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Dennis Hoff of the Bunny Ranch 6-6-14

Jun 6, 2014|

Our pal and owner of the Bunny Ranch in Nevada called in for some fun and to talk hookers at the World Cup and viagra.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always online and on your schedule at WAS. Always -- pop on the phone now. Robert well okay. Our pal who owns the bunny ranch thanks finish wondered if danys. -- and. What's up how well it says sick girl but it up but it somebody rich pay you back the this -- wag bud. All right great it's awesome tennis the tennis school you embed with -- right now. You know what she just took off and bit I was I was here would go to go to. But it -- -- looked a bit police. Bart oh lead -- -- that root for the first five web site so it was or -- always well. Knows that when it comes to. To shrinkage. I mean in the in the retail. Form like sampling your own products. Are you I mean. I can be a problem I mean you're the boss you're the owner announced must be your own. -- your own product over there. How does that work with the first time when you're with a girl. Ortiz you didn't know you are -- -- particular actually but I can't be. I've got 540 girls working for me at all times but. Can be particularly like it took all the little Q -- businesslike. -- you you know look look. L aggression sushi very your aggression. You have to have for them nothing but they do this they yes sir. 030. What a great job what's her name -- anyway port ODA. Are referred to the front page -- any relation to bridge he. I don't know if you -- the kids -- get their their blower look. Get particular beautiful. Home beautiful and Beckett. Yeah I'm just looking at a right now -- show. Wow she is she's fantastic very. His success -- fingertips rested up relate with that. -- -- -- -- associate I woke up or is very you know sort ready for you guys it's. If you took off -- Peru -- shortly. Yeah they -- you get an object a -- senior girls Donna Brazil for the World Cup. Well at our record fit together but I big tobacco dealt with every. Every -- girl Brazil alternative to a -- of for a week. Just like that's just the way it feels. Yeah about the -- -- There is nobody wants to have a good time it party. Problem is they're not check. Like federal I don't -- -- civilians -- -- -- in a very if you go to CC. -- or. What four girls as -- PD -- who don't know or sleepless. -- did you say one out of four here. Wow so one out of -- sixteen reporting -- -- outrage but really 160. Year old but AT team. Detroit or -- -- before it is it's gotten so bad that I out of the party -- -- -- -- or plus. Really object or -- Yeah. They saw how much how much -- -- what's the average America's enemy down there for further -- World Cup -- general. Girl that if somebody rich works seven attendees among their six figure. Well amazing that some -- ago. They were negated the air force Davies says that Chris secure and they'll Dubai after visitors today -- secure sister current slate. We'll look at what's her name. -- -- -- -- Sounds like a real legit last name consortium of market share of the -- and or her mother -- -- Dennis are you are fed up. -- -- -- should like -- love sushi just what you know it's 1 o'clock we've got a little different figurative and Dennis. -- who owns the bunny ranch is our guest and I'm glad you called them the are you a Dennis seal on the Niagara. Well and quite taken it absolutely. Started out we have -- -- -- three their spouses who are right forgo. There we have a girl. Every buses -- just have they have they also visit explosives are. Career Cabrera who were actually beautiful -- and what they have or they haven't they basically we have larger sort of Brussels. We're gonna talk about what you what to a brothel party girl talked about with the writer. What would do bulldogs take out as. Hot chocolate at least what sort of the -- me out here that after two of these parties. -- brothels there they think here's why we're here. The blue that was in the pulled up to fill this is from the new miracle drug finished. Part of it was six girls -- Cap -- I'm just wondering because I mean you just had Bentley. And and then you're gonna have me is kisses later this afternoon and is that right if you needed Viagra for the back to back well here. Don't know I probably would that where it gets more than two with 24 hours seven against. -- -- -- About him and it's a little tell her idea. That I never understood why people -- mark mark to -- application and it's an automatic when ads and -- that the winner. You knock it out of the park everything I -- Had eight you don't use of the most if not you'll guys it's the young guys you can pick of up here and they don't want to just party wants. They awarded 4456. Starters if you can do it within. Hey did you have you seen the story about the guy from Gordon from Georgia. And from in -- jock who's done. Hooking up with a 91 year old woman he's in his thirties but. And they go in there and they're sexually active -- you should get this lady to come to the to to the bunny -- yet. Older worker -- the world every race but just two sisters who like the -- hookers from Italy Belgium you know those duke. -- in either download -- I guess we're. It was a road -- in the stats but that's that there are quite -- sort of towards president with a. Now Dennis who is the oldest woman that you had ever at the money man because our. 55 years old COLT. 55. Which you looked real good cannot say who party whether it's always -- young guys is that -- certainly. Because. If it it was shock here director -- you -- from college if you -- -- all the way over our. Yeah well I mean some people like Mike Hsu like that elderly. And although it's not going to be at the time I hear that yeah. Well that's getting rid but I think it all started with a new show. -- -- That was totally do they have a 55 year old. The big difference hasn't yet -- all due respect I like metal so I know somebody -- -- -- and the huge difference. Though it is a huge difference. -- bill could be forty it's. This. Well you don't think that what they would they have children -- he didn't just a little curve. They're there for pleasure bodies are nicer. Way to very -- it is I. I'm like I'm like a curvy woman now. Go there you go you would like just Bentley left right. -- -- -- -- -- -- If I can actually root growth print and it's so -- and should be built in corner or don't know enough. Not 65 not in all seventy I'm not. We'll the was it was what's the wrinkle -- yeah what's your -- screens hearing your. Yeah. A good second hero with a big oh yeah put that out there and little pictures of all -- the utilities use this weekend. Yeah. And. Except that that's OK here are the people like to bondage gate from people like -- guilt. But do like the -- Hey Dennis you know it's a great gift for Father's Day is a trip to the bunny ranch. Well there's -- -- secure. That's it like it is really bear the people who purchase -- Big packages. The -- of their father. For father's yeah it's what do you go to the mat lauer said yesterday. Stop the size. Stop today to share. So far the fuel portrayed here. Now from what would it cost like if you wanted to bring your dad to the bunny ranch what would what would late what is the cot a two package yes we're. It is because -- the wrong -- as much as you walked. -- drives seagate gives security your Father's Day gift certificates I would get a lot of that is so -- did that give -- gift certificate for whatever. 30500000. Whatever they could they afford to have the guys about here that of others to read here it's party. Does it does the gives it to begin have a different name on it like to strip joints like that -- like -- says like you're entitled to fifty dollars at threads barbecuing and El Reno Nevada. If you're fifty dollar -- the Chicago. Diluted but he written -- 8 BP. I am about -- tweet this picture of the girl you're with this morning. Version I mean what's available -- no actually I go. It's a shot from behind but she looks. Fantastic. -- basic so -- I'm glad you call this morning it's great to talk to it though it's been awhile ago. Always find you guys they're they're great great for a -- said the father out here for Father's Day. -- would be LB is -- father I think I was it's many times. Would be fit I'm. I don't I'll be. Doctor I'll be too busy -- now I think. I'm I'm trying to sneak a week. Labor Day weekend ultimately yeah I don't know what your plans are no -- -- vacated gathered. If we could take on not only to the bunny -- I don't know I don't know I have to go unmet and I you know about today years. I is there and it's love to get Q. Short. You guys just come to Reno Tahoe northern Nevada now. If you stay right here the buddy rich it's like every -- -- fifty to forty big girls of the pool and it is a great. Great ties. Theater bureau -- of the players the basic. What -- -- the intramural that's what is the what's the busiest holiday. -- Well this is Super Bowl as a result of party time. But all all of more forces July will be wild. Let's -- delegates you guys got here September the order of the lakers. I have a joint birthday party. There's we do every year. Are British are marked -- we do this if it's September so September 13. Everybody you've ever bet on Celebrity Rehab will be there are problems. I wanna go to that allowed to come out for your birthday by. It's it's a party every. Roger we hosted -- all of -- -- very quick flavor flavor coveted it's so it's -- -- or do you view you get chided the wrestler. Are you wrestle with China a little bit. Remember when you brought this is I'm going back like ten years that -- when you -- Ron Jeremy and came to the show in Vegas they showed up like four hammered 3 AM or whatever you have meant. And he had those two girls -- via. I want I'll never be able to remember that means about a particular structure covered yeah us yes allies yes it was it Tokyo best -- and -- I -- -- -- show. Followed by a bit of -- great -- Gifford so -- try to you know vote Republican Israel they get old you know it's. Yeah. Yeah you can't. Buy buy you'll notice he's when he says. Oh yeah and everything -- I cut off yeah it's where I don't like firstly whether. Our girl before -- 45. Eight to 45 or number for a record. Preferably 53 to 57400. Dollar -- and that deal. Feet well listen -- have a fantastic weekend I'm glad you called this morning Bonior. Bunny on your debt can I -- -- young fighter for online shoppers in the world you know recruiter. No group. I didn't know -- and there's no business like little business. Tennessee. The greatest -- if you guys. Sort of said the father out here several protests. I will make sure it's the rest on the state level. -- -- thank you -- at Brodeur did it.