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Celebrity Softball with Lenny Clarke

May 29, 2014|

Lenny Clarke and freinds stopped in to tell us about their celebrity softball game coming up at Fenway Park.

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Hope we like a giant group of guys pop in the studio here with the good guys are now. Our pal Kevin Chapman ala Tony we always -- -- there's a big event coming up at Fenway -- go ahead overdue -- microphone over there. Where Kevin Chapman. Lenny Clark Tony V. And in the building did not go in and -- Dan lagoon is the executive director of the Massachusetts fallen heroes memorial fund. And there's a big game coming up at Fenway Park that I know you guys came to talk about this morning. June 6. June 6:3 o'clock 3 o'clock celebrity all star game against a bunch of all wounded heroes a bunch of wounded heroes. The end. We're excited that capture -- put this together a couple of months ago with our organization has fallen heroes and we got that many in. Tony join us with Kenny Kasey -- all -- And all of a local heroes our lives battery. Yeah yeah yeah. That's it yet regularly night on the -- yeah. -- -- knows -- letting will actually be betting on. That's okay that's actually taken the action on the yeah. We as a rookie who can who's actually hoping that the only guy gave let me -- they got -- -- -- you can bet on that bat there's protesters. That I don't even getting really over and under what -- right now but yeah definitely try to you know I don't wanna brag but I -- struck out and slow pitch softball rally yeah. Man it's not a it's not easy to say yeah Tony nobody strikes -- out you would think not but I did yeah you'll understand -- -- -- -- a not so at the pinnacle of the bitch you did. Decide to change bats and don't get it back and come back -- -- into the Auckland and I Mets would you did you step forward and -- out of yeah I don't like those kids and butterflies and then those that -- is -- got into that -- thing when I got. And I got it I got it. And -- I am expecting that he's actually last that ranks generally about this product. -- kind of money on whose fast we have to stop what the average age is it easy years. Below 56 it was like 43 year old kids and occasionally we will win would Jordan want to know what to play three innings and just north of -- there don't hit it at Bethpage that's right after the early -- and -- joke I daddy's up and yeah. I felt when he we play it I'm games play out after an hour so we could play in any. We could play six you don't know they're never gonna you know what's gonna I had replaced lol yeah -- slaughter rule mentally and. Here's the Texas says joppy was might stand them Dorchester youth hockey coach if you remember that those days and is asking if you -- in prison I. That was obviously record justice and I learned everything I don't unlocking the Melvin minus -- that's a great thing in hockey analyst and this guy -- Well Kevin and I think that's. I actually expect Kevin Chapman is on person of interest which is great show me I really tension. I feel like it like it -- -- like oh I would bet is that the propensity to get ready. Waterway that is syndicated Don pop. It you know how hard has injected -- -- he can walk on the on the record was on the plan -- guys. Practiced some Tony's idol job Denny's right after the yeah. Yeah is that show coming back next here yeah we start died July 7 we -- -- -- some guy who's the star that what's his name Jim diesel -- weird guy but a good actor. Yeah are you talking about the other -- lie Michael Emerson now on and on an anomaly at little guys we're too but -- he's Malcolm diesel is Jesus and emblematic of Christ our Society of Jesus in this tunnel the only. That's beyond the line it's phone everywhere we go. I mean people just they actually think they're -- -- Jesus amazing short we -- -- we're at the Nassau coliseum for Bruins island is game two of the final four is on is like the second season. Which is -- come on this -- on the back global watch the final four game and I walked into a major convention it little big. It's. I don't and that no -- really wanted to have little people convention and they also a gym -- the ultimatum nobody was like less of them like to. Lay hands -- and I thought it was hard to. Just wanna go on a ride yeah. But you on the show like that -- right you're set for life right I mean they're right that -- -- it won't say it again. It's an -- just couldn't. Ever get it right now we're just collect that -- you Alicia -- -- -- on produces jobs were signed a fourth season today -- and -- syndicate leader does is this. If you get double the money -- don't -- all -- supplies through you don't ever have to do anything ever again it yet so -- -- simply too great a show -- -- -- -- became an -- Got -- that the reason he became an -- -- -- because you and the film mobs in Bosnia yeah yeah. And became an adult wasn't there isn't scared right. He's got everything Nebraska yeah I just got it reject a residual check from everything I've ever done -- formed foreign released Denmark Sweden Switzerland. It has got to be a list of fifty countries and think 212 dollars. I got Tony Nissan lie in -- idea several -- a hundred yeah. As an American -- yeah I don't know acted as just beat it out there and nobody can Casey's somewhere in traffic tunnel behind. Yeah -- momentarily. It was canceled Halloween and probably yeah anyway. Clearly he had to stop. Absolutely so this game is next Friday next brought up that way correct. I. I will be it's -- intraday thing we're gonna go Thursday night we're gonna go to Thursday at the fights were bringing in a budget about our Ali heroes of the flights on Thursday night -- And then Friday were quick to softball game 36. And it's 6 o'clock we -- to EMC club for VIP party. Which is you'll see Lenny Clark and Tony be available perform at that event -- don't get the hang dog had -- it is like if all of what we do on the field isn't going to be funny enough. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did well Daniel I give us some I've got some back problems recently all the guys are right. Given a go play it would -- yeah. I know you can clearly see what I look like -- -- god -- -- and I have to get that area. I can't use that excuse and I guess. I guess what there actually thought about that right and just tell everybody a little bit before you guys go about fallen heroes are planned -- or iPod Tony winner will be in Columbia -- -- antibody. This. -- suicide in 2000 talent coupled fellow veterans that I I. I work with the loss of firebombing. Guys or in Boston Police departments gold star families as some wounded vets got together and inside this organization. Always a memorial lies and on the men and women we've lost since I'm alone in Iraq and Afghanistan but. Also we cannot -- -- a resource in network group of guys and girls can advocate for veterans and families and families of the fallen so. Not been a great journey since 2010. We continue to grow your great help from from. From folks like Kevin money Tony Kenny -- everybody that's participating in this game at Fenway kind of raise the awareness of what this thing's all about. I would also kind of move us forward as a group also continued he can continue to do things we're doing for -- brought these -- Americans. All great work and it's not disgusting TO what's going on with the VA Austin was in my mind outside -- get worse every day and we just need to us -- some sudden happen. Yeah soon or later mean no one time for hearings on what time prosecutions. Well -- Josh -- -- and let's let's get this thing just because well John McCain and out John McCain said yesterday once once the once we were able to prove more or learned that. Indeed the hospital was lying about wait times that that they they got a fire in Memphis fire the secretary start all over yet. It's just it that the people who are willing to give. Our lives are for the rest of us login -- the us policy lazy all your they ought to get -- -- -- bad -- they -- to get the best treatment eight it over all of ever ever what do you -- date this country ought to be ashamed of himself I. I did. Two Sundays ago I want my dad my -- 91 years old. And I took on what they call an honor flight yes yeah mostly unbelievable unbelievable 64 World War II vets -- in three buses. With every door that opened -- be they'd be. Quarter of people saluting these guys and you know I was weeping like a -- -- you must have been following your eyes out -- all day and I just that to see where did you go -- we went we went to every memorial every memorial you know what we want to we went to the -- Washington guy is 64 events three buses yeah what -- handlers. This is the hardest part was the men's room lines ya -- every stop at. There's sixteen point I'm quite -- I think definitely that's -- if I don't get is heading into Saturday that yeah. Maybe yeah yeah yeah. It yet but it it so touch that we went to that we saw that changing in the guard. We -- on our family you know the World War II. They lose 6000 a day 6000 -- -- little -- that yeah they don't lose them none of that -- they know where they are right right it does not move that I guess so yes yes but you know it's it's it it. You know I'm not a big rah -- guy like that -- you do this in it's like you can't -- -- -- UK I meant I was literally a -- all day in it's it's on a flight to England and they just amazing people well you must be so -- your father and he must be so ashamed of view yes. Really funny though you can target. Play a member -- an amazing I don't do the apple fall far from the tree that was crushed a couple that it was actually apple cup car literally hundreds of trees down. -- -- -- there will be no more than its. And I don't get him thrown out yeah demo -- -- -- I think. All right well on the event is next Friday at Fenway -- get tickets -- Or -- Www. mass fallen heroes dot OR GOK you're direct link right there from the website. Two very bright to grab tickets -- for the public. It's. Britain is the root of the public how would make it any -- -- I thought you throughout the night when he bought into the you can buy tickets for the VIP how can -- -- them a good -- you try to judge people that they went without pain but back. Sales at Atlanta it's not a place -- don't forget about it. So Ken Casey Kevin Chapman from person of interest and -- Lanny and Tony -- a whole group. Pseudo celebrities playing planning slippery flick step on our FaceBook and Twitter is well like I went on the heating oil and iron. And I feel Andre -- and I didn't get it done all right senior guys yeah great reality check out great work when he great to see you Tony are just like -- and I gave -- just -- -- -- parking. OK let's take this. Is that it just parked just that yeah AT and I'm here 8 o'clock. -- -- -- -- Yeah that that life version too we raised a ton of money for those people just how well -- been -- -- it was fantastic don't know -- -- balls it was one of the special riveted. And if you're interested in fishing -- -- blind people who want to finish impediment -- points -- go to Viet match VIP. Trying to. Can I ask you -- because we've talked about it before yeah did you hear the news about Bieber that he hooked up with Adriana Lima the that they know -- you. I mean is that -- -- shoot it well the. I admire you don't let this kid you kind. And unless I can't limit. And as she's got to look yeah. He's eager Jesus supermodel maybe he's maybe he's reported to throw my. But yeah yeah. So I know that maybe she's open and a daycare her cup. Yeah I think -- maybe -- storm surge removing. After yeah. Acknowledged that good what kind of coming up they don't -- reserves at a twenty year old man sensors. At. Hi guys thank you can't -- its -- that. Good OK. Maybe we can auction off a spot on the team. Yeah yeah they'll do that like Emma. -- -- -- Well yeah it might take what you want -- -- -- -- good idea how. Yeah I'll I'll start it now out and nowadays it's -- -- yeah. He. Will take bids and you'll get the play at Fenway Park and that's what that's worth it on the -- there's really nobody else that you wanna hang out with -- rather than champion -- -- and I don't I don't -- -- and -- not -- -- identical and -- And I yeah. Com about job you the opportunity to play if and when we are -- -- -- a lifetime got a good good good crew gets jolly more as planned AAF. We've got an excellent or Messina is gonna end C east we got dark Chris Harrington. We're neighboring Jordan or National Anthem has ever done it and regret the -- -- Steve DeOssie and for its -- -- nice regards my friend Brooke Baldwin from CNN she's coming in from Atlanta Sheila and I could question Katrina I'll try to get Cano went from emotional act at All Saints that she's on account management style boxes for every season that -- golf tournament and I look at it. -- go to Ecstasy. On. So the and the money will go to the messages -- the mouths on here so that our great help build a memorial in great I also mean they do amazing work to provide social sure ask building witty guys wanna build the memorial. It's such -- the -- district owners seaports where -- which is a partial parking lot now developments kick and kick and scream and probably. -- on August our partner with. John -- of Boston will invest as we agree piece of land is going to be beautiful memorial at first it's kind of country. And you know we're really -- set the -- the nation hand that's awesome and illness yeah yeah and -- -- -- they're not you know gonna bring in had a good people only a lot of lot of great veterans and -- enough to play in this game school some some -- back from some serious serious injuries. Some films the -- playing with a soft and so. He also on the celebrity. Insular -- theme you know we got we are real real real deal Americans are doing -- well that's it that's why don't. It should be is in India for the for the honor on a -- of I don't play those -- -- -- 91 year old veteran I thank god yeah that -- I guess what -- debate. Change. -- -- And I have a what I believe is a pertinent question. What -- shorten the bases right. Yeah I would assume how are we run and don't it would make up for -- you can ask questions like yeah I think we did to Taylor in check everything morning. Literature as a parent back -- again. I trader you can designate a a pinch runner. You can yeah I don't like is there are speedy young and up and coming television and I guess I'm yeah you're gonna verdict -- -- -- the Pentagon got. All I know you never get the -- and a -- late anyways if there's if I had made the it's on the ball -- -- -- -- -- talk last week our softball game they made me score from second twice. And I'm I'm round hypocrite when he played third base he's the third base coach and -- -- right Tony I don't let me this is me run a. I'm moments that -- in the -- got to judge yeah. -- in the Ohio. At the moment then and I just kept guard and I don't get a head of state does note that I didn't make a -- out won't. Won the war is mad if I get a head of steam up. I'm not the way I can't stop. Not I don't want I can't yeah. It's got knocked it always gonna check to get skater is playing for one hour. You know whitworth is playing for her on our yup I calorie or not yeah they're not not a -- and I'm probably gonna play as any candidates who can. Honestly she's of sesame and it's a little bit and everything by entering a little little a little uncomfortable. Tried teller need to remain platonic clinic -- -- This is a hybrid security that we got security on our maintenance and sometimes they don't get the message. By the way that's the only time in the last twenty years those words have been -- yeah. I don't miss it is yeah if I just got to explain Casey's in the lobby to have an idea -- I'm. -- have a Skype has only Schumacher under the law. -- -- I don't -- kills. Did you guys go Mike Mike how much you getting the plate then my next week. 500 -- to tank of oxygen for the bad -- The bad guys fly under the president's back. But I'm -- -- it's and it's not very much thank you very much our guys I know there's no thanks thank you can cause me to think the Red -- -- -- -- street and give -- -- Leo yeah that was as huge and you know John Henry India Larry Lucchino and Tom -- and I mean there really stepped up for us and we -- -- say thank you send some love that -- there -- and it's their very -- to catch him in a losing -- the I'm not happy Augusta and. Yeah that I. Guys like good guys thank you diehards yeah sixth we'll see that -- that game is at Fenway Park on the six Lenny Clark Tony B Kevin Chapman. And Casey and the crew that should be a good one.