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Adult Toy Price is Right 5-29-14

May 29, 2014|

The featured item on this edition is the Glow in the Dark Clone a Willie Kit, can you guess how much it goes for?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. -- play adult toy prices right now so call 6179311. Area that's the number. 6179311. A half. And he can win tickets to go seek Kings of Leon at the -- -- eighty center on August 9 if you are today's winner. And now. They Hill Man Morning Show presents. A -- until April. Monday and a little. That is not a preview audience seeing them. Well if it's an -- -- that is there you like to come hot on the price is right is that they're not on audio and everything in my head and shaking down in the Q my god and then. And the front -- -- We'll battle there. There's nominal nominal speeds. -- -- is contestant number 1 this morning hello Lynn. Good morning -- -- you so -- that aspect where a traffic where. On upon you know would. Hurt traffic is pretty about it 95. When it bad what do you do and I work at a dump rock Texas Tech. So you are should we are all chicks in uniform you Wear -- -- to be up against Indy this morning hello Andy. What color are Hawaii and -- my -- before this morning and I am happy. And how about you where you in the I am on the road now on the road again where you. To work to work where it -- -- -- you do in the corporate software company. So I'm sure both of you have been home from work watching the price is right it's just there or MLB's case not going to work staying home to watch a price is right. I watch it here after the show definitely I -- I watch let's make video and -- right right yeah he doesn't hear -- and that's my feet up relax. -- like shouting out numbers in the -- on the penalty on Hamlet and gets in the showcase showdown oh industrialist -- enough obscure Robertson showcase showdown yes my ex -- teammate Teddy did not I don't cannot be Harvard -- yeah it was on price is right Bob -- -- -- was Bob -- So -- guys Danielle will describe today's adult -- to you and then of course you have to guess the price. And come as close as possible without going over that is a key rule when it comes to the price is right OK are you ready. -- -- it all right here is today's item. In adult toy price -- right. Today is night and is the glow in the dark clone Willie vibrator kits that glow in the dark. Clone a -- vibrator yes now -- shaft to the lows in the dark. This new version of our best selling clone at Willie -- passive fresh light and you relationship. Just add water to the mall and power and in case you're erection in the war mixture will hold on hold on a thing. -- have water yeah. And then they animal Q and make a -- from our junior Venus yeah okay seems like a lot of work in -- -- -- onetime thing. After a few minutes the long enough to -- the special glow in the dark liquid rubber. He'll have a realistic replica of your own home in just a few hours have the vibrator to make your clone it's highly detailed instructions plus -- 244 hour hotline make it's so easy. Latex free title telegenic and safety use on any penis what the. Problems they have with this product. -- -- -- -- -- need to have a 24 hour hotline well sir I mean you never now. A little bit of -- yankees aren't. Yeah I heard penis up -- there -- All right when the that was the glow in the dark make accurate and colonial really vibrator -- okay. And what do you think the price it is on the glow in the dark clone a Willie -- reader yeah. I would probably say probably around 27 dollars. 27. Dollars can I ask you questions sure it is it's small medium error extra large well the -- only because is enough products for penis is -- burying a son. I'm just ready guys -- information via com Andy what do you think actual retail prices. Article 3999. 39. Nine. I'm going one dollar and. The unusual retail price is full or ninety I'll let -- that can't be is the big way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you did. I could provide you linked with -- divergent. If you think you're -- -- willing I think we I. And this is the hotline number on me. On the on the -- I think we need to call that when I'll be pregnant I think it's on their product and ultimately find an iPhone like. Is there a clone a lady bits. Ultimate prize yet. As we have a Texan wanted to know yes that was it that was also available it's -- -- protect their -- yeah that it. Imagine so much effort goes into that. I got a call I'm all over the I'm sure you look -- -- I'd give it carried around. Who. Has gone into this rather this is me but you -- later 39 NE nine makes makes it all happened. By the way I love the reviews on the product and not get all the guys that have to chime in like well. If you're over eight inches and you need to get some of the extra holding powder so I had a problem fitting in the -- like -- get off your high could learn at a town. -- you don't wanna have like half of the material left afterwards. When you do the things you know army and a half of the mold -- Got to have someone there you ever before offered there -- you I guarantee you gotta keep your actions and possibly I hooked it to -- multiple -- A better candidate that the well thank you all replaying and go -- a a price is right here on the hill man morning.