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Spaz is Late for a Job at Greg's House 6-5-14

Jun 5, 2014|

Our buddy Spaz had to call in to tell Greg that he is stuck in traffic and will be late to remove the junk from his house today.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule that's WA AF. Is -- right now. No a lot of second span is -- guys as is on the phone this morning from the headquarters. Take John in the cab I believed. Headed off. Or so I guess supposed to be what is at 9 o'clock 902 arriving right now auto removes them John can -- area yes Anthony. I'm expel you report it all what we're blog where are you. I'm sorry about the moment traffic on 95 but I don't know us now Nancy does I believe route 221. Time first time commuter. I'm not you know that -- or are you supporting you woke up to create -- morning at this crap yeah. So I assume your calling to say you're gonna be late that's about how are beyond can you elaborate on that. And twelve. Now. This is one of those things that that really grinds people's two years at the is that you know you're arrival time was 9 o'clock. Mrs. hill you're sitting there waiting you know praying out like that nail salon and one -- and tennis so that. She can wait free you're gonna be like hours late. Yet I've been awful too and I believe someone going to be an -- that Michael. Well the hook the -- related this morning. -- man who works or not it and yeah. And I told him out and it's an ever important I don't have to take here tomorrow morning and normally. I'm -- -- and fifteen minutes -- nobody else tomorrow morning I will be -- a -- and -- been. And you cannot be right now I -- at the -- So I waited and 1820. And 45 minutes it is not a lot and of course you know that you really get -- doesn't have already lived and shelter. It let it get for that -- a minute he literally got people you're. You're you're one employee if you wanna play any lives and shelter. -- -- how are you -- I don't know where he group and I brought out I'll -- on the -- and that he'd always found a way to what is that went -- when I do know this is the information on all the value is below yes please others and that's there it's a good guys shelter now and blustery don't Tucker. Their at -- gates. That's your health. I have no way to get such -- eminent finally or Collins I don't know I I left him and like I might be and I got a golf and that is -- all these -- You don't eat out in Oslo you've got the DMZ so I was like all right OK okay IB MC. And I wanted to know what are not regret I need documentation on I might work. Sharp work nice -- so I immediately called Libyans because that is quite packed up. No it's not checked I would look at Adam has worked at I didn't even know -- an apple problem we're like six months. Let -- -- this year's revelation of the articles. Pretty much we re bitching about your asthma deaths now I'm out now -- there. I got its highest I think for minimum wage should not about -- -- my. -- -- I do not about it Matt I like you know I'm not a -- what -- -- no excuse necessary. I mean that. How all of a sudden that look diet and the other day was bought out obsolete like spears has studied through house. Or Dooley -- the problem moving. All of a sudden idea as well. We now welcome Mike are I didn't -- and this is my old days you don't want a guy that the contract or not. Let it drop me a moment and -- and listening probably not gonna make it he would job today but a -- Greg I'll put my track. But I get done everything that comes at a because you know like feel bad comic guy. I'm not a truck orders citing sitting -- at any evidence that -- post tomorrow more. I just graduated without. -- if it sounds some you know you're also going to be and a back and that's going to be a pot of W working well you mean if there might might have to I did. Armey and bill. -- -- job for an. Anxious to hear a -- economic. Union. Legitimately do has not yet you can't be our job right -- -- -- -- -- the potential. Growing business or mean yeah don't a lot of people. A lot of contracts and had a contract sorry. -- I'm happy to be honest Libya I'm not I had. I want to -- and then I'm actually glad the guy's not there I'm not sure I want like one of the pillars of society roaming met the property at the house. Well I think it's you know what's funny about it talk to -- and all America monologue thousand watched the other day. Actually you know what -- comment you'd expect that the box to be professional yeah that you can't expect it -- Club out of the prison bill. That is how you -- said he understood your -- -- ultimately go by an ego and -- been. Here are up -- I don't work in the industry. Or any kind of construction industry event of a possible form and -- It it's a lack of about a word there now it is. Or when -- when you're doing junk removal in west and you allowed to interact with the customer -- poster. I don't know I don't know why so many crimes are -- about the subcontracted out my handle are now that I as all their work and when you get there. You're told you're not nick are at odds over summertime. Don't talk to the owner. One place at Brookline. I was told the owner you know what down and don't respond. That's more like we -- rhetorical question or old when. -- I'm really. I didn't realize I would personally that yeah. Why yeah I mean I'll update on August equally want to spit on and so it's important what are you looking at an alien nanny nine dollar gained nearly 49 that would be yeah be an age to -- Normally it would agree to go to Greg out wearing anti succumbed are -- Bobby get a -- track job -- object. I'd I'd I'd I mean instead this storm yeah I'm a pretty good guys are probably -- get a chance I cost. He has -- the last stop for me so you know no big divot not a typical payout yet bought thousand all work work -- 50000. Box with. I don't believe it or -- -- Socket she got attracted 600 box to keep an honest wearing -- -- You get charged only about our demolition. And then -- neighbors and our -- to work around maybe in -- business. I you pay when we were talking about this earlier about the slowing -- coming down first the model is saying that it's it's a melancholy thing. When as a as a parent when you when it's time to remove your your swing set and get rid of it'd be -- there. -- kids -- on in and going on getting older but. Are you are you going to reassemble -- swing set for an RM -- your your new kid that's coming or what he gonna do with that thing. I actually got to Serbs from somebody he's already got yeah I am not a certain type you know he got up. The opportunity and I did it on a Monday out -- Are you Marty was -- -- -- -- well yesterday's we're kind of raises the ministry says. -- the rock wall. And pockets got the the platform like treehouse thing down roof and how big like a foot by 54 and -- it's pretty it's pretty big but its soul I don't know if you I know you can -- -- maybe -- -- it is that's that's. Simon you know I was I was over it you know out of playland whatever that created -- you update listeners senate for well I mean and wish you want it to you wanted to get down -- -- would what's it cost me. I don't you all call it over and -- -- it also deliver. Hey you know -- that the -- Judy. We shouldn't we should do it the weekly segment where called show us your junk where you come in and sell the best thing you've. The best that you found during his leg or yeah just. Have you jump that jumped in the throw -- like the best thing you found you bring Indian and sell -- on -- on fire Friday it's. I cut out of your outlet I have to thank you and thank -- and expert -- but I did not know what I don't know why. So I think you know I've always wondered why did -- caught it do these. Shop called ghost but yeah it's been about like always acknowledge a copy does back up any copy yeah. I finally got that the -- I want to thank him. Get your ball turn a minute into the month yeah and I by the bank of -- -- -- -- about it. Well I thought I think probably given notice until he had my -- out. -- I thought I was like you know Soriano -- and immigrant. Is there anything more annoying so -- here in people's homes and you go Haiti wants ascent has no duly taken that as a -- -- I don't ask. That's what I say Greg get by -- you sure you wanna told me about these -- some kind of value. And of course you know -- it -- -- avenue in a big no big deal. And I'm not appear clubs I don't think over those. And I saw those who played against what that you got on a boxed up and up my son. Which doesn't have a an Xbox and -- -- yeah. Don't think it's a no one truly Eddie all exports and -- and -- Mike so are we -- play and teenager ninja turtles. -- it's a brand new Xbox one I'm one by yeah sensitive -- Autism you're told that that was the Xbox Live. You know -- you didn't already -- shape you are shameless you urge you absolutely shameless. And I would want awesome might and I got -- the hurry and I and I had to be created it is. Forty it's flat screen TV networks and has really opened my little mantown in the basement. Somebody was throwing away a flat screen -- -- -- I don't know what I can't really get away with it that's not -- night. When you live with your girlfriend and her Condo but it's -- you are man. But that's true. They got together and we can't talk too much OK -- -- -- remote areas that I look over very much. I saw another doctor about it. -- this mr. Daly and mr. -- the ring. Much impact album well -- and I think what I'm gonna get in trouble yeah aren't aren't and I'm not that that would make this neglect. But the -- are. You have to sleep in your car for three nights go after them the. I decided not to do it came against -- we have to say nice things I love I love her very much. He's an amazing woman -- I'm very happy that you having my child she she means the world to me and that's I might like to bring it somebody's house collapsed in America. All right. -- don't wool. Please keep me updated on the job I want you expect this to take today. I have to see how much jog you'd have been about it hopefully I'll be out there really -- I'm not you know. How about it I think they respect all. Think by the way it's Ryan mallet birthday unit. I couldn't yes speaking of Caylee who exactly can they be brought -- are outrageous I don't know what he'll be -- Obama. I have got are gone and -- you know for the listeners. To treat some good some of the things Greg getting rid of because I'm I'm sure has some but not yet chalking up B average and we're probably -- -- if I'm not keeping it myself. Well I guess I cleaned out the SX -- though some of -- -- some of the stuff is from there so you know -- glad tweet tweet away right. And I don't mind. You know lunch on you on the package or is it whenever you don't think recap Millen finally here yeah. I wrote -- right yeah Roche Brothers I had sat at and that's been good candidates -- If it's very important you have to comedies that. -- outcrop quite a bit aerial part time. It's that I the to -- got a bit -- react at all. Thanks very if there is. The CEO of take junk. Which is what's this. What's the Dow Jones symbol for that teekay -- -- judge okay. I gotta take a look at that today and see if there's any move actually in the S&P 500 artists that is a good act that's good news of let's get to the news and the news is that brought to you this hour by. -- you by Applebee's the taste of summer is an Applebee's every bite of their new refreshing on -- -- -- summer happy place and other fresh reason to see you tomorrow at Applebee's front to also -- But Condit -- -- Honda -- in sales in new. On the -- mile real -- normally come on down. People think it's so funny that spaz -- cluster I think this business the same -- -- -- -- this now it does feel like some guy asked him lined up to take deciding how to do -- yards and began an event tomorrow and he's not gonna make it that they society knows guys everybody. I I do you know if you don't hear a lot of the used to get a victory. -- so it's a bonus to sleeping until 6 -- I mean and it is so easily been the six year rule on my sincerity. Of active period nobody's house by my seventh period cart before traffic get excited but instead he rolls out a rapper like 815.