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Hill-Mail 6-6-14

Jun 6, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours the main topics include Lebron James cramping and Greg at the celebrity softball game.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at WA AF. Now each you to ended talks as they Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians feel may help. Yet the government broke through the spec. Motor actors -- who have opened through open. And Bhutto. Who -- up. On the -- and -- Well. LB he used the gorilla suit this morning. To get. Free -- number five yes during a national doughnut day at dug it out that yes well look there's a girl at the drive through here. I don't know at least trust while. Better get another free donut that's one per person but they grow as a god through get -- kind of the relative to the left -- how's that blueberry cobbler treating you know that halfway fair value halfway through it yeah. Yeah in and I to savor and enjoy it free donut day today on national donut day. The -- hill mail messages this morning brought to you by noon turf -- -- residential and commercial line care provider. Visit -- turf care dot com and mentioned WAA have to get a free flea and tick treatment from the experts at noon turf care. There -- -- me more than thirty Sheen told him. It can't get caught at the London into. Caraway is spam and I am and reference that's stripper in Baltimore are -- about -- Saturday a buffalo I have public. I had a picnic at -- as black. There's many more than 33 all. I encourage -- -- and then to -- that it it will. Good cookbook fit the -- There's only 7:37. AM. -- -- interest stupid and that is go to pebble at 1200 people found out and if you share that with the whole. In our dear girl. Hard. I'm at now -- -- rather play so I imagine I don't. This woman. Got syphilis. And the medical people shared it on a FaceBook page -- Lowe's team no hodes and she's very upset understandably I would yeah. I mean I -- -- happen to anybody or what then get exert political analyst I mean it's been and it's been our -- attorney. That's true. Mean I during the day it was a killer well the kings he's together that is -- that is on the wrong guy to serve wasn't true yes that guy out there alone he died of the syphilis terrible happen to me old -- Q you know what you get pissed off on -- strippers. And that the I guess. You know I Jennifer. There's a discount on the buy music and she's a -- after a -- -- IKEA yeah. Not -- we talked about yesterday but she's due in the but in the private bachelor party in my -- that she's named bubble she's not a a headliner. And -- At the golf as a -- -- -- a lot of little club through April -- 41 PM. Do you want to build up and -- up with a frozen let it go. -- And now it's so funny that that frozen topic came up because I was reading something last night. About how these parents. Are going nuts. -- the rose in birthday party member of pioli and stuff like let you know the frozen in place and the throw anything to do with the movie mugs parents are like. You know spending a fortune on so that their precious little one is happy I have seen no fewer than four videos this week alone. A friends of mine who have purchased the Kelso princess costume. For their doctors how much is acting -- -- out -- either. Right forty fat -- rally you can find exactly but it literally like I have everybody works by this week via. Only good it's amazing you hit the you hit the jackpot when he come up with a kid's film it's good because for credit they go back from merchant and I think the kids just tortured the parents still they have -- -- -- You're already Dennis -- Yahoo! News or what I say they say they're already doing -- -- -- 56 and done. -- thinks 21 old man. Let's remember if you appeared and certainly gain -- grow only paradox. Yeah. I might do that he pants yeah there is in our world over old times sake. Playing shortstop today for the celebrity one of these celebrity teams and what the red clay here. Think they're short -- so I'm pretty set sail into Fenway Park -- -- -- -- -- I'm looking looking forward -- -- so if you -- -- some -- -- this afternoon. The important thing is the -- raised important dollars. -- the memorial for the fallen heroes which they are building in the seaports. So mass fallen heroes fund this will be the event beneficiary of everything that is raised today at Fenway Park. Game starts I believe it around 3 o'clock. And and think and you know 34 innings and then. Millions of them gonna move over to. And should not general we'll let -- and I -- -- -- carefully shorts and Latino whitworth played shortstop after me. Thinks he's being old and. And in sports the England patriot. Angry I was told it was not a regular spot on the Hill Man Morning Show he's got that Gupta. Attended by people that they you know edit out but it is bent grass. -- -- -- Lot of people thought that was the best -- interview lever which is kind of an offense to our pal Matt Light but marine was great you really little else. It was a lot of fun the other day if you miss that. You can hear it as a podcast that WA AF dot com and I believe the chain would make a fantastic -- -- -- guests this upcoming season. And on land. -- -- Bobby in Europe that well. They had noted that we get through it in the water -- really big debt you know what happened -- bit you know crop there. Yeah. And that is that now it's like fair game to call Jackie Onassis the slot right back. You know playing -- Ottawa. But I mean this book Evernote CDs books always come out after people die I don't know I -- somewhat suspicious about that. -- you're gonna put out a book that says the First Lady had sex with -- husband both of her husband's Brothers Bobby and head. How did not to put out when she's alive -- you know -- -- annoyance and take -- celebrate a little little little little suspect I guess I don't. Another and just because turned JFK had an agreement doesn't maker hello well you don't know I mean it's the Brothers though about it I doubt JFK knew. That the guise -- I was gonna have some particular where I and others I don't know dude. I don't think tomorrow coming in -- -- anybody -- each other meant I told that it probably there together and we Ted knew about Bob because he was in the the closet watching. Game rock ever. Twelfth and I say that out of Iraq. The Iraq what's -- in the bit cramped affair. That. A cute cute and I don't want. I don't -- could argue that it Tokyo ahead. All the. Number that the I can't stand the heat I know a lot of people like him I -- kids that the whole dream team thing and they. The announcement. And started with the announcement and that was ruined for me after that. You know I hope they lose they get swept after that it's. Spurs and tomorrow night -- LeBron haters or lovers in the -- -- and out we esteem it's great. Couldn't play for the last seven minutes. He would call ramping up thinks -- fixed them. So what brought under -- on the bench because of the -- Probable that show you what. I think if -- Let's a lot of scrutiny 12:14. PM. I don't think government document that you know that I met my -- that I knew it would happen eyewitness. -- -- We've got lip and popped up what. I mean you can go low ball the -- don't want them up but I have not weird about it. It was like apple bit back by it that they don't that would let you know that statement -- -- open -- You know outlook but one they have not that the that was stupid. And the -- at that. And -- and a -- My wife hears the -- have any -- that my wife. Just paid a 125. Dollars for the -- also address on -- own -- guys the cheapest one they got to get a world. What that -- now -- well how long can the can Wear for like six months -- six months before they outgrow it or borrow. The month before they get tired and down and focus on Sunday an error another movie comes out that they that they like better now frozen. What a scam. Good -- Disney -- You know 704. Old man. You know -- this lady I was one apparently planning and I hope that they expect such idiotic. Wonder if that -- that. -- and sixteen and. Days of our country for LB. Why he's such a -- you should have been -- for Elway came over link is gonna win I don't on the dead because you can love for the current. Move -- to -- her dad. True that you would you what do you want the kings the one -- my -- -- -- the Rangers to want the Rangers went after the Israelis say is that -- -- 'cause of Maarten Saint Louis. I think that I I I just appreciate. That when the NHL playoffs started the in New York Rangers were not even in the conversation. Yeah. And they've come together as a team and I love when. Attitude and camaraderie. Means as much as hell yeah yeah there's some character on that team like -- my -- sixteen older. I'll be out of order it -- yet to be you'd better get a break in here -- 2000 or get a Williams. Into an inch up my body know it's something very special but asked to be done properly. Well Adam is that coming up this Tuesday -- to -- a bit. I like the moment when the show starts on Tuesday and I say tattoos and an -- All I've hit the Pentagon I don't know I think that's not a pretty day -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- More often cool old. I'd go out Ottawa the ability. -- -- but what is it like I'm my book club every time I like that. And yeah. And the gonna blow your near Obama you own your own blog I used to have because I did play a little man's league softball over -- -- I used to have a glove I don't know where it is I'll find it this afternoon but I can always borrow new debris -- as Greece's legit. -- please played little baseball for the hill middle school this year and so I think maybe I can hopefully -- can -- -- his -- for this afternoon's -- between hardball Lori. Yeah after a little -- -- planes and bought our parents did does it matter if I mean it's the support governor who blames his tools limited. He I can also do that old. Men's league softball. Chest not -- be said we're back. We have to go bother somebody to borrow their -- every time that I got a little bit coming on most annoying thing when a guy wants to bar your glove hand so you're coming up the field and every time he comes running over. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah I'm not enough that by -- and a nanny nine -- Portland gets -- got on -- today. The -- in nineteen older. They have careful out there have been a -- you know wanna take -- all of the lieutenant. On the back assert their bit. Here's somebody who is via text talking about how they like frozen. Because it's the only Disney movie in recent memory. That doesn't advocate marrying the first guy you meet our and it's something that is the is that something the has been accused dollars. -- sleeping beauty is random dude comes along and actually assaults are in the face and if you like you're my hero a bit -- mind. I guess that maybe there was some kind of -- Disney family message in there in their films or something like. 7:21. AM. Put what brought it click spot called book -- direct. I. Don't and what he thought it. And then -- -- cramps. Did he say makes buckles look clue care -- the fact that I'm -- -- but LeBron makes the colts may look like Lou Gehrig. And 23. Old man. They're great little bit of advice. -- -- this nation type and the question over the -- all graded impact and take it may. Clinton and Clinton impeached but -- a -- -- base pay watts is good is it -- that's what I was told that. On everyday to get back and I was. Still doctor early on lean into it. Leaning into the rock that Sheila Patton won 92 you have to start dropping that shoulder. We need we need no wonder we need you on base doubles zero. So you need to get hit lean into -- and lean into it -- Well it'll be an exciting afternoon at a friendly Fenway. Last time I participated in a charity event at Fenway Park. You may remember in the ninety's I one off the wall. The monster help day. Apparently from the monster -- -- congress.