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Jason Varitek of the Boston Red Sox 5-29-14

May 29, 2014|

Former Red Sox catcher and still involved with the team called in to discuss the 2004 World Series Championship 10th Anniversary ceremony.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. We've been talking this morning about last night at Fenway Park the 2014. There to be honored in it's hard to believe it's been ten years. Joining us right now Jason Varitek. Former Boston Red Sox captain and -- -- great to have you on the show thanks for calling this morning. -- What was it like last night. Book -- now. Well -- good -- opportunity to get everybody can that are critical. Yeah I mean I think -- I mean he's kind of a different guy I mean I use the news talking about how great the fans are and -- means did he seem different do you idea I don't know if you stay in touch with him and I. I mean it didn't. -- I mean you know bird and the union votes you know you're looking reacted assailant. Was saying that you know you ever seen him but I. Where all prepared where there she's got more. Good than bad when it comes to their fans and I don't know yeah. I bet yeah you bet it's a bad rap you know yeah a great guy helped you guys I mean as -- doesn't degrees Susan that ever played the game it's awesome. So have you have you got any feedback from all our I'm not announcing given its CEO I would -- I that's what happened to flip over from the black Cox two things game. To catch moral lighten everybody company -- senior. No way. You we know we all are let out a little bit later in -- -- that definitely is an entity so. That's. It's it's all like targeted as a few election will be good good day. That lets him -- will go through it's called retirement. In July. Nothing better than not happening yet happen in there and go -- zone at all broad area actually that's what's working out so that Richard double trouble. Was to attack was that -- -- you know that 2014. Is it when you look back is is that this. You know that the is that the best team we've played for the most unique team and how do you rank that over the years. I think you know immediately rerouted back together storage start flying again and you start remembering war that. No normal life circumstances planets and yeah. In which. It is just a reminder of what. What a unique group spoke well it's one group of guys Dave McCarty have in pitches all night laughing. You know and he would show on here on the bench. And -- up with the as a player at the list. And you're -- -- but that are truly a team a little had some great scenes. Well -- Have that chemistry along with the success with that makes them exceptional. Hey tech demo nobody Ellis Burks it that he was what are we -- -- third base coach -- first phase of what was his position. He he wasn't playing in only our fields knows -- you just don't play. Yeah he yeah I think he had you know so limited that setback he got. We're gonna DL list you know once or twice -- And I remember right other that's awesome. He's a great do -- there was united I'm very lucky because I get to run with. A lot of the Red Sox in the in the late eighties they're great bunch of guys carried on to see you guys that's that's where -- While I've played RBI baseball there on Nintendo. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now -- -- when you look at that when you look at but colds what oh you wolf what do you think is is is going on there. SNL and I'm not -- sure right now you know obviously things aren't. Aren't going well -- -- -- the last -- -- -- locations you know -- push involved in things weren't quite liked and well but I don't quite know what's going on. I'm not happened I haven't personally seen them. Sit down and wrote about lunch list. Other abilities now three years in overtime and that's special stuff for their opinions their votes try and work quick and they can work. And is -- you know when you look at these guys and is is it surprising that they're struggling a little bit after last year or is such as baseball. I mean that there really is you're talking about a nine this stretch of banks and struggled. Just before that now he had no one likes war tribes share -- next thing you know their words their one game perhaps came out of first and now you and later there at the bottom of the seller. Now on the court within nine days it's. A little bit different -- you know it's that that didn't didn't really. A lot of it is just pushed through the Internet and a combination sometimes -- a little less on the offensive production side and went on to it than. I was given them too much runs early. The consistency of holes at the lion to allow them to do what they've done the last three days. Yeah well unintended go right. I mean it's a grind of the day when they came back. Their retirement you know like you -- -- again. There's no great opportunities when a ball game. Yeah that John Lackey he's me and thank god for him right now you know. I may -- okay tech well what about you made -- -- Tampa Bay coming up. Now a little animosity there -- -- -- Escobar did pull the hat trick you know the net job. And any reminiscence anybody get some ill ill will coming up. Well I mean I haven't I actually had an opportunity to be around them in the last probably 101012. Page that should be around the team. Joked I mean who really know I don't know let. -- can -- be trumpet what Tampa that we can change your number. On the same page somewhere there's somebody somebody does something stupid and knows its -- from the other direction. Like you're yeah. I did it. We're spending chunks say Britain -- -- it's it's just one of our current. Wallace and it was great to see everybody out there last night and I cool thing for your guys in and I'm glad you called in this morning in. Glad everything's going well for you all right. Absolutely don't know their best. Aren't there is Jason Varitek checking in here on the Hill Man Morning Show. And and you know it is probably. When in Texas Tech than like the talk about it but the Iran moment it's probably one of the great moments and I are clearly don't want to let our -- one -- -- greatest aggregate Islamist.