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Masshole Theatre: Fight Club 6-9-14

Jun 9, 2014|

Every week we enjoy the art of the Boston accent in a visit to Masshole Theatre, where this time we hear a scene from Fight Club.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. In our weekly celebration. Of the unique vocabulary. Here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It's mass whole theater called right now. And Omar line you up and you could win yourself your very own. Draft -- system that video of the beach rage in Connecticut is on our FaceBook page. FaceBook dot com slash WA AF rocks. Hill Man Morning Show -- It's cold. And rob was out in Braintree. This weekend. And found some math holes. Who are willing to participate -- And today's mass whole theater segment 12 how many actors why not just 11 male or female female female race. But this. Monologue that they're doing is one of the epic. Epic and memorable scenes of all time I think this is like command town favorite movie it is time and hopefully -- organizer pre -- -- And this woman you met he said downtown brown tree down. Come is that you hang out with and heads out out coaches other kids yeah moldaschi. Put together and late thirties late thirties and guided thirties this is Chris. Hello Chris. How -- Are weary from Chris. Dudley. Did you say you well are you from the sound. Now they'll get I'm always in just -- -- I'll area so why shouldn't movement and put what you do Chris. -- -- Okay global sales you know the game works correct. Okay so AA. Movie scene. Has been adjusted so that the Massachusetts mass hole vocabulary. Is used to where ever possible and on you have to determine what this film is listen very carefully. Welcome a fight. Good to see a bomb made it out even one of them -- from having made it out yet this video and -- that is he a couple of greens from southeast and when he on -- -- this company's -- no marginally down in the first -- he -- no talking about the -- that at each when you get back to -- at the local -- And analysts don't meet merely myself about the virtual hard rule is if someone else I'll sat. Down cycles. What role if only you guys to assign it to consume -- slam last wish you guys. Admiral once -- and it's more than and -- -- -- -- tuna salad from America ready policy on Iraq consumed. Ruled that -- that's. -- -- You came into Hungary's. Seven rules it. Like -- well as long as they have to you can't use a click data trying to knock somebody out. Smash and what a barrel when the fight with -- actual act yes I am -- pulled down a Palestinian learn -- lot of -- this -- is it's. YouTube. -- -- -- -- -- -- You and have -- Yeah writing on your handwriting Hewitt's Q oh. Throw out when you don't miss if you Google I wanna meet her you know I can I went into. I don't mean yeah caused you a telling her kids hot stuff on him in the background and he goes January -- Kind of did you know. Blossom. Chris the other answer from I have no well. Adding that you titles in the very very hopeful that it's a dead the dead giveaway a parent club job -- Very Eric Bruntlett Kevin. I didn't think oh my wife first. But secondly is it. ICloud yeah I was but it yes nice -- you end up with a you're very on draft mark system courtesy of job market Anheuser-Busch though. You got beer on tap and -- right Kevin said that. Yeah ire about it today fantastic. At. You know what the techsters. -- First I get 87 text messages epic mass sold theater. So awesome woman has three mall from now on. It's old in the and down that like what we will do. What are mulling you do your Internet radio show you can do all the brand new bit. He got here I don't care if radio station where has been doing what they're not out of school. Before that it has been -- -- I was doing it. Fantastic actor will. She did a great job on that. This is funny it all makes everyone around from around your sounds so an intelligent. It's not alone I did yeah he did god and that's that point gonna go ahead. -- -- -- -- -- I sloppy over the head with -- next -- to explain it deal. That was awesome anybody who doesn't like it can -- it. The best 978 text. Or is gay members. Ever -- yet answer. They just -- -- -- Dahlia good as on arrested you guys can read T add here's a Texas as I please play them yet and -- rare yes rare content replay it. -- out again. I mean I don't really really really as she sells at Bieber is something she did agree to anybody who works -- -- -- the -- and your pocketbook. You know it's not pocket book up -- pocket -- pocketbook marriage. There -- -- yes it the barrel. -- classic muscle theater radio gold requesting constant replay. Replay on core. Tonight will be -- -- I think he's obviously mark -- texas' he's got an out of the pocket and drop out of the pack like she knew I didn't know the phrase bonobos. I was unfamiliar with that yeah you can hear inflection Maia Leo right now as you know stating that they can't win though isn't really -- you know the regional -- huge news this. The bay texas' in the basement of the companies was a -- well. I go I'm gonna do a rare -- that replay and go ahead. Welcome a bike. Good to see a bomb made it out and -- and one of them -- from having made it out yet this video and Wiki courtesy a couple of greens from healthy and when he in this this company's. Okay no much nearly dying. The first rule he adds no talking about -- bad at each when you get GT -- at the local packed. This Amylin don't meet me repeat myself about the -- -- -- rule is if someone else I'll sat. Down cycle. For what role is only two guys to assign it to consume match. Slam pass with three guys that can't let -- rule and fight at a time any more than and it gets a -- Mikey down. I see the salad from America ready to wrap up soon. -- -- -- -- -- Noble. You came into Hungary. -- -- Like twelve qualifying they have to you can't use -- click data trying to knock somebody out. That's an answer when a barrel to one side and this -- act yes I am -- pulled down you probably should you learn about the book pushing it carrot -- -- if you -- -- -- -- As his busiest off the -- yeah. I had a kayak fantastic great job what was her name you -- name everybody want -- born in what was it event in a -- And a bat well nice job I have done that figure is that she said the euro's like he says that every day. Does yet I don't know you're facing guys the that today is mass whole theater.