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Hill-Mail 6-5-14

Jun 5, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours topics covered the use of drones, Justin Bieber, and the release of Danielle's squirrels.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each unit -- to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show acquisitions deal made up. -- -- -- I didn't give it -- class it was brought it all the credit checks in the mail. On double yeah. I -- today's -- mail messages. Presented by -- turf care. Your a residential. And commercial lawn care provider visit -- turf care -- comment mentioned WAA out. For a free flea and tick treatment from the experts at noon turf care. Wind -- seven to reconcile. And Warner. I thought it had to go to get your boat after it. Yeah I don't. Don't direct the program. That are -- there -- -- thought out. Armed men each day should get arrows named after I mean I he's got the money. If that anybody should ever rose that's named after him it should be -- last -- Courtney Love so the king dish rose this has yet. Yeah as a teaching college. Ron -- 832. Older. I. And hit today. Tell you why I did not going to Vietnam. My wife Jacqui. Sure mayor Travis and I realized. No America and should have stated that the bush. -- -- -- -- All moved. We understood who was. Due to the other thing is anybody can do it that day at the Kennedy Finley and you know anybody hurt -- When -- can 37 AM. Yeah I think it grown with what you might not. -- -- all the ball well on. The -- mine that's all that accurate in my and a guy. It was a little bit didn't seem counter movement -- played against it's -- might not get it wouldn't be that short yeah. May be a -- to us there he'd be more attracted maybe we don't let alone any man. -- Don't work -- good -- dark quiet cool. Can't hit it over the I would -- go to garage. Door right in the middle like Canadians. -- -- Beyond. Interesting that -- things load everybody was wondering what the drones were doing in Quinn's. And they were following that kid who had the information about the marathon bomber now we know any FBI -- and we weren't making a secret that we were trailing you know that they -- making it a secret I mean. Everybody's asking like what is the draw on and -- government everybody is like I'll ask does know I don't know it is uses. Could be it could be -- nine billion yen in. For twenty -- an old. And now that -- that Stephen Drew it now officially they got angry over it and indeed. Yesterday and. And play as they I you know their own three since he got here there is no accident with this. That would miserable. All the youngsters -- plan out of their minds are all confident they're happy and then they throw the old man in the mirror. Accident. The Hill Man Morning Show what you are listening to is presented by Echostar technologies your data center solutions provider for more information. Go to -- Stiller dot com excellent question on on tax how is they're not bin. A bastard JFK kid who has appeared. I'd give. And I don't know -- of our profile and tonight it pleased it it is it stating the obvious what money cash shot dead now dealt with it. -- really punitive itself. There that want it said Ted Kennedy was. Is spot yes. Met a few years ago and a that's probably like 789 years ago now them but I was six yes -- -- when he wants it. 2006. C national enquirer report. Here's. 617 text there has anybody been watching Silicon Valley on HBO yes excellent show on and off NBC yet. Our regular mom bought our computer -- -- the start out the it's these guys it's pretty funny as a -- pretty huge it's got the guy and it. From. Another great HBO show from big love yet. The dude that was the son of the Mormon. Patriarch big guy who was hiding is the fact that he was gay you know -- tiger about he's and it isn't it's a good show watch it Silicon Valley. 5:24. PM. Welcome to another character are YOB. I think that it has he yet. I'm not -- not think that -- -- -- At the Czech Republic aren't at -- party drink -- You know it can't be -- but I know how to order -- Brian my car always so I can propel the prompt and make it a little bit about getting Eric Eric Eric -- got through my body. And the message clearly going to be incredible we are set for a Tuesday Ted. Can Wear red era and zero at Tuesday. To be blown away Newton. Does anybody watch true blood types are used to China watched Trueblood. I've heard it's gotten -- -- and not a fan of the air watch the first two seasons. I just don't. You know what's weird. I don't have a problem. Loving Walking Dead and believing that zombies could be real yup but I have a problem believing that vampires. Are real figure. What -- -- what is that about. I guess Ike is you know normally. On -- on a show like that that drama on television. That is that involves things that I that I don't think could happen I can't get into it. But but -- blocking that I can. Here's why it's plausible in your brain yes vampires have existed since -- quote I'll be the beginning of time then if you haven't seen them elect -- Zombies. Usually come from some sort of biological outbreak or something gone haywire which junior conspiracy theory brain is like you know what could happen could have. Not so Superman strange about man's real life. Than than zombies could somehow as a -- vitamin zombies could happen. -- are older. -- Department of credit they are back. It would affect -- in arms and let me -- you become that yet and right now I spent a democratic. Well better probably not a debate where it but it right now -- And it it is that correct you'll -- Doubt about it. Under that best Spago. With some words for the late Don Zimmer. Seven need how old was he 71 when Pedro threw him down 7272. -- When Pedro threw an old man count down on the ground at Fenway. But I Don -- died yesterday 83 years lol yeah I was in the hospital. For couple weeks I think after a heart valve procedure in the Nielsen had some five points and as long as a -- -- -- Know people who desperation and a no vote. And pretty incredible part of me in baseball since it was seventeen really outline that's amazing that -- yesterday. Really yours is. Hello -- -- what's up camp. I kind of problem it campfires is that they act like. That -- bag from like Europe and America and thinking are they about checks obviously displayed a jar full well there it is harder. -- the. Yeah billion euros -- -- us now. You're right vampires like Euro trash. Zombies just wanna eat your neck -- I mean just -- and who at that. Let's see Greg connects to zombies because they like the chicken way out of -- yes. Vampire is and is nothing more than a virus no. I don't know is that how -- was -- supposed to be a pirates I thought they were dead. And then came back here I don't know much -- like I don't know much about Transylvania and. HVV is what it's called and it really -- a lot of his finances vampire isn't bent -- of their college film. And 1616. Italian scientist -- veeco fortunately publishes treatise on vampires and when she speculated. That vampire is and was caused by a microscopic pathogens. As opposed to demonic possession -- It depends how they do the drama too like I like aren't interested in the scenario. Of react. And the rest of the survivors yeah and if that happened I can envision a world. Where. You know something goes horribly wrong in the as a few people left you have to survive glad to -- notes I can't envision. The world -- true blood where every single person is becoming a vampire in their drinking blood and sold in the stores and I missed it what's the the mast pike east ansari west's. Is a complete cluster -- now you said something that's why I -- was talking about heading into the city -- leaving the city what's the problem there. I've been keeping an eye on it I can't see any incidents soak it's the appears to just be slow volume yes. If anyone enhance the info feel pretty Texas -- and one of seven not got driving. Now now now I'm so if you're leaving the city. Do not take the Massachusetts turnpike right now it is a mess leaving Boston and heading west. -- -- Good morning are down -- -- they won't know really an accurate. Well that state. But but you know drink named -- -- And let him the squirrels have been released they have yet as of yesterday. The little squirrels that Danielle was fostering breastfeeding. Chewing their nuts for them days they have been released into the wild -- stop collecting things she felt a little built the little mass for them in the tree and he checks on him every few hours to make sure that there any sort of. Street and -- come back Kathleen on the train -- they had an answer I guess that anger if the president raspberries and avocado hungry nine. Alarm hello rob the. I -- yes. And the simple reason that streaky preferred drumbeat to vampire. Is or you know one of -- That. Coker I feel I could zombies don't run that's not -- -- -- answer it and get it. Well you get -- The league but but it's very similar. It's interesting the way in which you kill them is similar. The other vampire is a stake through the heart of zombie is something through the brain okay. You know I mean. -- you know the machete is meet -- whatever her name is that -- and always has to go or a bullet. React has issued a bullet through their brain and the only way to -- 29 AM. One love my own moral. Ward who have known better. Among the -- up impregnated then yeah one word lonely world. And just messed up that was Bieber that's he changed the racist song. 21 last lonely squirrel yes and I only squirrel and James Connor have been you know take security at. You -- in order. And the movement. And it can affect. That that that. You know how we were talking earlier about Don Zimmer the -- and the surgery that he had to have. When when he got hit by a ball being. On that's how we get the nickname zip because they said the scar on his head was like zipper -- -- why Ali is the column before welcoming out -- before it was the durable they call them zip Don zip Zimmer. While back in the old is. Six 37 and again. The -- threat that the bureau. Tripping period for people who don't feel a little theory on what we're. Turn it down. There was a zoo where that. Canary Islands a zoo where they had a guy eight dress up as a guy who worked there they had him dressed up as a gorilla or a an exercise. Trying to prepare for a great escape. And they forgot to tell some of the employees and so somebody trying to the guy who suspect that and it's got the a list how realistic was the -- that that that the worker thought it was a real -- it was from a distance that's ever -- aren't exactly it yet. That's pretty good. 717. -- -- Why can't and he gave it away pretty outlaw murder -- it -- I the way -- -- and a belt pretty our cure for great. All that well but mark you know this problem and -- -- -- -- We -- -- now it appears if you listen to this show. You can get a free eight by autographed eight by ten and Lyndon byers but yeah. Tom Petty you buy ticket to see him at Fenway you get the album kind of interest -- -- for somebody was texting earlier when we talked about that. And they said that prince stated and the album automatically. Went into the top ten however because laying on the download from a download prospectus and maybe gain and maybe that's why -- news. Interesting -- yeah. I mean people concerts are expensive it hit the economy is not being great for concerts and it's the only way that artists make. Real money like fascia is only way to make real money now so I guess it's interesting that Tom Petty would rather give away his album. And sell concert tickets. And sell his album because the you know he's clearly. Not making as much money from that as he makes from from doing the shelter and generally. Yeah. -- -- -- -- I -- don't expect to -- -- or that people are expecting great out. -- -- -- -- And then the possible. Let's hope that numb nuts and the -- Take junk staff who are not going to be arriving there soon don't do anything inside the home now that Hillary house and what are you that there might be a romantic go to a pretty big on the wrong swings -- -- that's happening. Don't -- take junk dot dot dot org and dot com a lot of us think on that. If it if it will be if it can be taken from the wrong helps it will be an agenda I. -- -- -- that he's a professional Garcia's. Well I've been real Jackie and when he gets to the home to remove all my jump today about realized called Michelle that's pretty fun -- I thought yeah get a video. I guess your security now will be one of though the camera got there -- a -- what are -- we'll watch is doing. What's really doing a great neighborhood here -- I did the jet stream it left on an accident like Greg goes Allen Sunday morning at the paper expansionist. No boxers got some nice guy -- -- -- I was trying to get it on credit now mourning him scratching everywhere else not -- side. -- -- -- Breastfeeding. -- felt it. 00 yeah. -- and that I -- I do apologize because when I posted the photo one my FaceBook page last night of the the squirrels in the tree said the girls have been released and so without looking at the photo I don't know -- everybody got real excited. Sorry everybody thought you would release the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Think -- me through all that. I don't care government -- to thank. That are actors won't cook broke open. A partner and a person who wanted to recruit. And that that it's. So bad so below demands. A by the way are you -- off the moon and the sides month YE. ZID. Got to give him the place credit now what are you into well. Did get have to Wear -- -- -- like could you designate -- to be the guy put later red vest armor suburbs -- -- Figueroa. But got to put the suit -- players don't play it up a gorilla suit reference ace venture in nature calls yes. Guy gets stuck in the -- suit -- I believe the real gorilla has collisions within the when the guy in the suit if I remember is that what that is birdies texting a movie there is venture out and aren't so. It's not trading places. -- it yet Eddie Murphy and now I had yes on the train a guy that put the error -- the to have Gary.