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Inside the Simple Male Mind with LB 6-6-14

Jun 6, 2014|

The callers put up a good battle against LB this time as the topics covered a Star Trek actor getting shot during war, do women think Canadians are the worst in bed, can Bill Gates afford every house in Boston, and what percent of moms use a phone during sex?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now they Hill Man Morning Show invites you -- your wits against ill be. Trap door on the long underwear made. Unbelievable. Back Poland the saliva like so effective that it doesn't duels -- the French are so romantic view of the best -- registers. Its dying to have facts she maxed. Good morning John. They -- our guys -- an area. Didn't you. Excellent it's Friday weather's gorgeous. Where you calling from. North and -- what do you do. I'm. Okay. Of course today show on very important day the seventieth anniversary. Of and the actor. I'm concerned that might she was gonna get aroused when I say this in the opposite he's listening but the actor who played Scotty on Star Trek. James do hand. Was shot in the chest. During. I'm going to go where. -- -- Should that day. Scottie. Have the power cap that. An impression from Albania pretty good usually study I do not happy that power power -- -- when he had the power of that day held out. Yes it was the fact it is that the oh yeah well traveled is that while those he. Never heard of before but it is absolutely a fact on the studying the anniversary of hello Joseph job. Do you know what's up Joseph Joseph. You don't spread. It W where -- where you from. What they're okay can go to work. Driving to work Jo-Jo driving and -- what are you going somewhere. -- died and I had gotten really have a truck driver how -- we. -- according to a share according to a survey. Women who believed that Canadians. Are the worst lovers. Fact or should match. -- I've stopped LP. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're you're selling now and I your home. I'm -- and in fact I got good news for it's from. In the he's now according to a certain day. Women believe that Germans. Are the worst lovers because they smell well. Yeah well it's interesting better known as yet no it's probably it's the sauerkraut and probably I don't there perhaps the process here my -- there -- other busy beat the crowds they probably read -- the week of the sauerkraut. Stuff doesn't get that -- clue really we all the crowd to guy you took all the crowd in the building. Hello Dave. What's happening there if not too much W Dave where you from. Do it switched -- new Ipswich New Hampshire. Dave Bill Gates. Could afford to buy every single home in the city of Boston. Every single home in the city of Boston fact or smack. That I think it's a trick question on -- fact guys super duper rich and I I think the coolest thing I've ever heard a -- Bill Gates yeah is that if you go to his house appeared gassed -- he they do a background check on -- know when your lights and and India and then you're watching your bedroom and it. Turns into your favorite color color pictures turn into like like -- irony that Boston Bruins picture turns into -- body you're getting tripped yes that's my feeling but you know the black -- playing Graham Jan conflict as I'm trying to go to sleep it's just like Neitzel. Death now he hit the -- and the guy could every now and every single I mean hell yeah everything I mean and how much that total is but that's. That's what we call. A 1% their delegates a -- and where to go out what's up Dan. How much and you where do you hail from Dan Braintree -- really Dwyer where terrorists where are you wanna work. Yeah any big plans for the weekend. From all now line in the average male orgasm. Last -- six. Lonely seconds. The average male orgasm lasted for just six seconds back to push Mac or. Back listen I've done it on the air not that I've done a lot of -- there -- packed solid anyway. You don't have an orgasm five and then. Oh yeah that's right during their locker to a lot appreciates yet so he's saying say fact it is sorry in the album -- -- six active. -- Get off me yeah. Yeah. -- -- here the average female orgasm last sport twenties that. Others twenty. I guess there's fourteen more seconds of -- you anything into loans of which the -- eloquent and the balance in an attempt and then we'll O'Brien. Boy -- what's happening Brian. I'd Brian 12%. Of moms. Admitted in a recent survey. That they use there -- cell phones during sects. The lurch Mac. Oh go back. I mean I had not been heavily used historically -- in Germany athletes. -- is and then on the phone. Yeah mom Brenda. OK time ago fact they're going to back the dad would like the phone that you sound bar during its action. Yeah do some work people or did they work out of their house you know little Ronnie do -- -- -- the big business notebook David. Hold on Friday on the -- on the guys out doing his business behind it -- notebook yet and so whatever his job. Don't want it to read a machine this year briefcases Albany on your lap Tony. No -- with the keys that flips open screw apparently. With LB thinks there's somebody using an abacus during during sacks obviously. That is the fact yes I do unfortunately. In our technologically advanced times 12%. Of women. By the way at an excuse me mom's -- 12% of moms are using their phones probably when my husband calls. They're using -- on. During similar to schoolboy and by the way armada on that success coroner hasn't yet the greatest or -- -- ever appear in north. We're really yes he is phenomenal -- orgasm her orgasm this the president doesn't work -- whenever it is by day. Thank you verplank today that is backs Max on the Hill Man Morning Show coming up your hill mail messages and about fifteen minutes at seven it the and then excused his LB hasn't used yet. That felt like a train that just hit me we'll we'll get that a yeah an eight and herself across Denver and if you if you caught arm fired during a stealthy way it would you -- would you stop taking them no ground courses are integrated so yeah. But it is I'm praising it it. Here's the news it's brought to you this hour by. -- for the blind BS starring donate your car to heritage for the blind call 1800 donate cars or 1800. 4461234. Rush to also buy it's a by city Boston credit union to isn't for all your lending needs including mortgages home improvement loans and home equity. This city of Boston C dot com for more info that city of Boston CEO Doug come. And in the last number 403469. Equal housing lender. Hey. Quick taxed this person wants to go inside the warped female brain for a minute okay just a minute because and we have news to get news. On 71 -- my girlfriend keeps stealing my electric toothbrush and using it. -- -- -- Why won't she -- What is this person wants to know why are you are you an aggression and if you know what I like you know I've used electrocution bush. I was on yourself known as the dust myself. Although no idea where I did I did I was with a girl at one point to try to easy you know and depression in my new book about shutting down a couple -- now aren't trying to hide behind -- -- -- I mean and then a guy I assume that this gala that text further but. You did -- Russian girl or it they throw it out there now I would just before this they handle it with him on a national anti bacterial soap and on the bag -- the charter. I guess any -- -- -- storm. Actually vibration around him and -- -- come up with the idea or an Angel goes down on them. -- so that's okay. Department of that all right you know if if you're if you're having you know on the like situation with such expressions that look at -- different story.