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Inside the Simple Male Mind with LB 6-9-14

Jun 9, 2014|

Every Monday we go inside the simple male mind with relationship guru Lydon Byers, helping women with their men problems. Topics this time included a mystery woman at the beach, a husband who won't let her use the grill, a married clinger, and an awkward office situation.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And are you ready -- day after a -- -- on Mondays for the females who listen to this show. We go inside the simple -- mind if there is a commanding your life who is. Can. Confusing you with the way in which he acts you can text of that question. Right now to 97107. And LB will tell you. What his simple -- mind is doing. LB my fiance and I were at Salisbury beach on Saturday night speech up there yes. And a girl came up to him that I have never met and they -- You said they were high school friends but I've never seen or heard of her before. Do you think he's cheating. What most guys are most African outpost that's. -- -- -- I you know daddy you do the fact that you have never bumped into this high school friend resist I would just say this. If it's just your first trip to to to to be to that beach. Coincidence just a coincidence points -- -- but if he wants to go every week to that if he's going to -- below all the time and that girl look. And I'll I become up an item now and yes he's he's hitting now. Yeah there's I mean there's plenty of people in your significant others like that you probably never heard of -- ever met even though they're probably pretty good friends who are really just don't see each other very often you'll need to FaceBook that. It's likely that he's probably in the illness -- on the side not. She knew if you're going to be -- I want to make it awkward for all of us. I don't know senator likely -- continental and had a lot to indie artists. -- -- the beach not just to show up and we can Wear out I don't wanna see you all just pretend that I happen to be there again. -- you don't -- guardian -- a phone call that that went down on Wednesday before the weekend that it. I'm sorry I can't make a rendezvous this weekend and already -- Sylvia now why don't you think it was out it was are yeah yeah I'm playing golf with the guys I'm on the corner of town -- and then she finds out he -- Wait it out -- it's wife and two kids. Just what went on all. Here's our I'm side part of this tax yeah it's hard broken here's attacks 978 tax sounds like a guy who can't control aside -- -- Arizona's -- presidency should -- -- -- -- -- when you're -- -- told not to -- -- -- We're going inside the simple mail mind ladies any question you want answered about a man in your life text it now to 9717. My husband insists that he is the only one. Who can cook food on our grill. Even if he is going to be late getting home tells me I cannot cook burgers for the kids why does he think he owns the grill it's. If it it's man out big TV that's our space. That's I don't drink my beer. Even if you burn everything while Italy and guys but a lot of guys take a lot of pride in getting a nice barbecue on the grill like it like. Rookies. Grab that wire brush and brush the growth that that -- you know you you you you'd spend years getting the flavor of ice grill on year on year -- on -- and then on -- -- -- you grown -- signed some joke comes Endesa wire brush out and uses some of his own whatever barbecue -- thinking he's in your space in particular -- guy and. Then. My boyfriend is going to Zach brown at Fenway with a group of people from work. It's three guys and three girls and I think it's wrong that. Why would he do this to me and what do you think is going on well -- It's not the road trip with a -- gathering that did it would get on the aggressive you know instead of whining and being upset like it -- -- get a tall ladies. Why can't you be more like man he comes on he says -- house got fancy yeah I mean held I. And Manning and and a game. Some people on Fenway waksal Zach brown. Just want to give you a heads up. What do most women do. Always three girls. Guys whose what what it was alive when -- are you -- to go out for drinks before and they -- with us -- you don't hold on what can you wanted. Why -- you take -- personal -- did you say. Have a great time now have a great time and by the way. I grab tickets to -- showdown indicate -- answers you're gonna spend the economic game fight back -- and I also grabs tickets to Zach. Brown I don't know -- -- before that there are crazy yeah yeah yeah is that curry and in the news there. I know yeah. I also have tickets is in his his tone will change and I had and you don't have investors villagers he's all fired up Brady's parents the chance to to -- -- and wheel and deal and then she's going to be after concert -- are -- A I irony. Services model now coming came over. Coming up -- because we talked about it earlier the woman who had the one night stand Saturday night when she's -- she was that legal legal you don't actually grew up in the seaport and what the mandate afterwards that has her freaking out today. All now why didn't your comment about -- -- animated about fifths why am I am not the kind of wife who would cares so I just -- know on why he's lying to me what because obviously. Here -- du rag -- -- BI that's not OK -- I mean Harry obviously you're in denial because it or did you pretend like you don't care there's. That's archer you and lock it wouldn't -- I mean and and not for NAFTA yeah you guys got to sit down travel their service -- now does it via a -- play golf. I -- -- for an an and I went our way out of conference and I went to Ireland for five days in Geneva copilot -- there. But that that that play golf circuit for another even -- that she wanted -- I pulled over twice actually did when we went to the World Series Saint Louis into. She and so she CA we give me a seat in the area. Says cardinals T shirt -- we -- -- of course a little bit attorney general World Series winning teacher opera nano Korea. Thanks so let me Hank it's not about to my balls. I work for major insurance company in Boston I had to ask my sales manager something on Friday. And his door was open a crack I knocked asked them -- like command. Ball peeking through the door he told me command and when I approached him I realized that his trousers were open and is junk was sticking out under the desk path. July browsers who says twelve years where there's a weird words he browsers old an obvious -- -- -- -- -- do I say some thing to him about it or do I just pretended and. To try to keep Kenya saw the situation was and -- like I said that decision puts you in the power position. Yeah yeah that's an area -- the first thing I do is are just leave a little like dot. That's why we allowed no under the door asking for her. Every every day sorry extra week off what I mean there's a lot of things -- that kind of stuff you get extra JK. You know I mean just make the list into it's it's wide movement. Every year my fiance is ex wife gets him a present for Father's Day. I'm fine with his kids getting him something but why does this is huge bag -- she has the right to get him anything. Banged up -- they had managed just trying to hang in there it's firmer. What's what's bad remember ice still blows my mind because he would get a sex -- Different from murdering him but but Q but she's in constituents -- same thing. No it's she's she did. Counteract anything noted partly the price buying you have to get something for the kid to give the market. Why because one is can you do here and an older kids you're taxing your sending -- -- You're ex wife and your sending your kid under the. Aunts house gift list but not today not -- to -- you off on. The last thing Chinese -- and finger same thing I'm almost acts. Wives and you know what sorts while his days -- -- have a great -- couple wobbly -- watched sports palace maybe Hoover Dam or have others. That's women in the pool barbecue -- line and then in in in and you get home and there's a president -- ex wife. Now and you struggle to throw open tomorrow she's like silly or she wants to assert control your lives it's that they -- being want to let you go they -- -- you that we need to be miserable each and every day for the rest. His name is peaceable relationship with you went to business and consumers just Pittsburgh is going my arm you remind my primary and in yours and I'm never going away. I. My husband and I divorced officially four months ago. His best friend Tony has been sexting me and I am thinking about hooking up with get after it. My question is is it wrong since my -- doesn't know his best friend and I are going to hook up. I where I'd I mean isn't that just beautiful I don't know if I get it by air compared with when my ex -- is best friends. Was at a bar and I have the opportunity. To shift. -- -- to call it what we call in mass will Peter exam break. The -- and the West Bank -- I mean digits and it would just be will not be just awesome. Did you do it you -- a couple of different a couple of three times a mandate there there wrote together -- a couple of attacked you know and she just went to slept. All my god you're a lawyer would be on my cancer find somebody. Can't she find somebody else other than the best friend. Old girl I mean you know he knows what you'll like he's he's been around he sees you know that you guys have done stuff together -- -- -- -- -- you know barbecue each unit here Ernie knows regulate. -- yeah hi I eighty had -- I noticed every time your brand that you really like to the end it's killing Leo hello and environmental right he Danielle. See it Connie and I guess I don't like if the boyfriend was noted that the greatest month in and invest in the does want the best part about it is there's no hang ups. New dates -- -- of yet fasting because he he's not gonna -- -- you know and so you know. She's a heroin and hang around and you don't want him to hang around and it's just great such good tabs and then it. That's announcer. How all right so now. Here's the one that we were talking about earlier that came in Canada early this morning. I have we're going inside the simple mail mind. With the help of Lyndon byers and it is 8:42 this morning. My husband and I -- as the previous one I had. A one nightstand on Saturday night with a guy I met at the legal seaports are good for your. After we hooked up. How many oysters he told me he was married and started to cry -- I feel really guilty. -- -- -- he texted me this morning at 5 AM. And said he needed to see meet today to talk about it. I drank a bottle full a run and hide -- and run and hide and tell my wife and I think. I should stay away from him. But I also kind of like him and think I owe him the opportunity to talk about there's gonna go down a very bad. Piracy former acting yeah I do not I can't. I had this is like -- I I have to tell my life scenario or it it's gonna just turn to something bad attitude I think I need to wash your hands deferment it's not that energy. Yeah you know what I can't I'm really sorry. That's a -- My -- did you go to lunch and -- yeah. -- -- yeah that that's that's that's gonna make things better every ever had that happened and -- knowing that god that with a -- the -- is why does -- -- -- does he wanna have sex again or does -- wanna discuss -- -- gonna launch. If please read if it was crying yeah let's talk about it to be like. I can I'm not I just yet he he peace rally feeling what they -- probably -- it throughout the you know I need to you know. I'm not -- guy I don't normally do this kind of thing I'm really good guy please don't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- he's -- don't tell anybody right there or get it there's going to be like heads up listen I feel really badly I got it I gotta get this -- tell my wife but to. To the national -- -- our economic yeah it could really don't know he's covered his friend to cover their tracks don't cry after the sex less and but percentages the full text -- here -- and it. Anybody about his freaking out because he's -- insecure. He's already freaking out that she's gonna bump into somebody. Tell somebody the story that's somebody's gonna tell somebody who's going to be his wife's certain and he's freaking out that he's gonna get busted. Well he's he's he's an amateur. Cheating. And he's overwhelmed. Well what about you -- -- if you go meet with them. Just give him the security needs say luck. Great -- I don't talk about you know I don't I don't -- in play you know I'm not that type person don't feel guilty you wanna come back -- Little more than a little go Honolulu I asked. Get what could this. Hopefully learning how the revenue walker won't cry the next time he's just freaking out to -- that she's gonna tells somebody that she had one race deal with a married guy decried that wonderful and then -- it's gonna get up -- like I said it goes person to person was in Boston is the biggest small town on the planet may. Sure and you don't -- yeah and there's nobody there's no way she's not telling her girlfriends the next time everybody zone on the -- -- -- -- is clobbering idiots so if you get the -- is good July come. Given the security needs and tell mark a Texas says this could be the wife. Got a hold of his phone call and it's taxing and it's going to be the one that's there -- went wow and I yeah. And then he has a million scenarios that would merely now. There's a million scenarios going through the guys had any history if it's if it was his first time he's a rookie. As a rookie you got to Canada that's let me move it -- you can knowing you've got to treat him with kid gloves this. -- but not enough. Balloon. He announced yeah I played I know nothing your phone -- it's another chair -- have no idea -- he. And -- -- yeah I don't know why I I met Ron it legal so I'd I'd Bora -- -- cubicle down the hall I'm married -- maker you know just send her on her way happily to me primary it's no no no the. Sort of guide lumbering off Texas says it was probably deacon down there. I loved her -- -- -- through it I can't believe I looked at unit bikini I think about the missed Bucky being patented. Paula. We're disguising and that's actually really just the just back and looked -- -- -- All right now how -- this here's. A woman texting in. She had a chance. I had a chance to be in Playboy. My boyfriend told me I couldn't do it I didn't do it now we have a child together and I'm concerned that he is going to be a jealous person like this but the whole rest of our. Relation college jobs. It's too late I stay with the another -- is a -- -- -- maybe it like I tell everybody. If you're thinking about divorce or that's if you like every time me. You guys -- be fair in -- and you know it's divorce in your mind divorced in mind don't let don't don't let it carries it's another day you'll never get back so. If -- if you're miserable. You know. No joke -- guy out one night swapped numbers two days later got a call from his seven month pregnant wife I. Asking who I was yeah most awkward moment of my life who. -- -- -- is that says tell me what you said you know I don't follow up budget covers asks what was it would it would just I need to know which had asked. Here's detective says that guy's a full pro. Matter illegals so he can explain away if he order and to act and many cried to get rid ever done and done nice -- -- professional that the the crying but -- You need to get -- ever conceived and minorities and don't know enough heat is much less -- Marion that's an area doesn't work if you Colby once familiar forms but yeah he wants to get together like he wants to talk about it but he's -- him. --