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Rick Fox Formerly of the Boston Celtics 6-9-14

Jun 9, 2014|

Former Celtic Rick Fox called in to talk about the NBA Finals, the NBA and his new movie Off-Season.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online and your schedules at WAS. Dot com. Ladies and gentlemen former Celtic now Hollywood superstar Rick Fox joins us this morning here on the Hill Man Morning Show Iraq. Good morning talk about. A good of you are you in California right now. Under California brighten early 548. Nice of you to get up early and do the show. It Frederick. Hey so listened. As long as the AC was I was working. LeBron was it'll play that old game last night and the company. They even that series. Were you somebody who had sympathy we were talking about the cramping thing on Friday. LB was saying from the from the hockey career perspective he understood it but a lot of people thought that was ridiculous. Oh look they're -- understood. I ever had cramps or myself. You know at some -- to get overweight and in my career -- a bit more in high school. -- Greg and I learned my body ever learned how to figure out you know you -- hydration overall. You know I definitely. Haven't at some but to come before him. The stage at the moment that happened. Was important points and I'm sure -- -- the same terms you know he found himself unable to unable to help the team its most critical moments ago. -- -- pedestrians have. It. However. You should resist I believe at all costs. Having others carry you off the court like that right consider a perfect. -- -- I look cover them -- the news or McCain made some pretty. Pretty sure some. -- -- for the let that happen. It's it's different it's different there are different have been. If -- negotiated middle -- your teammates -- fortunate. -- you you know when you look at the grind where do you rank -- all time. -- car about I think at this stage of his career. Which are still a lot of basketball -- -- left to put him. It's talked about in part where he's about right now this far along. I feel that if you try to have a couple more Turkish ships so it's very. Don't you -- are attracted to be great all cards. -- here he's going to be -- with a number. Championships and are still do a number of -- incredible things individually. It comes just just sister so little -- he's Garfield park equipped. -- executed through the tracking -- -- -- of our greatest of all of the accused Israel are tracked. I'm Rick what do you think about your old team here. And ye ye hear them talking about. Having potentially if they can pull things off Rondo. Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony how good do you think that makes the Celtics the. OK yeah countries had little fever big in the form wouldn't -- low number of those players out -- Rondo. Could capital of extreme interacting recently in the press. Org or -- we were caught or seen being seen together. He says Carmelo have to be commendable. Yeah talking about that yet. You have put Mario put murdered former coach or not. The situation untrue and he he he been frustrated buys seeing probably New York. But that would be cut would be similar to what they -- a few years backward. KG in poultry -- some reality we're. Put together two quarter run there for a number a year. That -- strong durable. Speaks for years it was -- How did you -- did you feel the NBA did the right thing Rick when it when it came to Donald Sterling. Well I think collectively. The people owners and players -- calling for. Representational. Of -- and we stood for in the direction reported. I'm calling for. Our clarity. For the Serbs -- for it in four weeks. And so. I've been impressed by the speed with which it was it's moved. True to have a good order and keep all of our record now. But the pro Europe as true. Clearing and being. Edited the -- there's no place. For. Their. Doctor ordered will garner his belief. And I thought I -- It was special brigade. Did you how do you -- when you were playing or afterwards. You know -- did did the perception exists that did people know that Donald Sterling was a racist. I didn't. Put it -- -- could be. -- Eccentric. It -- -- continues. But orders they're came. But I did know him parsley or close enough -- Those used outside of of him. But accumulated things always repealed and comic -- and and so a lot of good come -- straighter and development of our oldest. But the way he carried himself and himself through -- exemptions. The more troops or its character and -- for a record third -- for his first and so that was surprising. Rick Fox is our guest and I know you wanna talk about offseason which is now available on demand. You have to deal. -- oil demand. So that I did that pretty proud of -- -- will -- basically. Whatsoever about orchard my troop passion here. Our sports comedy. Or play or play to lead character let more so. The -- passport where is the only place sort of for the -- -- provincial liquor -- you know exactly. The regular old. I pulled from a number of Gardner played with a aggregates creepy character. It -- pure literature student who -- This time -- on the reduce -- of the team you know being at already in the playoffs or or rooting for both of these guys. Tourism he. You go to your little -- he goes to a trivial on demand. In Chicago the -- bit ago offseason a couple. -- to people who live as well. Russell Peters a comedian. Wasn't -- to -- at least he should bear. We recoup recruit pretty good peaceful problems. Did you get a lies that you shouldn't do two -- -- -- project that that's current career. What other troubled couple ruin our. -- -- its current decision. Is the kind of know but by by chance early. I mean. I know it's early in the morning is the pride of Watertown there I mean could we say hello to the department ordered servers in Detroit. All in our -- true movie. What would you say is the greatest basketball film of all time. Well I Al -- -- hoosiers out of Dallas won't. Whereabouts or hurt schooling Vienna also have a report government achieved it. -- regarded Murray about high school team that played with elsewhere at the premiere. Of the movie when I was cute or schools sorted -- Pictured my. -- my heart there's. Your market or movie. What's the Nick Nolte film blue jetBlue chips pretty good -- -- who hacker who is better. Blue chips for decades it was that was. Likely a bit ago -- railroad through -- with the progress toward -- group. Good but I older. Employ any other ex NBA or resign your foot. Actually double. Or happen to be real. What's going to do if you're making a movie yeah I don't put anybody and I had. That's exactly. It. So. Rick if you add the guests. I'd be noticed nobody said Celtic pride that's when it on the -- I would -- sculptor Maria surprised yes. Recruit. Yeah you're in -- it's not you know an apparent bird. The group -- not that -- not -- but don't forget about it or -- Their blood pretty -- on everybody and answer estimates based -- programs you know you know -- -- It will report first call wondered. -- -- that I've started cured no Ludacris. Interest consider -- I'll yes the fish way and that -- Fish to us they were earlier movie era but I would first recruits -- not all the fish -- saved Pittsburgh. Whose that notre -- Lucerne and video. -- who stars in it with you. Always wondered a great start start with Christmas -- Pittsburgh global -- She's seven regards setting up. Yeah where -- -- -- -- the way back but it's it's it's considerably what was the -- you greatly through talking Jerusalem. Doctor. I asked if you look over here. -- a lot of the a lot of yup we'll check -- -- latest entry greater results she's offseason due to trick it -- -- -- investment. All right check out offseason now available on video on demand. And I'm Rick Fox it is always nice to have you on the show congratulations. On line. I was gonna say your career in Hollywood but congratulations on landing Eliza used to -- big fans -- yes we are big fans of her around here. -- -- -- -- -- thought that's all right nick thanks buddy. It started regular season and I yet now they EO Rick Fox here at WA AF.