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Hill-Mail 5-30-14

May 30, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours topics include Rangers vs Montreal and Greg's encounter with a bobcat.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each -- returned to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- old -- out. -- rep Bobbie it's my primary down on WA EA. And now for you know -- very best they'll mail messages of the past 24 hours. The final hill mail segment of the week here at WA AF there's -- 305. PM. The cycle perhaps unfairly -- is I get called to say we -- the Hill Man Morning Show I would tend to like about this alleged anti. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And well. We went over there the symptoms of those who are psychopaths to see if Aaron Hernandez hit yesterday and he did to a -- yes. He has. And I -- based on what we have what we read yesterday it appears that Aaron Hernandez's. Anything else that captain Psycho. Point four. 58 PM. It gave and America. Sometime when I'm doing a radio interview on compute but still Velika. -- didn't do eaten my middle tired yesterday I reiterate Florida I mean and it's super nice MB yeah Hollis please thank you guys get on the plane I've used probably. I've tab bit under the weather after celebrating with the teammates. -- Brought the first World Series trophy to Boston and 86 years right I appreciate the fact that tech got up after a long night of celebrating who called the show yesterday there hand tool -- Well it didn't hit and -- and caught it and now well -- and -- -- in that an event like it now I -- yeah yeah -- -- I attempt or. -- -- -- -- At the end of that just hop on that bandwagon. Well right now idea for a ride the wave you know it's you know you stay Placido Domingo is a -- now -- they come down you'll probably come down and Vivian you know in October there. Near there. What do you think a -- alliance and these costs a lot of criticism that he's not good news now people are by the you know -- of the room that unreal we are of course Trenton is is that. A man and I think he does an okay job. I've been a huge fan today he's been awesome he was on the Gary West Coast with -- fox for the Los like. So at least seventeen years now -- phenomenal. And then now he's the only baseball player of the -- -- you know pulled his pastor of first there's. Amazed that that. Call me any had to do was get out there and wave in talk in everybody's suddenly forgives them I'm like he -- no place there and often now it's time deal or no problem. -- beat as an old man and I I still remember the fact that he threw an old man to the -- and that is the trouble secretary Jack Jack Jack or Gary GAAP requires in his growth and less well. But all apparently has forgiven when it comes to Manny. And an enemy that is. 10:21. PM. Fairly at all last. Before and that yeah do you view of what they have got. But yeah I'm definitely into it. Tight division they're still and it's right there are kind of the video games out there's another you know I -- I'd be hard pressed to find another team and Major League Baseball. Dad is trotting out for a 162. Tilts where three rookies yeah. I'm playing every desk -- That I mean that's pretty awesome early part of the triple tour who rural warm. Montreal is golf -- go green areas. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well now all we need to do is make yours is that. It's Bergeron it's Patrice is on the cover bitty shelf if these projects not the case Dubai and -- are the same users aren't you know -- IJ -- I. Okay I think it's I don't think there's an aging sun nine NHL. And I'll Google it turnover and himself although I have read and many people that we needed. The fine print. And they the online. Voting. Doesn't have much to do. I got that's who gets the cover and yes a Zelaya you know everybody's going crazy with the hash tag. NHL fifteen Bergeron which is fine to me it's Bergeron is Patrice is. But you know on and off but I really don't know says well I think they might make the antigen. In the really fast time Israelis -- the DC. I think E. A. SPORTS but I end up making making -- yeah math. Program. -- A very close very close -- To help us hello Manny. But -- problem book fanatic -- did you -- man enough I have it like you're pretty people know him. First let's go. Hunt now are there any doubt kicked up from all hope. That are now. I just was surprised that people forgave you right away I mean -- we will wasn't pleasant when you left her -- -- -- here. Or. Three year old -- that maybe -- -- that don't meet bill may be the back deep found god. True that you found that word that you did -- -- this the year you've been saved. Or hurt him credit for it right failure here. Well I -- -- -- -- the best man and I got your back like that -- get there again it looks like the meaning here that looked pretty used. -- -- -- -- Newport already sort of regular everyday at that make our government. What numbered if people do -- replaced -- but it is. Not every -- Compared to the and that's who took the the. Nineteen and older. No okay. And they're loving it and I have about one thing to day. -- Now message I mean. It's tempting to be a homer but they lasted longer than this Bruins -- -- we must acknowledge that. Follows nice -- bounced out there there's no difference for an extra second act you gotta make it to the Stanley Cup final makes me feel pretty good if that's dead young goaltender twice for a record price to curse he -- -- here and a job cuts go to what is it -- -- tickets what the Canadians. Here's a helmet and correction hello. I. Dawn Zimmer. Though Kato's room that -- now. -- -- -- seriously. Pleas like please. Where don't do not I'm like Conyers. Do not interrupt me during a 45 minute post about myself and do not correct me unless you have full confidence. And full accuracy. Twenty older. You're great you're our -- It is balked at what Eddie Austin couldn't do you have it you know they are all Canadian Arctic. However he take it you know. -- -- message that's true. That is true 620 weren't old man. Greg I don't like earthquakes -- -- -- what happened the content and whether it's due to do. She's a big fat -- -- mean that this stuff from that wedding and then New York Post article is is just amazing. And you know I hate talking about it but. The fact that. Kanye it was running around. Cutting marble bars and half because he likes the minimalist look. The fact that they had a marble table and everybody sat -- with -- everybody's name etched into it. Miss spelt I love -- I know I love that cluster does the fact that he gave a 45 minute to -- to himself. Just proves. That he is the biggest do it on the planet. -- 46 AM. Her car. Apart we -- -- more -- Newt. -- -- and now everybody's gonna -- about whether the bees can. I think the Canadians though. Pay him whatever he wants of course yeah of course right yet and he's probably not inclined to leave a -- gets money money talks so maybe. Somebody -- and Bob Garrett right. There by is completely unrestricted believes sell yet. Big ticket -- what what you think I mean what would -- and he's probably win the Norris trophy right. What's a guy like that what's charming seven GAAP. So he's he's probably worth faith I mean surely was it nice and get a bit creative and you usually -- those like eight tenured deals big money. 7-Eleven. AM. Who bought -- never but I'm up -- net but they -- Thank you got all your door without they'll -- And that the confidence. I don't know what John Turturro center this morning. I was a year ago they are having it was easier to call -- two days earlier fired yeah. And only being you know I was in Vancouver. And they fire him and Vancouver's. In the toilet didn't dismantle their executive committee -- re tired of president. And rehired their coach in order I was watching the -- and -- little old. Don't know Red -- hot days in getting people feel very promising career behind all what. Bomb -- it's stay on the field. Probably going to be released by direct dot -- I'm midyear. Reports on appeal for what. -- in the bedroom -- law white paper. And -- his story about athletes. They've -- they love it they love you why your point and I am the editor anchors over from CLA and have a QQ David. I get a title that terrorists to keep an inherent in the darling an achievement. But the fact that that you know they can't hang on to Jenny -- I mean I guess. There's some question about whether you know in even in the course of hosting. Whatever the show with NASA in sports and I knew that she couldn't. Clearly report on the red sock Lancashire was hooking up with -- middle Brooks is a big -- They suck except my boyfriend will -- -- -- and -- think parakeets just say it's uncomfortable way and she wants the field not when guys in the doubters -- and -- -- I don't know I just told -- that started -- -- Garcia the man and a lot of athletes kiss and tells. -- know -- and the old credibility. 7:17. -- And that happens -- a if you watch porn every day on a regular basis. Your brain gets smaller. That's horrible information that ignore -- who cares about brain size and didn't -- who cares about that. Here's a 617. Tax. Pedro threw down Zimmer did you think it was me any. No I did not that I did you hear him pay attention to the whole story now Manny Ramirez the you know Manny Ramirez threw down these sixty something year old traveling manager Larry Boston Red Sox -- warm. Dark corner as his name I must quorum Merrick. Hey I change anything and have food and you know sweet irons that's first class ticket whenever the issue was. Nothing to do with Pedro or the journal Don Zimmer and eighteen. I have my amateur. And Greg. Oden who wanted to -- I'm sorry it didn't hit our -- here. -- that would be animal control there. You -- -- home. Kind of like me at all I wanna talk about this for a minute because somebody just said that's three -- 911 calls that I made. On the old lady with a car running yeah right this morning aren't celebrating -- I did I hear the attempted break in -- now the break -- connected to a tournament. And then this one you. Excuse me you wouldn't call guys when you when you are in the woods and encounter. I pay your salary are rabid bobcat. You wouldn't call the cops and tell about that you're an expert I know rabbit or whatever it wants its outlook during it's aren't they nocturnal. Not necessary yeah I think they are -- -- knows -- -- -- -- for food -- -- I -- you wouldn't be so most people would not call the police -- just -- yes I would not call the police and the authorities say you're only kidding about that laughter any car running and I didn't know that she was if she was not around the car was running for twenty minutes I was alarmed about the person I would well and winning winning or a potential terrorist attack on the -- -- no I always call. -- Aaron young couple had wanted to pull behind. And that's the mall they have some black car -- us. Because it was 1030 at night and now and if I eat is stumbled to Grassley I mean what it would have -- It's crazy screw was runner on your backyard and I want on. No I'm just -- happened is cluster I would I would think that if a small child were out. Yesterday afternoon. Walking in the same area I was. Obviously your phone four year old boy I don't know what it's. And the backyard and was randomly watching there. Kitty -- and. Here's attacks 617 tax a rabid bobcat was shot by police in Littleton two days ago it was trying to get into a house -- Stop trying to bolsters our Gary. Act -- And and. He -- old man. I'd op Ed. And I. Didn't. Act with it's. Important to. Now here's somebody just turn on the show -- threw down Jack McCormick while watching porn yet. -- get a little confusing you know keep. Bobcats are. Quick muscular what does that mean. Without them that's for obvious that they do with the day or night and I don't think about it while out -- -- -- so that's that was -- that's another reason for not turn up. Another reason why the -- Here's a Texas has no Gerd I wouldn't call the police of -- on animal in the woods -- -- pretty normal place for the animal. Well not when it's that there -- waits for you to come up. Not when it's -- -- -- the licking its lit waiting waiting on dinner. 714. Told him. It's people Mexican or this -- that in. 30 -- country quoting the recording but I'm with you at it very big motor and a message. -- -- -- -- -- So don't really get the street had to walk at half a mile out of your way to avoid the cat well then how do you keep you wouldn't what apple Lampard noble -- very. -- -- -- I'm never going outside again perfect excuse to stay inside and mayor gore -- One of those -- machines. Is they have matured a restless that the governor off well this woman stepping. The lows sauce though my Twitter just sent me -- hello Stephanie just sent me a picture of a -- and -- and looks exactly like I think -- yesterday absolutely exactly. Like -- greeting there cap like looking. There it is see that looks like that could be overgrown house -- by tweeted that -- WOK after. Look at that and compare that. Two of the pictures on my Twitter feed from yesterday -- Boston net and -- it GAAP. How about that. How extreme would you go with the posturing like I mean that the dangers animal on fostering a while I mean -- -- I've never seen the movie born -- -- great movie. Angela and her. It is through -- and low. You know that. Don't forget god bless you crash don't forget god bless the beasts and the buffalo another great film and is leasing animals.