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Masshole Theatre: Full Metal Jacket 6-2-14

Jun 3, 2014|

Another trip into the Masshole Theatre as we go with a Memorial Day Military theme with Full Metal Jacket.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. -- Hill Man Morning Show -- Well our weekly celebration of the unique accent and the unique vocabulary. Here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Rob ran into old buddy his what was -- all with Saturday went Friday one Friday got it. And Aaron and Thomas guy I forgot how Nixon people's accents are and just like watching are my enemy could mean my brother talking about this weekend. When you watch a Guy Ritchie movie and some of the words your -- totally recognizable. Got English language in and their words where your life. It is he pronouncing the syllables just really technically they're -- like that job is. I just can't understand and this kid again. What's his -- name my body for a row are yeah rock guy run it was run for a ride is from -- a mock him. Let's get Alex up vs morning Alex. Aren't -- Alex. And excellent you ready to play. All right -- -- -- do is tell us what film is being featured today during mass -- theatre take a listen now. I am -- size and how many -- senior high Dojo struck down from now -- -- -- speak when spoken so yeah any age and in the fast so passwords and email -- Lisa. Yes if you wanna get a -- from the problem to begin with so so I -- son. Did -- a bunch of tools right now but if you ladies leave my island effusive -- training you'll be a weapon. You'll below balls minister of data trampled war would get sick -- -- -- -- daughter and the harm that song. But until that day isn't just a bunch of will be times. Is the lowest forms of life for America is in even more human beings who is an outcome but I bungee jumps right in the fear refinery because I am I don't you want more like meeting in my daughter's. Besides when I Israeli dunks are that we downwind out of being the -- my beloved call to understand. Didn't opt out there I'm happy -- just sorry I guess there -- and there. Let's see it's -- you got an answer Alex. I -- and optimize it yet you know one of the great Thelma -- and one of the great scenes from that film yes -- -- -- -- opponent lets not forget and it's a -- medal. Is. Some. 99 is where I can I might. -- doesn't even say like you where you can always says you exit EO is yeah it's like yeah I suspect you. Costs I don't threaten a lot of crying parent on our homeland. I don't gunnery sergeant Hartman you senior though -- struck them from now want you know I'm -- speak when spoken so yeah any age and in the -- -- last words amount police. Yes if you wanna get a -- from the Obama to begin with suck so I guess our kid you know my residuals right now but if you ladies leave my island. If you -- training you'll be a weapon. You'll be the ball's -- minister of data train for war would get sick Carlos Condit and a daughter ran a column that song. Until that day isn't just a bunch of will be ties -- -- -- lowest forms and went for America is -- even more human beings is and that somebody a bunch who don't shrine in the fear refinery. Because I am around you won't -- I mean in my -- decides it wants regular dunks -- -- -- -- -- -- got appear to serve my political to understand that. Good job by -- He has a thick. Now the real thing -- Born and raised tip my hat down the line inner -- you -- out through doing all the guys over a -- a security group and I was going down in the previous few weeks got I just figured you know the Bridgewater area it's awful good for the accent. And now I've moved so I don't know if I'm gonna be gone down them but I got to find a place. People can email me to run WA AF because I keep here and I got to go to this borrow yeah locals of this bar -- feel free to -- got any recommending I still think the south coast is where it's -- well they've -- army no I like -- area -- that's a good accent. Yeah but. I think you can fight and all over the place there -- anywhere it's -- it's pervasive it is pervasive.