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Unsolicited Advice 6-3-14

Jun 3, 2014|

After a news story about a neighbor trying to give advice on teaching a child how to ride a bike a and tempers flared we discuss other times people give unwanted advice.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Is their thing worse. Then unsolicited. Parenting advice when when you're doing your best with the to be apparent nothing like these people have to interfere and start telling you how to do everything up I will say. That this case. Of rage. When it comes to. Your advice not being taken is outrageous it that it happened in in Minnesota with a guy was it was outside. Teaching his kid got a ride his bike you Barack and thigh -- started shouting instructions out from the house that still. Yeah here's how you should be doing next. So and it -- -- year old Gary Drake for Minnesota was arrested. He was shouting the advice to his neighbor who was teaching his daughter to ride her bike in the street. Started shooting out Texan Evers like yeah we expect -- -- problem so Gary pulls out a shotgun. And Britain sent. Acknowledged that it does that he didn't speak to how yeah. So one of the local news affiliate interviewed a couple of people who live on the street they couldn't figure out why the -- this got to do this. V this is Allison Nelson and -- Kate Olsen both of whom seem to know. This I've never ever seen a -- -- -- -- that was ever and then we look over and he's in handcuffs and he's locked in a cop car against Geary came out in was trying to give. Tips I hope that you know like -- and scar her for life but that freaked me out I was seven and I thought that I'm -- ask -- what happened in Lyon and and alluding to do that this never happens again because. We need to be safe here this is spam. Mind your own beeswax. -- -- 1101000 -- scared it's my kid that I will parent my kid the way I want a parent -- care they you don't need to tell me what my kids should or shouldn't be eating. You don't need to interfere my kid is having some kind of a tantrum or something and start telling me out of control my kids stay out of it yeah. Robby you're you're about to experience this -- how old is your child nine months old. So they thankfully there's not too much now but the good as your child go all the food. You'll experience this -- people. They've been Chiming in -- They know better than you do when it comes to raising your kids. Especially those people without kids -- came home from college that's. But when they try to manage you know maybe you should know don't you have kids you know that kind know. Keep doing what you don't have a blast an amicable we're seeking to show Maria and I. Old I -- to hold only a car. Unsolicited. Golf advice. The war it pays. You know I noticed. Right during that last swing back your hips didn't go all the way through. Keep playing your own round of golf I don't mean you're not what are you David Duvall I don't need to get the review. On my swing I am playing my own around over here data might stay away. From -- the worst part of that -- to take to the debt debt umpteenth level. Is your playing the charity scramble events sells well that wherever -- bright red everywhere every -- you get to pick your lousy shot out and put it where the other ball is because everybody an attorney Sox as just and they're giving you advice -- but I shoot out and -- didn't pan out donated by. I think in the general. Unsolicited. Advice. Is obnoxious isn't as vice who like who. Major UN expert and whenever the topic is and why do you feel the need oh here's another one unsolicited gym at five so. Get a say yeah you must you must you must really get bothered when your you know what we're -- your form at the gym regularly get out. A lot of isn't that when it comes to powerless if you look at these behind your toes when it comes to the powerless a lot of people there asking me that. I noticed your snacks it was a little off the clock. Is a lot of the exact code and it doesn't get a better but who are you gonna go below Pirillo -- then. Here's 617 tax them all the golfers you've picked David -- yes David the ball. Shot if she believes only player to shoot 59 I believe in -- The PGA event. And -- lowest lowest round ever sir hello brought a man -- O'Brien. All right Jack I mean I. Open. At this already Pittsburgh they can you get somebody. It was good out by the other starters Chad did you birds are cheap but it so yes -- yes. Thought court all of the girls. -- -- them the most and who has sparked all the pro at. Option and where are still best. At a quote Jared yelled over to us. Video -- -- of the rarity traction which -- stake out. There isn't not think I don't think you're assist as everybody vehicle stop being shot. There is. Com there's a lot of unsolicited coaching from the sidelines the guy that is that line kids' sporting event my cousin he. You know he coaches I think it's mighty mites and -- -- you don't have based law. And he had to stop because he said that was the worst there were -- many fair parents that were former high school stars yes that -- to death better than no no cousin who went to the rule all the training the coaches. Meetings up until latter you know all that didn't matter because the old quarterback would come down on the idea and -- from the sidelines yup that worst. Well I'm -- I'm going to be that -- -- -- I Dakota are bought them them a number one I'm not I'm I'm not gonna dedicate you know unless unless you're willing to coach I don't have -- -- -- -- -- get abused my buddies. A lot of time but it thingy on Saturday Bruins games ago to area red sighs gains go to your -- -- remorse and New Hampshire -- and -- all sorts. -- how about unsolicited. Dieting advice -- on. Alcohol and -- I mean it was go through right now I do it's more maybe if he's gonna go with you know people. And -- go likely lake at the Howell. But hey you know -- -- down arms and down they have already know you should do we've done nearly you know Diana -- -- but what you -- you -- to fix up your backyard and you don't need anyone you -- there's what is on the I mean I kind of coughed up a lot of -- and -- in this business or -- totally blown up. Tired of doing it right what went down. But he Ron Stuart Appleby shot -- 59 as well as Paul. Goalie that's good to good old -- Good leader I've ever going to. In every corner of -- who -- yes I'm sure you bill. Yes. Actually it -- -- I had no idea where did they drive in an area. -- And in. How about a new employee. Trying to tell you unsolicited. A job advice you know I noticed you're not really being too efficiently and Craig did at my old job. When did love love you know when I worked in radio and always you know been very need to get fired you know yeah. Up to 54 attacks -- -- -- where that's from but most infuriating unsolicited advice. Unsolicited grilling advice. Yeah that's when -- have a little party have a little barbecue you know. Give me that term notes take that zone where they'd be turning a chilly times -- -- that I am on the grill. Your house you can put it that way you'd like to cut it yes. I took some perfect steak tips on the last failing call that you don't just -- -- low heat out. They were -- -- -- low and slow movement they didn't burn and they weren't they weren't chart up like Chernobyl they were delicious followed Jimmy. Yes value I just kind of mentioned it briefly but the unsolicited. Work to provide some hope he'll rep for company who's in and out of all people yeah when The Home Depot employees telling me. How to do my. The watch him play that will be. The job. About here's some somebody who says also there's a lot of I guess unsolicited pet advice on my following are like your daughters and your kids you're out walking your Diane. You're gonna park -- -- people give you training advise him like and so it's like now. It is -- when you have people that like have an off leash dog that come up and it's like you're you're trying it. To managing user control tactics and you got like okay -- you know and leave it whatever -- like you know you should -- -- collars are really dangerously -- you definitely should your mom and so that's attacking my own doberman and not tell me how to how to do this I got. Thanks here's somebody says still nothing worse than unsolicited backseat driving. -- the IIs that is that is annoying. -- yeah I got on -- oh unsolicited driving directions if that's LB to a team. LB I know I actually did not why did you tell her. Round to round. I've had a kid did he then you're on the back up this why -- watch -- -- always now as we -- what might. Doing needs -- demand of sixteen get a six senior -- led by would give it to mask I married scream no aren't as bad dance is exiting them. It's just please. But some people still say that the unsolicited. Parenting advice is this bothers them. Below. Jake. Very hard to go guys let's there's no great yogi once puts up good morning. My every week or I go to my daughter. Might actually gives me almost like. And I can Leo 01 action could -- -- -- -- order work him out -- and ideally. -- actually I want to Hitler. That it's for everything on your book that -- Well. They're the Texas says dragon don't believe you actually drive I do. Stopping occasionally believed -- the hype is now creating garage during their rights yes I'm in this morning's -- guys in the next term -- and a a lodge a -- now. Yet the war on elicited. Light in the bedroom. -- in life whenever were wrapped in -- that it felt -- left the room. Well I mean lifted that at least. She's try and give you some advice that might help you out there and watch a couple of born under a program it might might help a little bit unsolicited driving reactions also -- -- the why why why it was the kind Chelsea just his -- looking for some ring weren't weren't revered like really I can -- I would be out down this is a good one unsolicited car repair advice like you've -- a dimension that some you know you start your car's in the -- -- what's wrong with -- I don't know it's making like. O'clock example I want her class got me. Probably need an oil shares outstanding feature is rational rotator changed if I don't know about that it change your spark blogs and -- I do on my own home car repairs myself -- all right and there are you ready to get to lose size sexy adult. Joyce price is right I insert a guy.