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Is It Fact or Is It Schmact? 6-4-14

Jun 4, 2014|

LB was lazer show as he took on the callers as the topics included the vagina weight lifting record, does no sex lead to a smaller penis, and do hurricanes with female names kill more people then hurricanes with male names?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online and on your schedule -- WAS. Dot com. And now -- Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your wits against -- -- And trap door on the long underwear made. Unbelievable. Affluent saliva like so effective that it doesn't jewels -- the French are so romantic you're the best I registered. Its dying to have facts she maxed. Just text Thursday that Marino got fired this year's so he's no longer on the CBS pre now objective he never says anything I mean -- dude. They keep the so just yet let's be clear they keep Sheehan and -- and and then fired Dan Marino Italy. I think at the -- Are you kidding me if you are right -- don't know that now Texas that Shannon sharp cut cut all cell that makes me happy. Awful -- damage can't stand listening to have. I hate if you win the action Max today you get a pair of tickets for 311. At the Blue Hills bank pavilion coming up on July 17. And Mike is up first this morning hello Mike. And what's up -- how are you but I'm pretty that you guys open and and where you from Mike. I don't Drupal colorectal Dell -- correct -- -- And it's -- Wagner might you -- Might the world record for weight. Lifted by the vagina. Is fourteen kilograms. Held by a Russian woman Pacquiao knocked clothes -- -- too but back there's Matt. I would say economical my personal experience on -- The giants got to be about twelve key programs -- I would not going to be a fact. You're gonna say that's a now we talked -- today -- which ultimately I brought up last week about you guys -- -- cinder blocks with finances and the fifth does that traveling road show because parents off freaky stuff we genitalia. Repugnant people -- always trying to do that -- -- spank him. Well how many kilograms of the fourteen bestsellers like you know what's -- 2.2 kilograms thirty pounds thirty parent does not got nothing without the that is the -- total back. It if I could still use my it because I have been war Apple's design -- and the pill to float in the half day if I was in game of clones that poses. Classic ice hit it at my vagina was I see it. I think it's misleading is number here is that we should be more I think Israel's use because of the Benoit laws that you may let's thank you nice and very much strengthened -- I am eyeballing buzzer it was definitely a cookbook that. Yeah. Back hello Brian. We're or more of how are you Bryan are you -- just aren't our current -- Brian. Hurricanes with female names. Killed twice as many people as those with male names. Back -- Well hold -- -- we're up to help me out with this one but without her arm -- go where Shia. Right now lets him but let me do I I think this is just the greatest thing ever because you know the people -- you most it was. Weathered the -- guys -- super -- professional guys are -- our guys. That no other stuff that does smoking hot chicks do the weather a line. The TV yeah the behind the scenes people that get the -- there and do the dirty deeds and are the real. Played intelligence behind the weather let -- is that guys that is quite a sexist statement just listen it's just the truth yes so. I you know how guys are sneaky makes -- suit against the women back yet it's growth. Yeah and they don't name them after the vessel's release. I don't think you're always gonna not here I listen Danielle being at being a somewhat -- guru and I are right at all. Well -- Y five I want our justice and I watched the weather channel all the time in the mountain -- I want approves any -- you're like yeah they they they don't they don't well in advance whether it's gonna be -- -- 234. So when they are tropical storm Sarah right they know what's in right Eric KLA level minor -- you've -- -- know they don't they don't want what's gonna be fine. In the tropical storm just go to the beach here -- give it illuminates. Between male and female goes back to earth on now how ya got there but you're right -- -- -- the reason the reason is. They believe is that people don't take the storms named for females as seriously. As the storms that are -- they get no respect. It's -- game duke as the -- over her anti immigrant candidate Utica. Are -- terrorist. How are -- Karen. We know that still there and excellent care and hate carrying complete sexual in activity. Leads to a reduction in penis size back to Porsche match. -- I would say that. You found -- for an -- then. -- a friend who's a doctor -- -- by the way him Danny -- success and and you know we can't ignore the evicted the topic came up because of the whole cougar double cougar -- thing -- and the Viagra and everything like that yeah. And now he needs -- he told me you don't use it. You know loser that's and it's fast says it because it's if they did it it in it's it's -- -- if you don't walk if you don't exercise you don't do anything you'll lose you know you'll lose your muscle. You lose a -- of men followed got. Oil under our Josh how are you bud. Pretty Josh the LA kings have never won a Stanley Cup fought a factor should act. -- -- -- -- -- What is the case Max yeah yeah memory you have. This bill this this team that's going to have the Stanley Cup game one final night is just two years removed -- -- well laser show he's okay. Changed led their shelves. I love you on Wednesday Sierra your vibrant and alive and I -- -- -- -- -- minded person -- ice -- -- -- some somebody. This money they're like you know you're always have him examined. Monies are great kids start of another incredible week from. Like I love money so much to look -- -- on Monday -- -- not Monday and Tuesday out of there and then get the yeah Wednesday -- -- -- --