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Is It Fact or Is It Schmact? 6-5-14

Jun 5, 2014|

LB not so hot this time as the topics covered what most people close to 100 years old die from, is the #1 sex fantasy cosplay, and what percent of people have had sex at someones party?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now they Hill Man Morning Show invite you -- your wits against -- -- Trap door on the long underwear -- Unbelievable. That's the element of saliva like so effective that it doesn't skills -- the French are so romantic you're the best -- registered us it's time for a -- she maxed. Call 6179311. Area 6179311223. If you would like to play backs -- this morning. And perhaps -- yourself tickets to go -- Kings of Leon. At the expanding the senator coming up. On August 9 I think this is like the best concerts summer. In a long time Gary Koch for Barack I don't know if it's the cool the economy improving and or what but. There's a lot of great shows you know what I thought was interesting. Is that down Tom Petty at Fenway. If you buy a ticket to that yeah you get his album included. Wow pretty awesome what you it's awesome it just I wonder if that means they're having trouble selling -- -- like you get or are they having trouble selling album. Which is either Omar it's kind of an interesting concept like buy a ticket to a concert and get the downloaded the album. You know included in the in the in the price hello Randy. This morning hey Randy how are you. I am only there on my way to work what do you do in the work at a general at a fuel you and him Ballmer. Yes they're really just so cool the a lot where were you from Randy. I am actually occurred near record Erica and okay can you in my allowed to ask you a question of them aren't we only -- -- -- -- just won just once three hours left but go ahead -- five isn't a motorcycle wise and I -- and do they bring edu and pieces in the and you put me on back together. It depends on what you wind are most likely most likely and it was unbelievable you're so cool. The only thing intact after you're in a motorcycle accident your head of -- that would be the only that is the only thing in an heir to the lettuce is definitely a even if -- -- if the motorcycle kind of fire at the -- would be totally is immune to -- here you know the story would be yes. Most people would be dead but it was unbelievable that this is herr -- event occurs at -- and the senators. All right Randi. Fourteen per cent of people. Have had sex. In someone else's house during a party backed porch Mac. -- Act back and -- that -- definitely whoever. Now millions of today I think he provides -- parties -- meals housing tour. You never went up but made out as a real bad at at the underlying note that made it out maybe it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's why when you leave your kids alone when they're in their teenage years you have to lockyer master bedroom or you have to change your sheets when you get off. My uncle -- was in trouble a big -- It Texan and I have been very big Vernon now -- took me to have intimate for I was I had enough time for the -- consummate we -- for the -- -- days now and now I wanted to get my first Dali -- skateboard as we have to go to the big city yet -- the real dollar -- skateboard. And my uncle bill we -- big burning -- had dad had satin sheets on their bed all when they happen is that a lot of bad. Now and everybody was in the trailer in just -- the that my uncle -- to to chip back to the actual -- And nasty adopt the so does that she's she's. -- -- -- -- How are you Brandon not bad I don't excellent where you from. What's there and what do you do. Our driver tow truck throw it out of -- I'd brandish two exceptional brand and if you lived to 100 years old JG. -- -- If you if you live to 100 years old. You are most likely to die from injury suffered during a fall back porch Mac. I'm gonna have to -- -- -- this story I mean in the mrs. Brady are known mrs. Alice Alice in seagate now -- -- Davis went down there is solid injury the builders -- and go back though I'm sorry. -- -- If you live to 100 your most likely to die from new millennia. A little dynamo media yet you know I get the aspiration of the vote in the long -- -- I -- -- yeah yeah food part of -- a little cold Eli and in bed all day on you got the pneumonia maybe it's a company you mistreated so maybe you could pick could be the -- victory and Malaga you Mallon aspiration. Hello Mike. Yeah -- so what's up Michael -- you rob. -- -- torture and contracts over with the trees. That's a fair process and it now I might come the most expensive thing. That has ever been built in the world. Is the International. Space Station at a cost of 150. Billion dollars. Back portion act. I'm gonna have to biological play -- yesterday. Everything going up this space Acosta choir pretty pretty bulls. Can't think of anything -- Arafat's. March. So I have this fact there till dark. Okay how big. -- -- because if they space the space station 150 billion yeah. -- -- the Big Dig eighteen billion in order. Gosh actually the cost overruns on the Big -- -- 200 billion me right now originally that was the only team but Italy I I you know what's really got me I'm intrigued by this -- guys I'm thinking well. -- wouldn't be that much back in the day I'm thinking you know because. They built the interstates. And highways and highway. All the infrastructure in America argument everybody you know. But not to -- -- of that is is that 150. Million dollars. For the International Space Station -- O'Brien. Oh and for that we ranked Kansas -- you -- and now. Can you need to call victory today an image -- would vodka -- Or act it's franchise ways out of intact and -- -- Brian. Yeah. Not much what do you do Brian. A teacher manager today. As lay out the kids I don't date yet. Brian the number one fantasy. Four people in relationships. Is cause play. Little fact large map. So yeah she Mac. So what does it cost play that's when you have sex in costumes. Are. Eighteen -- -- -- -- -- has caused slight rise to where -- grocers in my -- hockey beard people handrail as I have. Dominique -- for our -- you're saying that yeah what did you say Brian. -- it's match back -- the number one fantasy is the threesome. That is the number one Janice I'm very people who were in a relationship and not number two is role playing. Then. Doing it outside -- outdoor outdoor -- activities. Then making a video. Food and then being dominated. Threesome is -- like here in the most boring didn't relationship emirates and ask someone else and -- it's currently -- not so yeah we when he to me I mean I get a -- they get boring after awhile. I can you do that you are veterans and at some when he was out supermodels they really get born and there's not a horse took over in the guy's jacket and a fifteen years younger leaders. It's a guy Hala hello Aaron. Good -- went up because I didn't know really until Narnia. Do it what are you doing man. I had a few ballet apart now oh best jokes during a decade my god you're. I'm all right -- Flaming hot she knows. Where were invented by a secretary. At Frito -- California plant fact bush Mac. Well I -- those laymen like chelios. Let them get yeah I'll go back go on that one. You're gonna go back you know what I I I'm I'm with you on that but it's you know it's one of those things where you are young but she goes fan and and then you have particular loves the -- buffalo wings and I you've -- hot sauce on everything -- -- you know Orton. Why don't make peace harder than them and I -- normally go back. It's Mac could edit but only because it was a GM that are -- Ali it was -- -- -- yeah it was a trick play and yet. Allah does see you get them now yeah now let's get by the way when not cheat us. In sour cream listen -- and I'll just general -- all the other night I mean I made -- -- meat -- yeah so -- you to our ticket hamburger. -- bread crumbs yeah. Crushed with the -- wanting crushed women not cheat notes and makes them him onions makes him in the -- -- enemy volume wow. It's a phenomenal. -- Odds deacon -- you never dipped -- claiming hunch he goes directly into the soured me on an -- I usually get him you know the big bad -- -- halfway through did die and acknowledged leaders on fire but -- on. The perfect -- it's it's really cools them down a little bit is its future innings. You're chanting I'm learning so much.