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Kayna Whitworth 5-29-14

May 29, 2014|

Our news anchor friend called in to give us an update on her Best Buddies ride.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Well speaking of riding in this case not motorcycles but but the bicycles. The lovely channel 7 NEWS anchor Cano whitworth the joins us this morning from channel seven how are -- Good morning either -- them really get Mario. Excellent thank you. I'm sure I'm sure that it's full line Hernandez coverage over there today. You -- and has been on hand to offer up some a couple of other Ricky is straight at experts say it does that. Two year old little boy off the roof I don't know also awful -- it is a terrible. So Al a lot of sad news that great right now. Are you -- are you covering the serial tackler who is on the loose on them are in our city. -- -- -- -- -- They've been looking for a solid -- Dana I -- -- -- favor don't contribute when you're on a lot of people think that I sound creepy and themselves. Please don't contribute. To on the offensive and yeah. It's clear I like the way don't don't encourage them I am I am like a I think I feel like I'm like a father figure deal. What navigator terror. Cell phone daddy -- yeah I don't know that. So. They doubt that the best buddies ride is this weekend correct. Yeah it's I appreciate Edmonton and talked about it as we are a little bit of money Lester raise my call. Anybody out -- like seeing one's view of a straight a little bit more money we're almost there but gap that ride is. Saturday morning -- hundred miles from -- and you're Hyannis Port on a bike I'm not gonna last night there rightly so memorably BP. I feel like a lot -- amazing yeah. But into tomorrow night Friday night was pretty and that's how about -- though Rick all I'm reading about it. Patriots started stepped up and about that I'd also like fun. Yeah -- it's a really cool that is that they still do the game over at Harvard. Yeah yeah it then covered it last year. I'm telling you I think highly of my life I got to -- to get out from. Oh you did yeah. Did you talk -- -- but she's making you crank I know I guess you thank you and me he's trying to make me jealous. It was I I I think I've never been both stressed that my electric standing in the bed and watching it all content element has. Clinton America. Did you catch. A I thought oh no say that's intense bursts are in -- how can pop one how much money behalf how much money -- to raise much electorate. I knew Michael I have less than a thousand dollars okay and they can be it can garner -- lot -- you know. So how are they out of the listeners help you out can't because -- because everybody loves you. Repeat thank you I think we out agony and -- economically -- -- played all well on our website at WHD dot com our home page. If you -- welcome to the right. -- -- donation -- Africa but it's really -- And now what's the farthest you've ever I mean he's done a hundred miles yet to get ready here in Nell Nell Nellie. I -- be fine you'll be fine if this is about 400 straight there have been great. Got a great volunteers set up if you do you are you ready to write your 125 -- -- torn between 5303030. Or so yeah. It right about that thing has racked up whereas they had snacks and all of that the problem is that when you write my mom. He turned it into -- not a great. He can win the anti lock stock. -- No listen it's going to be it's going to be pretty. Like in the sixties this weekend have you figured out what -- wearing yet. Right always back to the other. I am going to be wearing my best but he liked by your -- now. Let that go with color. As directed at her welcome with the bat but logo on it Gillian -- wearing a little so I don't want him. A great elements going to be there. You kind of care and I Belgrade. Why now in dollars -- -- he's in our -- duties will he be wearing a home in photos -- -- -- of the certificate that you appreciate that you should via. All right a lot I tell -- what I think is pretty cool you're doing this and and I think I think. I think you'll make it and you'll do well we wish great liked your mom too that's that's fantastic and the money goes to -- Not that straight about studies program and then the that they program helps people it. Intellectual or developmental disabilities. And -- spend you know find jobs and friends meant they can KG BC deciding how to really follow lights so. It's one of the best program I've ever. Been able to be a part of because it really that he had to go in and changed somebody say our our you know -- -- their whole life and. Well I think I'll probably wanna make little if I'm thinking hey Danielle my girl then you can help me out yes NC -- finishing up our. Our fundraiser -- get angry. I credit he the your lot certainly on the radio. -- You didn't eat. Chicken fingers and any other amended you know journalist that's just our thing. I did not that the computers -- our -- -- hobble to that. Don't soil the chicken fingers and any other media. Okay. So now it it will channel seven on a series not we'll check the -- is channel seven gonna cover the irony in this trial lives. Probably. It's probably. You know sort of those -- -- and a little bit later that -- number. During the white people trial you have -- -- sort of on Iran and buy a lot yeah. And it depending on what happened in the corporate out. Really a trial program especially. Yeah -- that you have your reporter that are in the courtroom tweeting out average and keep it out and get camera in the air. There is I think that brings a whole new level child without a public is really inform the entire -- I think I mean to me I love watching like criminal trials I think is riveting television and I would be I'd be obsessed with watching -- and this trial I just can't. When you look at that guy. I know it's allegedly in your journalists and everything you can't necessarily say about just when you look at them it's amazing to me that that everybody was fooled around here and it's just when you hear that stuff is -- and -- department. It's amazing. I agree with you and -- -- that big double murder in the south and happened and then -- and month later he signed 49 dollar market patriot and political. And we don't. The just while you know I know -- retirement he called us once when we talked to wants a week. And it says it's eerie to know that -- -- media analysis -- -- amazing. -- -- think about. And I -- -- -- tracking -- -- he had to called purple white and that you know how closer that are -- and that they spend together. And yeah there -- Yeah in -- while now it's it's it's disturbing. All right well listen great luck to you over the weekend and Asia south and I'm sure that I'm sure everybody will go on and and then make a donation and help you out -- -- whitworth and and as always we love having you on the program. -- thank you I really appreciate that support now I don't use it. I operators like at that I can help pilot that much anyway please let me know. Well I believe I ask you to attended WA AF celebrity golf tournament. I mean they're all -- -- I'm sorry no deep. I mean and and should not available on -- didn't -- out of town mean Cambridge. Yeah like she tried she threw out a legit excuse I -- Danica winning them -- and it is like it was an excuse on Wednesday. Immediately got a and I I don't know. Not a fan of weddings now blessed Terry's -- that that's that they're not happy about that she's not a fan of the elaborate. Like five days before and now -- brunch when it's time for the wedding you know wedding pre cocktails you know it's already revealed you -- -- I didn't like my what -- have to person like I don't I can't make -- my practice -- Sherlock. Yeah -- constant there's too much not a good for introvert is -- is. -- read the thing last night the people are spending like 25000. Dollars on big divorce parties now mentally -- that's fun like to have a kid and then I don't literally 25000. Dollars Medina. The I'd like apparently a terrible idea but I do think the overspending on -- ridiculous -- cover that Kardashian in mobile I'm Catholic. A list -- I would I would just say this. Any man who is lucky enough to marry you should spend when every ads on a beautiful wedding for where beautiful. Well thank you but. It. All right can you are the -- and our moderator I agree -- the thing. Texas as it was creepy when I asked what color her -- in -- and -- every part of it. They weren't and I get money -- girl let me just ask you -- and if it's creepy -- why did she come back for more. Punish you know he is trying she is not very clear and it's. Now a -- I do appreciate it listeners can not being here phase and it might wanna -- you might. What is literally swapping -- like we're hearing here because. She could there are many ways to raise money. Without coming on this program when it comes to -- soon she is enamored with the -- That's what it is settled on you I'm enamored with the creek. If those chips -- -- with the guys imprisoned at Texas as she's beginning to eight. 508 -- full creep -- -- didn't -- the escape Booker. -- factor five attacks their sense. Well I was raising money for best buddies and I found myself tracking Greg -- in Europe and -- dollar. Who never thought about that the -- yet that the governor rates are members and -- I'll bet that that's not a cellphone cameras but I guess that this term package the right keep my checked -- -- -- -- on the basement. In my. All my -- don't liberation -- -- my cap to an 8 o'clock. Eight apps Cano or at the channel seven mountain news anchor.