- right very. Back the capacity right I I like to answer -- I got no word Richard diary to be honest we're nearing its striking you don't get affected your former. Yes. Exactly he I don't you don't want it you don't often hear it or not the best diet you can. Did you did you write the first two part you said you wrote the first two parts before you started the the actual hitch hiking. Did you do that because may be real life is not as exciting or did you do it because you you do you really had a feeling you might never come back. Well I think I wrote them first because if you're fantasizing about something once you do it you can't imagine the word. I would never disappointed yes but right there were the real ones were not as extreme. -- But they certainly arrow gave an optimistic picture. Every heterosexual man pick me up and as far as I know no gay people. -- how much they love their wife. Arm which is kind of -- and off march you've worked for the first thing -- and are so I don't have very encouraging. I I still. Amazed that is it true that people still mistake you for Steve was semi. Think he had to have -- I told Steve Buscemi does -- several -- arm to -- our proverbial bit. Also they give you the Don -- idea for the yeah I don't entirely too much. For me yes but not so much recently but they certainly have yet in my life -- -- -- great. The weirder perform for flight attendant that. I mean you are -- it would all have awarded to every year. And not look nothing like you who are never watching got a mixed up because Johnny Depp -- in my Johnny Depp played at whatever you think it was our -- -- it was the -- are kind of imagery. It was the mustache. Definitely Edward didn't have a -- about port within Johnny Depp have a must and Little Richard. Okay. So that it as I mentioned earlier it's kind of also. A view of celebrity. Where maybe someone like I said I wouldn't pick any hip check her out but if I saw you I would. And like if I saw someone like say on thing and random celebrity here like. -- -- -- Kardashian. Whatever her name you add that you know what. That's a valid question. I think it's I've I think I would. I think I -- I have picked up with strikers and I picked up somewhere maybe ten years ago in the daytime many jump to McCarthy started huffing glue. They offered me you -- but I several months tandem morning I'm really not going to be huffing -- but. But I I kind of almost wanted to I had this -- -- for. What parts of this book public what parts didn't make it into the book that maybe you wish. Hello I wrote an epilogue and then I realized you didn't need that sometimes you have to write the right part of it really you don't need it. I'm if you ever think you should cut something else Stanford here. All right well John Waters thank you very much before I let you go. Any movie projects planned. The -- and I just -- in Hollywood could sing a TV deal wolf ready and I'm trying to -- try to make my Christmas children's movie fruitcake you never know. Right I think got car sick would be a great HBO series and actually -- -- tell -- so I don't know how much weight that we carry some there were ordered all work all the boats Carol. All right well John Waters thank you very much the book his car sick if it came out already at some stores and good luck to you sir thank you thank your.