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Is It Fact or Is It Schmact? 5-30-14

May 30, 2014|

LB was off in this round of Facts/Schmacts as we learn about a few different topics.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now they Hill Man Morning Show invites you -- you wits against till the trap door on the long underwear made. Unbelievable. -- element of saliva like so effective that it doesn't -- of the French are so romantic you're the best I registered us it's time for -- -- she maxed. Today's backs -- winner will receive a draft mark system your beer your tap your home courtesy of Anheuser marsh and that draft markdown money. Everybody got to get one it's unbelievable it's phenomenal it really is a believable -- neck. Morgan shot -- certainly -- morning listener -- happy Friday big big plans for the weekend. Part of oil market -- just the if you win an -- where you from neck. I would like -- the most dangerous sport in America is basketball. Fact or should act. I had a notion about Mac that are already ordered her sport to report out -- all like what would you say is more dangerous NEX games sport and an order okay LB with the hot item. I'm what this guy head and this is a bogus study -- Yeah I've where Thomas H Mac your organization not but did very very you know what is it that whoever did the -- because the guys is so big and gnaw on them that they're they're gonna say it's fact. Where adds to a fault for this not enough offer I'm with my morning solar panel -- -- direct. You're saying actually though it did it is actually it is in fact -- who did this in 2012. There were 570000. Basketball injuries in the United States of America second was bike injuries 560000. There it was football got a because it's so common ran my well everybody goes out are just a lot of people play hoops now loves -- new guys on our -- just give those mid mid life crisis standards. -- got to play that are over thirty over forty sports fourth was one -- Yeah now -- while it's the Nevada very dangerous board conduct a hello Doug. Whats up Doug -- from. Dot. Excellent tonight is the cold in New Hampshire this morning or is it okay. Start but now you know. Dug in the last 100 years. There have been no. Fatal bobcat attacks in North America that's fact bush math. I'm glad that. That's back. I now -- are -- married fatal attacks on humans yes object if they killed the idea so there tired. Our goal our goal. -- coach -- And there's there's there's got value got a bit of Bob give it went for jugular. Sorry it's the fact that I didn't know I mean sadly I should've went for -- advertiser says that the most elusive animal ever. Sadly it makes me look like the bit -- Amid in the baby but there have been no fatal no fatal bobcats they're fast and North America and human beings yeah -- now hello bill. Yeah bill how are you not too -- where do you come from bill. Bills strip clubs were banned in Iceland in 2010. Factors -- Cools your arms you know in Iceland. Shock called political fact. They like some some ID -- -- Okay they're well I -- artists over there well then you know what the chicks are small shows it's nine to wine and women to man right yes so -- view there's no need for strip strip are asked. And -- and having a strip joint is just like throwing and throwing him in the face of of this -- shall blinds that you can be netting on a nightly basis so it is up. It is the fact sadly. There they banned them in 2010. -- -- Ago and how are you shy and the -- earlier excellence where do you come from. Over Miller Erica -- Where you do John. I delivered -- don't wow excellent pay when or your customer -- -- John and John Wagner thing. Show on the world's longest lasting light bald. Has been burning for 113. Years. Back to push back -- a and -- would. I you know not for nothing this is one of those things do it who ended like it like G -- somebody that has invented the light -- -- yeah I don't know what is wrong. Well. I Edison invented invented the electricity yeah -- and the well that women collect all of that out electricity to decide what's what's his name it's not Edison invented the light bulb it's to do it. But anyway. The original like the alleged the original light ball you -- would doom will be running because they force the electricity into it in and they keep it safe so it runs as a museum type the deal. I'm gonna go dominant fact. You are absolutely correct yes amazingly. The original light -- Not that it and it opens the original original light bulb but the longest burning lightbulb has been burning -- 100 in thirteen years straight -- -- -- -- just to clarify for LB Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity ran right Thomas -- created the first twenty -- even at its status and created the first for us. And I. Hence why we all used to get our electricity from the -- people get at the Edison company has. When monopolies were illegal here and I visited them America followed -- Hey good morning here now how are you Dan. Could do well -- itself excellent thank you big plans for the weekend. Anxiously awaiting the birth of my daughter so we're happy. All our -- your first one kid error hurt or are you married. I don't know local loop -- and don't get married how did you get out that I get harder and yet not yet marriages will take care of the care of the little one. Congratulations. In advance. And there is nothing there is nothing better than being. The father of a daughter. They don't know I'll tell you them you bet are right Dan. Women. Have I hate to throw to say but it's the last remaining question and I am gonna ruin you in the next seventeen or eighteen years for you about women. Have an average of four. Sexual partners in their lifetime fact Porsche -- -- four yeah average of four. Where to Mac yeah well I think it's more. Or. You know we -- that that's that's our our our brain works on you and you know. That we all want we want we want -- women to be horse right you know yes there's not there's not there's not any day on the part of the you know watch and a mystery in this -- churches coming towards ending your mind you're just thinking please let his assists and -- and but hey your hearts but let's you know hang ups with the wheels -- -- -- -- its track. It is it's it is fact they're our. Danielle clearly and out liar on this one. And it is it is indeed what was your number I don't remember you told us before animation area but -- -- is it. I'm in college those every does that I'm tired and I was I forgotten the forgotten college. Those -- -- it -- guided forgotten college nasty over 35 years always wondered heroin it's now oh that's it barely over 3500 dollars and spend one of those. Yeah that's and a cash.