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Listen to Mistress Carrie interview Jenny McCarthy

Jun 2, 2014|

Today, "The View" co-host Jenny McCarthy called in. She is anything but boring. She's been a fixture of pop culture of 20 years, and she's been laughing about it all the way to the bank. She's graced the pages of Playboy, been a star on MTV, written and starred in movies, she's a New York Times best selling author, been a controversial medical advocate, had very public romances with A list celebrities and athletes, and now she is hosting a comedy tour and marrying a New Kid. Listen to my interview here.

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It's just scary weekdays three to seven on Boston -- station WA AFG. Eight. What's not thank you for taking time out of the view. To call me. I would I would I was so looking forward talking here is so it's my pleasure. There's so much -- taught -- about but I feel like I need to confess something first. Now that you are marrying in to the New Kids On The Block spam -- -- aren't you -- the same page so I grew up skating all things New Kids On The Block because it. I rebelled against any thing that was popular here are so I just wanna apologize for the voodoo dolls in the pins for Donna and when he was younger. You don't -- to keep you -- here you don't wanna go against the door and I you're I'm sure your -- so proud as all the problems -- billions are. All what I love is. The show Boston's finest. Not to have been great all analyst doesn't doesn't really really good job not only. You know just showing off the city but the bravery of the police department and all that stuff so. He's he's generally deemed in my eyes I don't look at him as a new kid anymore so called a temporary help putt putt coming out here so congratulations. You guys are engaged you're going to be at an adopted Bostonians. I clearly don't like I want it could be you know what kind from Chicago like Gillick. The only city. That would near Chicago would be thoughts and because. You know we're proud of our sport he ever went down to earth actually eat and we drink -- Felt that -- feel like it's its sister city. I have I want to Chicago to -- a great great city if anybody hasn't -- merit an amazing food. Great architecture where. And that people are dying. And nobody ever says that about us. So I was only things to. Asked you about I mean obviously you're on TV every day on the view which. Can be amazed staying away and you know your your opinions are positive and can be. Absolute hell in the tabloids when you misspeak or you say anything because it's a lot. No it come back. -- -- -- -- Is finally being on the radio but I really it's a little bit different when you're there with all the other women and like something could slip out and then it hits the Internet and -- crucified. You know -- I've kind of made my career -- Seeking birth and then thinking. So I really had. You you don't do my own 52 delay what I started you know I'm like okay -- McCartney and make sure that you are now. This is eight time. And make sure you know you're not. -- my car revolution it's it's now or -- but the get -- it should be coffee pot teaching copy talk with a little extra room to and that's what you. Go back now I think it's great I was -- the year park last. -- with there second -- a party original you know Schaub. I'll admit error cannot say she's alleged it's the end of it really lies it really lives and she's she's met I met -- and -- terror. On tax talk behind the scene -- -- Notoriously I had no light yet accounts -- -- irreverence explained and it. There into just. Being promiscuous stealth which I think it's that time he. I think kind of horrifying at the same time. It depends how old you are technically. A I want to ask you because you know just the last couple of weeks people like Charlize -- Ryan or. You know -- talents -- how you say something -- Just get absolutely. Hated on the Internet he ends you know you spend on both sides of it when it comes to not only accolades but criticism is well how hard is that when -- we got and you don't even wanna go on the Internet because it seems like everyone's talking about. You know -- -- happen if you're gonna be in front of the cameras -- happen no matter what it is always that have area as its sensitivity would anyone. Compared anything on to soldier or war. You know unless he's on it you know how can you possibly compare ourselves we talked about the unit using. Analogies that a little bit better. -- made the joke that -- did some. Content and coupled with her brain. But you know -- I would have learned in the media is diet that turnovers so quick with the news and the news cycles its -- you people could be. Hated one week's hero the -- and then he began securely to. It's amazing from -- -- back watching watchful. You know what it normally you don't. As a celebrity in -- believed that good and the act and you just kind of hokey that your style he'll survive. I also attracts you about having a relationship in public like dating. Especially as a single mom isn't hard enough but like. Doing it with everybody watching. Yeah you know and you'll just have been very public and you've handled them in a very public way and in our mind. I really mind that if you are hoping. And not -- -- your life that seventy year in how I guess I believe that kind of a little bit of an open talk. Of course there's some things that adults hold it here but there's a lot of things like people do -- -- Hearing about you being not people do enjoy hearing. When there are hard times you feel like achievement and -- Mike -- -- how -- can relate to your troubles and maybe learn something or. You know like inside it. Some and -- fairy tale for people like feel like it should it should try to be Sheridan. Is wrong and old people have lose trust in each sat there and -- -- not to buy into what people are saying however that could be. What was more nerve racking your first day on the view. Or meeting the matriarch of the Wallenberg family. Category quite -- really great question it I would say my first -- you all why is. Not nerve wracking at all for them. I had here runner and Guiding -- there that difference. But how I was nervous. And yeah interest. She is. One of the most amazing beautiful spirits ever because she's got such you -- sure -- move everybody's mop and should be and looks like -- -- and of course like any you know future -- argue why did you write -- You know I'm just hoping that she. This team needs from me and it was lovely and she's just such a year and a lot talking on the phone and should we had a great relationship. I don't YE. Anyone would be surprised and I find this out because. Part you know so much of your career as -- comedy based. But to find out that Melissa McCarthy -- your -- in and that it runs in the family the way that it does and why there's so many people surprised by the. But you can't keep our eye on Thanksgiving. And I got hit nine residences during typical Irish cap back. And I all of the embassy. Most and I had the same -- are -- her brother's belt. There my aunt and -- are out of their mind like Mickey -- -- -- -- I looked set. Portrayed my aunt Sally in bright so you can imagine. What are holidays are like it is definitely prize the Stanley and try and I are even close to being the funny lot of like. Other aunts and uncles all make you -- Felt hopefully will produce more babies and some comedy will continue in. So -- it was just is intimidating for -- to -- your side of the family and right. -- -- -- They're definitely all the power you know they rolled off and chopped and have no problem out there you know now. They -- you know like we carry weapons. You know and they're -- top. Michael apparently. Won it one incident and and a cop she were to have -- and cold but I mean how crazy is. And -- that was possible -- -- even look at that it's a public figures show called under the absolutely. Absolutely. But homicide detective. At night and but I should a but why are so. Later -- you your family is totally the inspiration behind. Jenny McCarthy is dirty sexy funny comedies. Our guys that really ignorant that you and I cannot and by either out -- You know a lot for -- what I need to go to content -- people can relate to actually go to comedy club. They're always Warren can meet you really really. Mad at myself help we'll put everybody who I thought I think it's tiny. Under one party one night different recount stopped well grows we think it out you know and I hit it. And it turned into our whole act. Now we put up and gave me the -- and people I'm not giving up an antique go online and check out dirty I am. Flickr and what people are saying -- -- such -- X app and that's practically have to go to -- and and perform the world are and I'm so happy or. -- be there -- going to be June 14 tickets are available. At Ticketmaster I think it will go on June 14 at 7 o'clock. Some hope you come out so did you know these girls before or did you just can't pick -- because you Simon thought they were hilarious. What I had he -- so that kind of went out at three years enemy I want comedy club after comedy club over three years were dominant -- candidates. And finally -- out of -- And it's it this for the baby it's going to be difficult log on to some contact that. I just wonder if you Leno host the that I am on -- I have filmed that yeah. How about what women think about during sacked and things like that it's not just like so just -- and diets it but it that the that the audience as -- perfect eight night. Connecting to deal or you don't. Girl's night out but. Can I. Everyone can kind of relate to the kind of humor but don't really I'm one night. I think it is pretty hilarious that there's so many guys that are willing to go in there probably knowing that they're going to be. The butt of a lot of the girls jokes it's like walking and -- lion's den. You would think that's right because a lot of the girls that bad but the girl that I -- -- Some of the girls are making out of the -- and like how bad they are -- -- the -- Italy's feet. Yet now performance and so that's with a guys get their lap -- -- per share. Of the. You've always been one of those women I mean obviously most people got at least our audience anyway got to know who you work because of Playboy and needs to be able to kind of come off of the Playboy pages and show. Not only your personality but your sense of humor and that you're not just that. Treaty. Faze him whatever that you're conscientious funny in how personality and the guy is love that about. You you know I remember when I first. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Kept my college debt I was 151000 dollars that. And it paid off and I afterwards I sat okay want to get into comedy and -- -- going okay that's. And I didn't Carrie -- -- and kept pushing forward and a battle then single girl it's eighty pan out but also convert like there after the time is now one. Yes because I cute bird like that no matter how hard I try it really -- skill that tell you accurate right now but I definitely can't you know. After you now. And the light. I am trying did you. What happened after party kill or capture the world ourselves. Sir you're the -- busted this Nikes you're hosting the event. I'll lead you to the studio on hang out with me that day before the show I would love to have you appear to be awesome. Hi there I'm gonna -- and studio and hang out and you're you are. I. -- I can't. You -- ticket solution now it's a Villa and on economic and national appearance. -- you have all the. Obligatory family stuff you have to do -- -- -- -- -- forbid you don't visit the -- why your hometown I can -- multi. Category you know he'd get college not -- -- yell at you all right now that's only a couple hours away. And an after party. The -- I'll look ordinary ready to -- the after party. Well I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day I know that you're around. You go away from the night it guaranteeing lacking -- -- that was my mission. -- -- say that the more you laugh the morning you get to right isn't that like some kind of sign on getting. Laughter is expected air Tony -- you -- release -- talent of course he would get a little bit Randy during. Well there you go so go -- Jenny McCarthy's dirty sexy funny comedy tour and and get -- afterwards yeah I've actually personally tell your 88 upset that. I guarantee I will guarantee that -- And I keep under pressure. -- Well my god Jenny thank you so much for -- really appreciate it you've got. I'll I'll -- -- not so we wait to get out you'd exhaled yeah absolutely and I appreciated so much have a great day -- YouTube I can I -- -- scary weekdays three to seven on Boston's rock station WA AF.