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Hill-Mail 6-9-14

Jun 9, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail over the weekend with a variety of topics including our Kennedy joke of the day, a new LB excuse, and shots at the MIAA.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each -- turned talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show resilience hill man off. Greg -- if you. They navigate. -- -- -- dirt on. On W hey hey it's -- now couldn't pee my pants went one for one. Slapped a single. Would the runners in scoring. Position EA yen on Friday by the way. During -- softball game at Fenway Park it's great to be honest I mean every time I don't care. How many times you get the incredible opportunity to be on the field at Fenway Park. It's it's it's an unbelievable experience right. And and now and -- continue believe people -- tear the place down I now I don't really I don't all right people I mean it's a great it would it is the coolest. Thing that ever ever ever. Yup it was really really nice forward the ownership of a Fenway. To allow that softball game there on Friday a lot of money was raised for the mass fallen heroes. Memorial. Which is going to be built in the seaport. And all of those guys all the celebrities who were there. All. Those veterans who play gap gold star moms who played in the game and everybody just did a great job on on a Friday itself. We had a blast that Fenway hello Glenn. They're very what's up you know actually same period is Pataki on this Bible what we've -- natural order to magic tricks. Now I think that saying that I got you into -- aggregate he is the biggest. That they deeper to and so you know it in I don't wanna hear policy is because. All the immediate public relation -- unemployed that are all the only BP did it. Yeah I think maybe here a -- rabbit out of -- yeah yeah. Play one more tune in May get a patriotic. And have fun -- it. And don't tell everybody the clock apps to daddy community Garrett played he played the national after the abrupt ouster. -- the occurred did you have a pinch runner -- several PI top. Pinch runners out I did not granted I dug it out. Unlike many -- ends. Sometimes idea about sometimes I don't I dug it out -- he did I dug it out. The other -- Been excellent excellent time on Friday. LB of divorce was. Kind of embarrassing for a professional athlete to remove -- from his position at third base after a three back to back errors. I five 50 I don't know why don't want to I had great form went down on the one me blockade. You were moved to that you were moved to that position that exists in in a man's league now sorry in coed -- well. The middle outfielder and of which there's like in a nothing position yeah that's -- was moved to after three straight errors might have won back to -- knows that I -- not how we want to know it was a -- As all. As we all know every celebrity softball game mosque and -- in a -- And there must be several things that happened during the game like somebody. Expresses some faux anger and charges them out that of course occurred. All those you know how those -- OR OR LA's -- that -- but a nice job by everybody involved in that are right. Today still mail messages brought to you by noon turf care -- residential and commercial -- care provider. Visit noon turf care dot com and mention WA AF for a free flea and tick treatment from the experts at noon turf care. Friday 7:32. AM. -- -- Torture -- -- -- record for the male -- Thank you could have a couple -- a little. -- Did you say yeah I guess he did earlier he had some kind of readings of the island Miller Watson. I guess I just said the greatest orgasm -- halt climate here in north not at which is completely and utterly. I guess that the supply arms OK to say that I guess. Saturday 4:38. PM. -- I have a bonus but Maria Sharapova. Is there. Army. Is a smoke yes. And she's rich I don't know if she's. On the same pirates in a corner Colbern but she is lovely and yes she's very successful Ricci. He's winning yeah yeah chips are clothing -- all right good stuff yeah. A little twinkle all of them. Now back to the -- show. The only radio personality. Win the triple trip -- Greg Hill and the hill man morning. Let you know Triple Crown winner but we had a triple -- winner yes hello Paul. And mourn your guy he can you tell people are no secret -- -- good -- and -- network. Got better. Seven spirit that you look back for all go nose to nose. Now I don't believe he will there -- no deal is not present now. That. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Apple and a man paralyzed -- speeded up to first -- up. A text there. Want to know of by god that signal often elderly veterans mom now. I believe it was off I -- -- -- Clark goes off the Boston cop. First pitch isolation you know I I double zero forgot field let that always -- efforts which go after. Eyeball it got a doctor doctor -- I got excited to write down the middle the -- way to -- excited. I had 49 and -- There were all elderly that -- that cute cute -- well. I am at my that it moderately good about it that by the -- he's still out we were -- coming out of -- it out in the Greek island. And then I put it out with all -- I don't we don't get. At Jews and all the other day in India so. I think I'd I'd I helped coordinate elect walked out and out of the -- at a shot then they'll later get. Under that option. Don't worry tune in tomorrow -- Jack tune -- tomorrow. 550 yourself you'll get the excuse for tomorrow. Or maybe tattoos that it will happen tomorrow will think he's been pretty been pretty confident. Though tattoos date tomorrow -- incredible piece below also go. Give you an opportunity to win a prize when we play at helpfully prices right at 730 tomorrow. We'll be ready for all that on tomorrow morning show and -- tune -- -- PM. -- -- -- -- that debate some of the French Open women's final being you know and that they didn't let alone what their electric group but. What they've written over it and I would maneuver that the coffee and -- you can barbecue. And that is just feed off. It that the some. Here's the Texas says -- sounding like captain bandwagon right now pinch runner is used once you've already reached base once you get it now. For instance Freddie Smart lists that use little poppy. Right to pinch run for him and he pinch ran from home plate because Freddie has some -- -- -- -- issue. That's me so. In many -- banged it out and many poppy is a pretty darn good player. As is mrs. Ortiz who -- she played short. Grabbed unbelievable line drive at all book -- That through the run around it now it is mrs. poppy is a pretty good ballplayer. You weren't. And Greg and that computer is baptized. I would -- to deploy it to go to -- is gonna require condone private haven't. That's. Bieber apparently it had always wanted to be baptized so we got baptized any friends that you can't head start in being tapped with the help me through those clowns just couldn't. So that they're Beardsley. Thanks to continue -- man. Can't can't can't quite out of -- complete web -- -- -- -- I looked great on the ball at ten goals. I don't wanna do and I. Interconnected. Bunch of Beverly lacrosse players who had a cigar is -- to celebrate graduation law. We're. -- that they cannot participate in the lacrosse game though. There are some who. Agree -- they fail rule as a rule. And IAA rules -- forbid athletes from indulging any tobacco use as correct you know what they sign up -- so it'll some people say it's high school graduation it happens once and or some of this it never happens now and can't they celebrate with a cigar now and they have a cigar artists celebrate. Thanks to contribute only -- I never graduated high school okay well -- so it can work graduated neutral figure out. Of the pick a big effect Cuba's -- -- -- down that and we'll look how happy it bought tickets are right up. -- a Katrina like a chain reported a turning point and moving on to adulthood and what. Rule mop with a bad memory about this flap that got recognized speak. On the message that those necessarily expertise Norton precipice and I know element there on the. They're at the precipice where there is -- what is that like the. Hi rock that it takes the edge of the cliff. Well that's what he's saying there at the clip of of -- -- but to go over well luckily badly beaten out anyway yeah 7:20. AM. That is what they normally do and -- they probably. Eric it's written on -- we're talking. And the message I think both cases that you did there that. 718. Toward. People into -- and -- that I have thought I'd get it right back. -- -- I. Am I won't -- Newton. And it. We're talking about the president chewing gum. At the DJ we the people were calling up and -- him up things that bother them that people do public I guess gum chewing his one and singing along when they have headphones on and public -- -- happens a lot on the on the public transportation -- -- you know people were texting earlier about. But how annoying that is. 7:15. -- Because Ari. They can't help what little sport but try to open it up all day Saturday an article. That you would like to go to court. That too well by 8 o'clock AM appear troop 200 or a policy. Boy -- compute that brought that they're very very well -- throughout coworker Obama ball. And it's. I mean. -- and make an exception to a rule amber. Visit Texas has not like those kids' questions it dipped everyday and not of course not ours they think he truly him. And I couldn't put a little ethnic groups -- -- and again they grabbed a Bible -- -- via hotel room door I mean it -- and drawer humans in Yemen Libya. Don't be baptized in the tub more than twenty point 1 AM. Work right up and it -- it the same lord. The haven't ruled for old -- This is -- -- And if that well without it -- -- and -- hole. And a message here next. I saw several little weekend Tehran -- They're not aired I have. Yeah I have a video they took December on the other day each came over -- the piece about the content from me. Those screwed they remember you yet. But I have to go to Villanova and I -- -- -- and what do knowing they don't remember you would examine that they didn't come -- -- a year and yes they do what does this fantasy world you live and -- -- as -- got a lot of and it is squirrels and. Well that's nice that you share the video I'll I'll have already loaded up on and I personal FaceBook page showing up on my my if he should be a page men. Here's taxer went to high school -- view in remembers that when you graduated from high school use smoked the lacrosse stick. Self -- cuts a little bit of a kind of it's simple that situation. We didn't -- -- across into Batman but nice try again of what happened who's now back that. Bass -- of the squirrel. Some some of you owe me an apology. On the -- can't yeah. How about that freaky and saying -- the same exact why do you guarantee you. That the box capped at the lady had inner line in share Sharon. Is the same thing. I mean I'm talking a lot it was electric Sharon so where it went coach yeah. -- -- Course like an unreasonable 45 minutes to drive it surely something -- writes why not you know nothing else to do. You don't think that is the same freaking thing no I probably -- -- probably. A currently it is uniquely suited handy with a GPS. Yeah I know I should have -- I should of that drank started it yeah. I mean month poor little thing getting harassed by humans daft things just in argued this. Pumping around have a good time means some squirrels live in life she got yeah humans -- with a shovel.