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Hill-Mail 6-2-14

Jun 3, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages over the weekend.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule -- WA AF. Now each unit during his talk as the Hill Man Morning Show presents deal made out there. Area the last -- and that you can -- -- can you reflect that fact we -- On W hey hey this isn't the all right today's till -- messages rod deal by noon turf care your residential and commercial lawn care provider. One is looking -- -- it at all that -- holiday. News and solace I mean it's early aren't limited in its early did the crime but it's -- I mean it's looking -- and this. That's the look you lose stopping to take a look at it and pictures on an idea. The visit new turf care dot com and mentioned that you they have got a fair that fat slob and I thought. When does that. In this case I get a -- of creating the in a free flea and tick treatment from the experts that Newt could turf care when you mention W today. Horrible hole twelve -- -- I kind of liberty natural bobcats and I have the right support -- you're square leg Margaret. -- And they acted a little bit. That ever since. That happened is still watching Gary -- off the walking none and are now I -- I'm because I'm not worried about it you know -- -- bring them bring a walking stick with me -- and maybe some. A can of mace or did you kind of pattern of animal comment yeah yeah. But since I talked about it on the shelf lot of people. In the area in the -- area have come to mean and they have seen. Same bobcats though. And the concern is that the thing is rabid. I'm hoping I'm hoping that -- police follow up on my report that I gave them well. -- very disarming our African business owner and no word strand have a decent life for -- human ultimate lion and now move. All right it mean tranquilizer -- euthanized and they they think you. I'll -- it can be dangerous there was the bobcat a little thin that it would that was trying to it was rabid. It was trying to give in to the humans how's the thing we're going up against the door trying to house yeah. To go for the jugular of the poor people were inside so he can't take these things like. Leone but why you don't put the -- during candidates. Hello you all morning you guys are all. Couple hundred order good you were the the -- at 1 -- -- lord here you know you're welcome ordered my the program -- -- little words over there. Say listen I take a lot of pride in the line. Nothing wrong with that the -- 1:40. PM. Yes I was calling guys because I heard that there was a report this because people like too much pointing to bring its -- And something -- player that it that -- people who are too much up on their brain -- small. And that that -- with -- Clinton. That your. A man is one of the smartest guys aren't that. -- -- 4218. PM. -- -- there are being. Well -- all -- yet here. I must admit I was a little concerned going to the best buddies and yeah -- yeah -- mass this discussion in them and many other discussions I'm. Always afraid I could be recognized by an -- Kennedy family member of the group it could be uncomfortable but at that. Thank god what it is an uninitiated -- throughout guy now but they aren't in the and they had a long before we don't want you talking about any and -- -- a player that you know. It's a thin now at the end comfortable in that kind of situation. Sinks. -- -- -- -- Integrated. It is going to be a lot of film -- say about being able to get back on the Red Sox get back in I prefer to call it the -- rollercoaster. Garnered her and a and now that I actually got via U Leo -- stay on board man these guys are great group of guys who -- series champs they got seven in a row going right now. Right seven wins in a row for any knowledge and besides they're up. Mean. Forty yeah. Cut by a couple -- -- turnpike Cotton Bowl. And -- which we learned this morning. That the main cause of obesity. Not only in this country but around the world could be a virus. So huge dinners. Have a completely legitimate excuse it has nothing to do with -- what you're reading. How often you work out if -- media's sedimentary life style -- You have caught a virus to continue your cells that -- and causes them. To retain them yes Dino virus 36 cause yourself to essentially mutate. And that changes the wiring inside -- and -- cancer went -- -- instruct cells to retain the fat so let me tell you something. Do you think people on your bicycles and suck it. I am the way I am because I kind of virus that people on a nice thought they are comfortable already on I caught a virus. That's why I look like I look second printing and -- And I don't know that it is big news and they're -- -- It was white and black flag -- -- -- Under that America America Jonny Gomes. And America. And the old Arnold 30 PM. Yeah. -- -- -- With the youngsters to man -- sauce and -- Ekene a lot of guys aren't brought cold. -- that stepping up for these guys and -- moral in Indiana. I very come about and gave it it's horrible happened there are making war and global. And it's. I'm the wrong word there and said -- Terry and Terry sedentary now is -- what I say sedimentary elementary. A sedimentary rock supplementary sounds better that way I like elementary you know a lot of Robin aren't -- -- -- styles in order to answer our -- seven -- -- elementary my dear Watson rudimentary and send sedentary. Yeah. If fat that that and I'm a freelance. That hill mail if you weren't listening earlier. Was a reference to. This video that went viral over the weekend it's from 2012. A San Diego Padres press conference that was being conducted by Bud Black the manager that team. In which he passed a little Cassidy. Tried to cover it up with a cough. So that's what that was around well I mean there obviously oops yeah you know it's not a deal. -- you know our parents aren't I returned to moving the chain yeah. Well I mean there obviously you have some -- you know it's not a deal. The cost of -- should own leaders. I've Garrick and now it's very low. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ai and I got the rest will be delivered -- working -- throwing great company that or just execute your call. No I got -- -- just yesterday we were I call them up and said hey -- is any -- hasn't on the show in a long time and said -- he's working nights over that and that. You know -- and I believe that. Yeah it's that you know for Britain it was one of those throw blows over in the northwest corridor certify crap that the. I don't -- but I think well I don't think Wilford grimly as well certainly still alive -- yes Randy asked not only. Please check that he's on Bosnia -- -- like the last two weeks now to -- That --