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Shane Vereen of the New England Patriots 6-4-14

Jun 4, 2014|

Patriots running back Shane Vereen stopped by the studio to talk Patriots workouts, the new comers to the team and his chairty football camp where all the money goes to a children's hospital, even if you can not attend you can still donate at this link

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. -- does in these studios this morning a little bit late New England Patriots running back Shane Vereen let me ask you this. Chain ask me. What would happen if you were late for a Belichick you have to ha. It'd be a big mind that I product in authority's central. Okay did just stroll into a meeting -- -- don't -- -- 1520. Minutes late last night. I'd be better -- -- -- -- I'm -- I'm still -- -- currently. Do -- -- and I -- you -- doing doing -- Out -- -- work -- this week. Where -- ago -- I figured teams come together strong. Five practices in OTA's you know we are allowed to work -- but. That's encouraging so far and it's encouraging yeah yeah I was wondering. Do you did -- pay any attention ESP and did you did you notice that Tom Brady for the first time is not. A top five quarterback in the NFL according -- ESP and yet you know less -- -- mention that to me yesterday guy and I looked at them like they were crazy yeah -- what many what do you mean he's not a -- Woody -- had a top five -- who's who's better than him now. It's insane to me it really is but I guess you know I -- you know everybody gets older and -- you get to play you know -- you get to play with -- all time -- -- you see any -- as age affected him at all. He is the most motivated the most competitive player I've ever played were really. I have a hands down -- any anywhere high school part Border Collie is whatever you whatever you wanna call it whatever you name it he is. Hands down the most competitive player I've ever played with. As long as his drive is there I think he's gonna be. And my vote number war he ever get your facing knowing. Oh yeah I probably and that's what I love that I like it I love it oh yeah of course I know he cares yeah -- if he if he if he just let mistakes happen in. And didn't tell anybody about it you know I'll think he'd be as good quarterback as he is. Yeah -- a big -- sometimes people resent that inning guy it was it was like when duke was playing -- of people get -- that somebody's -- -- an -- so intense but there balances that I'd rather have somebody -- scares like who wants -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is that they -- is that they want to do well they want you to -- -- -- player they want they want to do well they want the whole team the -- So I mean is that they're in agony in your face and who I mean you can only around the coaches -- on the coaches aren't on the deal with -- during the games. You gotta have -- on the field leader and that's who Thomas is is locally is last year motivate -- for you guys this year. Absolutely and -- -- last year we had you know had a lot of young guys but I mean that's no excuse for for you know for a laugh about it. And the sense we got to warn him reform its attempts in game. This year obviously you know we we always -- take that anxious that will always wanna get better and improved from last year. And it's a huge -- we know we -- played better last year. The last years in the past and now we need to work with the team that we had this year and now we need to. You know continue to get better each and every day. I -- so it was it was exciting last night they should have -- they're just now shipping off the Denver Broncos -- verbal shirts to the Third World they yes they finally finally got out flat what was what was the delay I I'm not sure usually they don't. I'm fairly quickly after primaries and now at a recent -- customs clearance meaning that made me that made me happier and then I was that may -- -- a -- -- into -- -- Yes so I Shane -- is here. By the way. -- and I have discusses several times but some may be interested to know. That you're not the maybe not the most famous person in your family. Yeah area LB yeah well do you know who Shane is related to a gathering Ben curry. The yes there uncle. Yeah that -- my my dad my -- dozens of you can't get right back into your second cousin yeah peppers doesn't want to move first -- -- hello -- there and rain there is your go to guy who barbecues at -- house when -- grown up -- that's not enough now unfortunately I've never actually man I want it's crazy SNC multiple scenarios multiple movies. Most of he's been involved with I've never actually met him yeah. My dad has yet I'm going to in my dad's may have multiple times now I mean I think you should ask relate to meeting that I. I wouldn't really deem as a way of which you now a museum and I got pretty -- actor. Another guy so yeah I regard as an act agreement dancer yeah -- -- -- and I would you -- there are you on his level when it comes to dancing. I'm trying to they're trying to. Trying to get there try and yeah so Shane. Shane Vereen of the New England Patriots are guests. You you're doing a football camp this year and nine anyone couldn't talk about it so tell -- a little bit about it is pretty cool actually. Yeah absolutely -- camp the camp is June 21. It's actually in my hometown Valencia California mile high school the -- benefits. It's in this hospital Los Angeles it is soon as soon be a great event I got a lot of guys come from around the league. Some guys from the area. They're coming back to help out. An and like I say you know everything that we that we make from the camp very -- nations all of that is going straight to -- hospitalized there's enough. That's awesome yeah from now who do you guys around the league who you're friends live like who your best -- usual when I go back home there's a there's a core group of guys that are from Los Angeles. That we know we all kind of worked out together against the big names. In -- Asia yeah yeah. That Taylor Mays. Clay Matthews gave his brother Casey. Andre Carter who is here for a little bit. You know and tactics -- who have Jim McLean. Who is formally to perform they would Baltimore Ravens -- those guys are kind of from the area all those guys come back home. And you know that's that's my group of guys that we used the term without Jimmy Clausen as -- -- uncle Dallas if somebody wanted to like somebody's gonna be out in California or somebody from here yeah one do something great for their kid. How would they get mall didn't go to the camp of the all the way to get involved -- I do I put -- -- out actually but there's a there's a there's a flyer that I sent out there's a website at the bottom. If you cannot make the camp I hope anybody anybody can make they can't anybody can come. It's open to the public even if you don't sign up to register prior you can -- day and involve this should be -- event. However if you cannot make the campus still would like to make a donation I mean any anything anything is appreciated. Do you go to -- -- -- com if you Indio Wi-Fi only to our comp back slash play makers that's kind of that's the name of the -- play makers grind -- -- later. The play makers is the name of the camp the only dark comes back that play makers and you are welcome. To donate a dollar. How governments that that you like to -- -- saucy young any any anything is appreciated. Did you watch crime gun whose line is it anyway yeah I -- and I heard about it that's good idea -- -- I can only imagine how to any allies everytime -- drive is on something I get these text messages from people who go. Can you tell ground to focus on football they kick you explain to people that -- grunting is. It's dropped her. And -- is a guard -- is focused in on guard who knows what he needs to do to get better Garth is motivated. He's in no person but light or people you've got to have your release you gotta be able to get away from from what you do point 47 you gotta be able to have fun because you don't. There was UV would -- do just becomes Monday and it did just becomes boring to you. But enhances -- I came into social media -- -- everybody just blow -- same people who work hard every day -- have a serious job that doctor does a doctor not go for dinner at the -- you know I have a while the wanna relax and thought yeah well and -- -- doing CAW's winds of anywhere out or he's out having the -- are these at a movie it's going to people. People say -- it's fun and yeah I tell us jealous yeah as -- -- the criticism can be a little bit much at times. And -- a -- is that he says social media and I think is it is a huge contributor to that. Well not enough and I know -- on my fantasy team yeah. I have a lot Ford data you know I mean you know fifty receptions mortgages than not it's going to what might -- only one might lead to me that that yeah yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- their -- and we -- -- -- -- kind of pressured it is certainly holding onto the ball I mean you know eat -- you fumble -- bill. And year. Marathon not a tropical like he might never ever put -- -- -- -- pressure had a million no yeah but you got the bug. Without a major failure worst player to ever play on this earth yeah data over half of that's why he's a good -- there's -- a great -- as well as I was -- coached guys truly. Because because he pushes you to be the best that you can't and he doesn't except you know it is thinks that mistakes he doesn't accept failure. We just wants you to play well and I just for him I just for yourself before this team what's here. How do you feel about the concussion thing because. You talk about a running back we talk about colliding with guys yet. I mean you you're at risk like it doesn't make you nervous. It does it does it is a serious issue because -- as as we have seen from. From former players -- can turn out to be. A very serious issue later on on the line. You know I -- I worry about I think about it every now and then bit the same time he got to play the game. That's the part of the game you know you know -- when you put this parents when you put the helmet on that. That that's at the possibility they they begin that you can get recognized a bit. You know you don't think about it when it's a game yes no you know it can happen but it's not gonna slow me down. Can you describe putting the pants on for you know -- session up. It's. -- really tough. Really really nice and yet like kind of jumping into the yeah you. Yeah minimum before you put you -- and yeah. They've been at its argument because. Not -- Tomorrow when the reporter wants to get dressed in full gear. Actually gone heard yeah yeah I didn't I didn't think would put before the -- move to a similar. I was reading that that Will Smith. Is starring in the first concussion movie Indiana how can currently does come -- yes. The Obama as about the guy who you know basically pioneered the NFL concussion thing you have ourselves you know Smith will be the star of that. Not not Andrea I think Dan Marino got although the screenplay like. Viewers can present -- he was fresh yeah. As always it was the guy is pretty well played LA played Wilson is dead now that I. That kind of left the room yeah and then -- came back though say and then eventually in that -- so left them at the and there Will Smith has huge emotional scene. Aaron I I've seen that have so multiple course because you're watching you're saying. I just wanna meet my long lost. Relative -- I mean I just thought someday I can meet pandering here felt they that I didn't even. And here's a Texas says how did you feel about losing like Garrett -- Well in LZ. He used part of a team. You know he played well. All season really was dependable. More than it used a great friend and you know we -- to -- -- especially in the running back room. He was one of us he -- like a family member says. We wish him the best. You know unless we see him on Sunday you. Yeah -- sent torrents of because these guys are exactly in he is -- -- -- not he gets a bad rap. You know he's been a cup qualifications to get the bad -- he is a great person he is a good guy he is a great player he works hard. You know I I can't say enough good things about a rookies that have impressed you whether any. Oh yes. You know there's a lot of rookies out there today out there right now actually that that are doing really well as far as the run investigators and James why is actually doing really well Smart player really real Smart plays impressed me. You know Jimmy Jimmy grapple those actually so isn't science. Music you play I'd say there's a double DBs out there is a couple linebackers and those of the guys we I go against more so than. So I was just you know really see them and you know it it's encouraging it really is what do you what do you think yeah. It happens with the -- Mallon I mean you know IE and he's I think a lot of people also. Think of Ryan mallet -- he really he's good quarterback easy and as I mean it he's a really good quarter he's a very good quarterback. Capable of playing in the last systems pupil you know -- guy Iowa thing in a lot of systems were fortune enough to have him. You know back in -- I think his situation is fortunate and unfortunate. As fortune in assist you get to learn from one of the greatest quarterbacks ever -- it again. Unfortunate because. You're learning from the greatest. Yeah. Yeah. Like look at my get much of a chance -- flag exactly and -- just as competitive. So you know you can see you can see in his face you possibly wants on the team and he does you know don't give your -- the team tremendously. But you know you can you can tell that he really want he really wants to play in and certainly eventually he will get a chance and everybody will see. That you town whenever -- -- Any particular gave me her looking forward to bomb on that schedule you can say so there -- -- -- in October that. Chicago -- and now prevailing in many wounds. Lou how's your brother Dylan. Everybody went several techsters espionage. The you know he's the he's doing well he's guru he loves the city. Unless the coaching staff and all that down. You know he's really gain Aqua man I guess you say to NFL you know is still puts a smile on my face that daily draft day you know is incredible moment for our family. In Iraq as Kelli for that I skill it's put the pads on against them. Well I mean that's pretty good I mean what that shows me is is that unfortunately I do you know its own in the genes yet and I unfortunately was not -- of god. -- given. -- -- -- it's amazing how far do you regret. Yeah yeah athletically -- -- -- -- -- to get into what do you think given the fortune you have come under is going to nerves get you had the genes yes. But they were dormant but yeah. I knew you had you had to meet with Jan who was the -- right side of the athletic -- out of you when I have now been asked Bryant dear to your daughter in your -- -- -- It's. We asked us on talent in just I mean it's all in the genes he got two guys look at the drunk Brothers look at you when your brother it's all in the genes into the rest of us can try as hard as we want to cut back happily ever known can't be a professional we get into it it's free doesn't. Hey Brian you know I'm not gonna complain who would rather rapidly grown up. Mere -- ya know me how. Okay that I was quoted on the radio as saying he was a better athlete pride to the draft not you've been drafted they got now it's time -- -- it's true that I'm -- Yeah. Yeah. I don't -- the Roma people congregate. And you really don't get into your love and concern about it again yeah I didn't run where our. Even if there is an experience. Yeah you know though yeah it's it's all good fun and and that that day I think my parents again that -- our roof for one of us the first half and then second half the flip and flip jerseys. Yeah. There's clearly. One root for you want and how they -- they've got need any both -- -- both -- Obama first have made that -- that second half vice Versa anyway this it's a pretty cool thing is. Our analysts and Shane Vereen and our guest this morning. On the he's having his football camp out in California and -- -- the whole thing benefit -- not making any money zero -- zero money hoping benefits children's hospital Los Angeles anonymous you can follow chain on Twitter. To find out more about it or what's the website again -- finally dot com fundamentally. -- come back slash playmakers. Yeah the game and now the governor -- gentle giant get there on them so. And organ organ CU at the WA AF celebrity golf tournament is absolutely okay coming out of the ones who -- little ones. Yeah zero natural happily yeah. I got lazy lazy death he got yeah and seeing -- -- is -- -- the -- quantity. Thanks thank you so yeah I. 6179311. AF is a number to call beyond beyond today you can tax. WA AF -- motor group tax on his 9717. You know what we'll put that information about our FaceBook they do it how he can how about they don't know that I really appreciate children's right it's gonna rain. Hey everybody wants everybody's texting and they want you to be -- Hillman -- guess throughout the -- -- here so we'll have a -- -- that yeah there are saying like likely JD interview late to let you know like you may have a future in the and the -- -- -- about -- -- -- -- -- Yeah OK. Okay. Yeah. That's the most info we've gotten out of anybody in the last night yeah. Pretty it's pretty fourth. I think it gives pretty good information. I'd sell. It's gonna rave all day today but that it will be warm temperature will be somewhere in the seventies.