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Inside the Simple Male Mind with LB 6-2-14

Jun 3, 2014|

Every week we go inside the simple male mind with relationship guru Lydon Byers with topics including the best way to avoid getting hit on when I have a boyfriend, a man who won't let his woman measure his manhood, and a 1 night stand with a clingy co-worker.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. We are about to go inside those simple -- mind a public service feature on this show every Monday. If you're a woman. And you don't understand. Why. A man in your life acts the way in which he acts now is the time to find out. LB will take you inside this simple -- mind right now text your question. 2971. Of seven what is your boyfriend do your husband do. Guy you want -- date a guy you like he well what do they do that really bothers you taxed now -- LB you'll give you the inside information from. The simple mail mind. Here we go I'll -- I'm in a relationship. And I am so sick of men hitting on me when I go out -- my friends. What's the best way to stop guys from. -- Don't look at me in the guy element back off gas and that's it yes I'm -- guys just you don't got -- shocked -- doesn't wore it. This time does he listen and do you know what guys guys now all honesty now there's not the worst in making eye contact with the chicken she. She gives you the eye contact backing you think you're in there and in your -- small. Freaking hours after a bar dump on her when you could could be chasing some that you're gonna end up with at the end of the night. So -- really nice. I mean really isn't really that frustrating at duke Carolina thank you isn't really problem but I am in a relationship you don't have a shot. I do I have a nice day here's a cocktail. Enjoy -- -- -- different. It never ends there. And never -- -- get the guy that thinks it's all it's a challenge it's a charming and break her dad you don't you eat it and then they -- get the guys that come out that the navy could see the chip -- -- elect Ollie Ollie not to give me chances you get a man and what are you don't know me Hollywood thing and some scum bag of them come up anti wanna get to know you. Why I can be the best value of the met with investing an unhappy with like I shot. Mumbling along move it move it. Here's a Texas is tell it to stay off. -- Into staying home isn't texas' stop dressing like a two dollar -- that's -- -- below zero o'clock I think you mean the thing you do is that when it's on to the grown apart -- it's a bit in the slot. And I can't listen my friend junior and dosage given -- just -- one night stands in Israel in Barcelona got a fair but some effort and over there by the -- tax why won't my boyfriend let me measure his penis he gets so mad at me every time I asked to do it was it to softer. In India debate went on you a little boy on him if possible and -- man. You know you don't want you just it's tough for guys to own home you know on up to the -- actual side again you're supposed to you're supposed to pretend like we're all future would mean. Like what does she want to measure of that right. The funny thing it's the rolling next -- in America -- -- -- daily news that tape measure put you email me being involved in the body yeah exactly -- don't you guys are one. Year ago on the bottom of a match. I had a one night stand with someone from work -- got really clinging immediately products -- worst you he watched me sleeve and thought we were going to be together. Alzheimer like you how to -- -- rid of this just be honest that just the united Bob. Seriously thanks of a sex awesome too bad your cleaner and that there's not a -- It's not just the perfect scenario I mean this dream that all the time there's a couple of threes for a -- -- here at an account yeah -- -- -- and all Amy got the I -- a Mac more and is it is desperate to say. Say it just -- for the Leo hey you would just go in your office and I'm thinking Emilia wanna just you know on. That's -- -- any news she blows by into the breaker Africa and a term is it right for my husband. Is it right for my husband to make comments about other women in front of me I can't stand it when he does that what's the big deal. We all even Milan -- At least he's -- an Odyssey you should take take. That is a huge compliment that he's he believes seasonal over the use and you you love him so much that. That instead I 'cause we all do it I -- I talked about this last week it doesn't matter of the ladies 68. Or are these are air nineteen. Compared -- she's got guns a blazing your reluctant bride. It doesn't -- the natural we check out the -- reject a BS a fact guy back Curley just smoke so why doesn't matter. Now he's looking -- you look at other guys they make yourself feel ready or cut back that's that -- -- let alone comment is executed that fits just a little innocuous like open. Look at the one that's that's one thing that if -- like it's a big -- White -- why -- you keep up with gusts up my car went up there to look scar on my kitchen and my staff don't want kids. That's -- reading your -- around -- -- is used to this emotional collars chicken salad dressing here you know him very what you -- those standards and went there with Tokyo and. But when. My boyfriend and I just had our six month anniversary Assad and again and he didn't mention it at all. I was upset all day yesterday why don't men remember important. Dates because -- man. A minute hold on a mistake on that that's not important data to six month universe. I have a relationship guy guy guy we go through this every on this like once a month are we I get this like -- People believe their relationship after six months it doesn't even count until like two years a year two years I hear it starts to be a year. You're not -- buddies anymore OK okay -- legit you know there's some feelings yeah there you might have a future. You might wanna you know you you might dump a little energy into the relations yeah picking up a notch. You know two years and then -- -- you're good 345. Yourself then it's an engagement type thing you wouldn't be surprised. 857. Text. I've been gaining a guy for two months he rarely calls and sometimes will tax me but when we see each other he's all over me especially in public what does that mean. I mean he just loves to cultivated. -- awesome he doesn't yeah he he want you know he he he cares what you think your smoke show and you're great in a wrapper off. Anything you know enough for nothing your anonymous -- kids -- -- at it. You know he's -- he spent Wednesday Thursday Friday trying to Nelson mouse yeah I've got shut down to Saturdays follow Maria. -- ago -- just enjoy. We always and just enjoy just you know don't I mean I -- put her values -- do you get wrapped up an adult. You would give guys we too much credit this is sure we'd like to have fine and and if we get home some day and it's bonus blank. Super Boerse and we know external sound I mean -- go to the you know once you you know -- always turn -- some -- -- but we wanna have a great time we're with the guys have a great time bingo bingo room. You know what you should just do the same thing to look at it he likes to get. Here's a text on the six month anniversary -- 774 tax. Maybe he didn't know he was supposed to make -- note of the actual date would you Wear out too when you first met and -- And again again and it's it's one of those things it's such a woman thing and so are my guys you know even even within you know I'm I'm I'm one of those guys. If I'm if I'm loving yet and -- around taking care area. 365. Who accuse -- your birthday it's really like to seven -- -- you know I think you let her -- in the mortgage and I'm fill in the -- could not take you there Red Sox in -- the -- play out games and we'll go to dinner we're going element. But hey lets me Reagan and and Daniel. -- Britain cap room -- -- couple bottles of wine -- up on a Friday gravel road don't know what I got to know. What did your birthdays now why wait many of these things are things he's doing for yeah. Yeah so guy doesn't know or whatever it is again you know I think. Saner -- only not -- I mean we get it where it was decisive the other day is that we gotta get that -- we have that gift certificate good. Who told rookie reserve we have to do and night out. -- it's hard to little back and by the way. What would that would that six month anniversary thing what was his feeling that he forgot the Daimler and now he didn't bring it -- in mentioning -- prime importance to him crazy now that relations are just so you know for -- -- You don't really need -- it's not gonna work if that's if that your expectations of married six. Arms I was on top -- I'm seven months pregnant. And horny as hell off. Albeit WA AF -- my boyfriend doesn't seem interest -- it all in Saxon do men find pregnant women sex. -- -- 5050 shot like you know I do I think pregnant women or smoke show so that was wholly all over. And steal all of the whole -- like. I love a pregnant woman -- its phenomenally sexy. But when you don't -- pregnant woman but he did I think it's all and I'm like what I'm deacon down regulate the pregnant lady's dog loved it really loved a woman along really hard smiling and my woman doing -- trader at the baby economic. Crater at the -- and that's that's one of those throughout water column as a whole lives our own lives I -- -- -- the deep end here. And now I guess so yeah it's chamber. What does it the way some guys don't like I I just I just know more about that it whatever they -- maybe I don't know I don't know but when when your wife's pregnant or who hunt change that in. -- get three times in the blood run and run and handler that if you orgasm hundreds -- girl -- don't know just just because just a custom woman the the Yahoo! budgets voluptuous and maybe there's our little angry and there but -- -- -- -- -- And -- somebody says prank goes Legos or -- -- so you three times he had some dudes are really turned on national event it's like it's some. -- -- what's the word I'm looking forward not Arnold but you know back in the evolutionary you know -- like they -- reproduction and and it's like Casey Anthony thanks -- Cro -- and -- man yeah -- still have a long advocated from him that this happens very very. I'm up for like six weeks say Garrett. I'm Jason is Saber toothed tiger comes back I don't more dynamic artists to tiger. Going to be food for like three years after you have the kids. Well we'll put that away pull out the clock down and all that -- Why does my husband to -- important details out of big gossip items he tells me. We just found out our friends are getting divorced and he didn't tell me that the husband cheated. He does this all the time. It gives you it's like you view it comes back to -- women -- sectarian. Or parade back in my face I come home way yeah. Bigger -- like yeah she added oh where were you -- you well what would block. Yeah dinosaurs doing more. Guys have kind to shares they put that. You know when somebody as a baby and there's 87 questions about Wright -- bleeding badly handled that nobody. -- -- They're an -- that implantable yeah I don't my first thought was she doesn't know what is it always ends up on your plate. Our beloved wife go to your views suvs -- -- -- so I have my IMAP box. Oh did you see that I can't believe Jim got his wife a diamond ring for Christmas. Kind of been revenue at a time in England years. Up and it command ever. It and that we don't care when my you know who'll listen that this is a disturbing tax. I found it difficult to have sex of my pregnant wife right after my unborn daughter kicked me. All. That's what this child is thinking and you could -- Tommy and I get it. Plot that's we've got it I mean I Yemen that kind of stuff doesn't creep me out but I dot -- that's why I understand how guys would yeah it's like treat you like when you see the -- then get out of I don't know baby -- all of the candidates don't make good. Like -- It's. They get it on the side. That's why it you know again that's you would do Ronnie do get a million briefly. Just now and go from me. Just -- now this is an interest in one. Just found out that they guy I have been dating for the last month lied to me about his job. He told me he was an orthopedic surgeon and if -- -- it and a friend of his misspoke this weekend and mentioned that he is in sales I really like the guy. And I don't want to not be with him but he lied to me. I'm sure that grows on -- -- business -- the exhibit excellence we're not renowned and if you're going to back you line Tony secured doctor. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah and it's I don't associate -- -- -- -- get to surgery did you think she is if things you would have thought something was up movies because they only quote the one guy. There's an idea you know he can't have all his friends on the scam it's the only the only time they ever what was Soviets with the other in this one guy what do you think she should do are did -- on duty like you are -- job. One -- I mean again -- it is -- -- good salesman I mean yeah. -- -- -- That's our suppliers and the lead our minds -- -- but he did not update linked in this. Shift to drop -- hospital and we watch the front door and out the -- -- -- -- -- -- the cardinals that goes to work for nine hours worked for congress and Lou thank -- global war. What a day I say the guy had to open heart surgery like I imagine all the terminology he began an open -- have to sort of liked the Boston library spent like three hours a day -- terminology a. This is inside the simple mental mind your woman. Who doesn't understand why a guy does what he does you can text your question right now to the ninety's so -- didn't want to. There are a joke what do we get it yeah hey guys -- he calls his sister yeah basically I -- that you might throw some scrubs on and not flying over pretending mariners at. And it what do you so stressed out about all I had surgery in the world today for. Now this -- at a traditional -- Tony. Cooper here in. But tore a ligament banks and it looked I mean it is going applicant a doctor doesn't mean you're going off again to get out of -- and the other. As getting an -- Atlantic came into Burma Thailand to. Happening in the cockpit on the flight so you know ambassador Andre if there were on a date and some happen someone needed -- ER I. There and but it's. That the oh. Texas says what do you mean is he good salesman he convinced that he was that Saturday -- your -- not bad not bad. -- This is Chris yes hello Chris. Build up what's up. But it got an epic I got -- library -- wind field which certainly not a -- -- -- it is that a heart surgeon actually got she's -- you don't even play golf. Every doctor please go. By -- and so creeped out right now that's of this text says. On Friday as celebrating five years at my company and my boss presented me gift in front of everybody it was a Victoria's Secret gift card oh boy I think that's wildly inappropriate. And I feel like colonel filing a sexual harassment. Well you got something my granddad worked for UGG green elevators for 35 -- a game African why. Dying out. I mean isn't various secrets it's expensive stuff I think that's a nice gift you can mile kinds of things that are now can I mean what do you hey look did you like absolute dollar visa gift card if that's the case what you sow -- so all -- -- -- -- pretty easy steps something gives or Wal-Mart current chief pest. I didn't get the carry -- -- and train do the right thing maybe was -- -- problem that. Compliment it's primary on purpose. That's McCain -- -- -- year -- playing militaries he is totally see you're wearing maybe you can go by something only team we can go for dinner in -- the 33 -- and my wife. Isn't this the lord now that's just not about one year and like could the guy could this have -- -- -- -- -- us I mean -- and I services supergenerous could it be an innocent mistake on this guys -- end. Theory short is it now now. -- -- he's yet and he's trying to -- -- suggestive manner and it's a foot in the door you know I was there and in the back pocket you know but apparently dumped her. And as you -- a LB what is the first thing you notice about a woman I know every man is different but I am tired of them claiming they noticed my personality or my eyes it's such a lie. What part of me should I make -- the bath your -- Really you're fighting your moves meant button moved skin to win but and but deserves. Remember this but the what do what do women Alice I like I -- -- I honestly I you know I'm one of those guys you know I I like I notice a girl's looks down but I mean and and -- -- -- go -- -- the -- -- -- -- the -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Only look at body parts in a bullet in the relevant yeah but he Ahmadinejad at the tip that they did it. The I found over the weekend my boyfriend of five years Chris has been cheating on me with the women who lives in the apartment next to us I don't wanna do anything illegal but I really wanna give back at this moment. Especially since I'm not a position to move out now what's the best way to get -- nail was pressed for an awful -- -- hook up with his I. A couple of -- of the body. Resisting a packet says the woman that that cheated with a boyfriend right that's only given -- does it matter that she's never gonna be a -- I mean outside -- do you know and an endurance are increasing going to jail that -- the best thing you can do is is -- And the closest friend to him that mailer or family member -- -- -- fiato brother brother's -- as some way I mean you know it whenever you can get up there but it could probably be hilarious thing happened because -- there. Yeah puck out of his mom so let's say LB's advice just have sex -- his father.