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Inside the Simple Male Mind with LB 5-27-14

May 27, 2014|

LB the relationship guru lets us inside the simple male mind as topics covered a stripper for a 17 year old birthday, men smelling the girlfriends undies, and a co-worker who I use for favors at the office and won't leave me alone.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. All right are you ready to go inside the simple -- mind. I'd love helping people care Albion radical person. Obviously after the long weekend reassemble. The xmas and -- here we go. I am so furious at my husband Bob. That I am losing my mind. Our son turns seventeen on Saturday -- and he is hell bent on giving him a stripper. Bob says there is nothing wrong -- -- probably sees -- on his iPhone. I think it's a wildly inappropriate. Please advice. Yeah he's just sit back mom this is this is up pops and son bonding moment in life. We are remember a big -- did for me on my sixteenth birthday couple hookers. Threesome and I turned out -- I have -- a -- in my receiving worried about the house. -- this is just it's one of those things and and and -- from -- again I I can't say enough if my daughter was as if you know her I think strippers are great. -- -- to use their body they make a fortune. You know and good guys you know single moms are trying to pay the bills and and now I I appreciate dope dealers I appreciate. Popular joints and I appreciate. This father doing the right thing by -- -- -- just to just jump to -- right age and actually seventy turning eighteen what's the difference. Yes seventeens fine. -- there and and by the way imam of that what do you. This is the minimal stuff to be worried about you know I didn't check to see if he's on -- -- booze in our area. He's you know as you crazy speeding driver methane that's slowest I think if I mean there's so many other things are worried about it. You know you end up and up. Touch upon the -- your husband's in your son's life might mean how many guys just. These kids -- amounted to encourage him to two people working and I never see my kids. Here's a Texas says Bob needs to learn to keep things quiet an -- Now Bob needs not now I know Bob is planning for the suns. -- again and again you guys hear you that that's what someone that's what would say in their whipped issued sick. Yeah we yeah yeah you gotta take your life in your own hands if you had a run around sneak in and and and you know corn did back alleys everywhere he. I'll keep it out there wasn't -- pro mr. join anyway. It keeps a marriage fresh keeps people happy so Bob Jones and -- upfront about getting the stripper for the kids you haven't you bet. And an amber you know by the way -- to come home horned up you're going to be happy -- I'm not gonna do that. Whom. Here's a disturbing one. I went into my shower after a day at work and found my boyfriend. Smelling my underwear. The news that normal. You bet. Yeah yeah. No hesitation there hesitation the patent polished sword a PR news in -- left hand up you didn't Mon that's an awesome session. It's like you could just hear you though that you thighs and I do anyway yeah it's like English and asked anything I don't care -- you ask emulating. I don't think you know it BM yeah I would toaster moment my first went wakin me bop and the bishop in Russia -- easily and. While others live actually we got a text about that earlier yeah I -- -- there's this this text my husband pleasures himself in the shower almost every morning. It's gross why did he do it there and why does he do it when he could have me. Well what I cricket way to start the day three and yet no hassles -- doesn't have time -- economic giving them a full session on the way out and get up. In how -- you trying to get the mostly -- gap so you set your alarm for the last. The exact second you have to get up right to time it to get to the shower and you're you're you're multitasking but really in the -- you're soaking up -- open everything up and they go back a little bit. And off to work ago. -- the guy who's his dad animal one year Playboy subscription when he was set when he turned twelve that's awesome. It's night outside some. This is Bob hello Bob it Bob bought off by about what I agree I -- you get stripped off. Why -- -- oh yeah I probably would have earned itself the you're right about that it could be doing a great excuse. I work I've been dating. A great guy for four months yesterday we went to the beach and he freaked out because I had a long non. Africa and he says mom hates it here he says my body is for him. And he doesn't want other men staring at. Don't you won just listened to on the -- now. Every guy wants Israel to feel good. You know it it's -- -- you let your girl Wear whatever she wants on CNN the beach -- -- -- what's the difference a full full bikini upon very well on the ago yes. Know -- ED if you look at a chick with a nice but NG all the guys I just got to get a toaster. No matter what eat your girl is more. Guys everybody checks are out no matter where she's big medium small. You guys checked our old girl doesn't matter what I don't was stranded here earlier you combine in -- -- -- she's got cleavage going on -- at night. It's just what we do -- he's what is when people do these insecure. Deliberate and he's just -- -- as wasting emotion because there's nothing Blair said if she went to the beach in jeans and a T shirt. You would still checker checker SF right so what if she's weren't harsh weren't far it is what it is. And any wanted to be happy and you know me a happy wife happy life Gary. We are going inside the simple -- mind we do it every Monday with the help of -- -- it just so and one of our service registrars -- it's. I went on a first date with a guy I met on match Friday who. And all I could do was stare at the massive amount of hair in his ear. Cars why don't ask him why don't two men groom themselves. This woman Robbie. -- -- -- -- some guys are into it but most guys young yet we yet. Really hear your hair that's too worried about. Age you work -- in a mortar book -- your -- when he of the Porter house stake on on the barbecue Saturday. Haven't -- you can see. You know when there's something like that the whether it's an -- eyebrow hair -- -- ear hair look okay when you go get your hair -- leave again that's what you -- -- to the barber may have. Of the you don't want it checked it worked -- an opinion just. It really even when he gets about it is significant or just say something anybody in your mind from a year on -- first -- hasn't why. Well that's what is positive there with you have video of you were saying last week gives you create won't be able to be upload your T ya. So what's -- dip and I guess you're sitting there -- -- she can't you -- be -- -- become a senior Tiffany's not saying nothing and to -- get home after the date any like really I just spent three hours that this kind of attitude pomegranate seed in my active. Here's a 339 text from a woman same thing but -- -- apparently you'll see you know like you're staring -- guys here -- I was and I'm playing here so -- is totally different ball game who had a little and it was -- gentleman who had a little ball here actually tucked right at the -- and I literally it's unlike my closest to this person ranking is taken out what it's -- click on the -- -- listening to anything he could get into that. -- just attacking the -- and zooming in on an early. -- That by the way -- big deal but I kind of stuff you know it's all about the personality anyway yeah you don't mean you wanna get guys who. You want a great guy that's awesome in the wrapper that success was a great job cares about you. And he's got a little earlier here where where it's like the giant eyebrow guys you know here's our you don't care you don't care these easy rules opening Mercedes. Here's a woman seeing the though long nose hair is the worst especially when they try to -- -- not only spiders don't know their face off yeah. You've gotta you gotta trim those guys usually goes there. Well and then you don't outplay the other thing that drives me now it's the big guys like I you know I I love to get mustache you know like Rob -- elect the -- the -- Yeah parent in the -- that's not to give the goatee it's gonna look. I can't stand the guys. That grow the mustache and then that knows tear gas goes into you know. Oh yeah -- -- yeah and it's all one. It's just there and he's just nasty yeah there will be able that is a little that the Israeli. -- that us yeah. I mean I guess so your saying Danielle that women should point that out to guys that I. I think I'm when I'm one of those few we've got to -- that's -- got to be up front. Yeah from the get go and get a lesson if my. Got to make their Alicia better anyway no it's no big deal what got a little bit humiliated bell yellow green spent ten bucks and -- averaged a K and still it and then that you know of that nevermind it's gone. All right. On we're going inside the simple -- mind I keep pointing out that we do it on Monday's today is not a Monday today's Tuesday but it's -- first -- back. I'm. I went -- I'll limit my -- who I dated for four years. Is getting married next month. And go and he has asked that he is asked if we can do it 21 more time -- god. He said he loves both of us and wants to get me out of his system. I'll be Larry gets married I'd love match want to talk -- we're just. What's your read you're Tyson did little nobody should -- and -- it did it's all up yeah it was a good never operated feel like caddies synonym for a loop I mean one of what are wedding present that would -- do you think -- like it's gonna stop after the wedding what we'll let you know. -- well again if it's -- it's -- deal update did you guys had awesome and Zacks here give her great rapper them. -- the -- that is the best wedding gift you give it to him. One on the way out. And with. I like how he says. Get it out of his system -- sixth place that's. If not all that is always cynicism of urine Gary. My creepy male co worker Larry comes by my cube to check out every day. -- -- I've always been polite about it but as of -- he is lingering and refuses to leave without chatting me up for twenty minutes. I have all worked to do. And I sometimes need Larry to do things for me around the office occasionally so I don't wanna be rude but how can I get him to go away if. You got to find a new lyrics yet a final area that doesn't annoy. Now would you say your worst day in hell yeah that would be me and when you've got some heated bombard CU that work like. When you're trying like I you know. In our but he still has always used to freak out in the morning when people command and talked to many was to production not like -- here not exactly for an AM in the case and it's like you've got people that will -- And it's like the -- quick hello -- great that's fine but Kenyan people the commander in your office like twenty minutes. -- voters chatty chatty -- loved loved and it's like okay really got to get this blog post -- up my butt and I -- -- -- what -- do real well. Just a seamless opponent. Unless your unless you set number. And a anatomy -- little -- and greed over to Charles River hotel last journal lunch break and stay away yeah I had these yellow and out of five. LB I was chatter. LB I love listening to your advice over the weekend I was told by a guy at a hotel -- it. That I had overly large area Lola. I was taken aback because I have never considered that our guys grossed out by big ones now. -- -- play a bug might -- here -- saw their beautiful really follow everybody like all guys love -- speaks small. But gentle exactly -- apple did take the rest of the clearing CNET reported on him. It's like a buff -- Ticket charger he's really it is -- after moon in I don't know -- -- will not fall. So that you believe that I said I used to saying anyway. I'm surprised he would say that during -- first encounter though he was probably gently Jose he meant it as a compliment -- -- -- it's -- us first time somebody sees the granting him a man who I don't think that's a good guy you know mentally guys only did he goes small boobs and I yelling -- -- thinks it's a compliment I'm. Not a guy and -- doesn't like groups why did you guys talk to you all night at a bar and then go home -- another chip. -- -- -- -- -- -- You could be the pheromones didn't -- and you input about the rate. You know the we we need to know he got thrown out there when you -- forget and so he knows enough sleep a look at why aren't people he probably aren't probably says someone I care. Down you know -- -- you are really you -- dinner again this week for the that we announced an end right away you're like -- security purity gone on here in the united can call me your plan -- dates on animal -- Do men like women who Wear big gigantic heals I think we look stupid and number my boyfriend wants me to Wear them. How important. I think again are you were stripper if you're stripped of their their perfect. I mean Aaron you know if you're a little reveal little chunky. Heels -- heels are an asset. That check that your weird -- -- -- angry and they deal is -- issues themselves over anybody it's nothing not coordinate. A very heavy sick girl. In issue. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My my husband is always all about missionary. I'd really like to spice it up in the bedroom. I bought a sex -- last week and when I've broken out this weekend he freaked out and started crying. He kept saying that he wasn't enough for me and it really hurt his feeling rights act we -- -- -- hamster how can I get him to open up. -- On them and now I invite another girl into the bedroom. Secret and a bad guys always late I got a break you break it out of break. Particular our panel that's seen in item and Bioshock guys in my shock finding trying to find a charity neighbor a friend is somebody that'll get under way if you bring an -- and and then when it comes home from work just. Fly you know you come through the front door to wipe out into the it was a naked at the -- in just a crap and I about it. Bloom. The guys crying well image again like Eisenhower dancers not remorse. Because united -- -- -- -- desire I'm going to give a sex story and then she comes home with like you know. Twelve inches. In -- grilling. A couple of word wife it and. -- I grew up Catholic but I haven't gone to church very very hard time not my fiancee wants to go to confession together but I -- a lot of stuff that absolutely cannot talk about Batman. It got -- -- I don't wanna live oak trees that like to get off my chest in my own William. Go to beauty got to do it go ahead don't go yeah go ahead of time until the very very go go and tell me to meet him at church going and banging out. At that those plays angry public with those guys some of the stuff they laws and justice here 000 by -- get specifics as well as you can imagine. When I am sorry father arriving confessed since I was seventeen. -- a full time but it's nothing like now let me take my -- are -- well. Let me about the riots and this has been fourteen -- my last confession. This woman but I was taken Johnny -- to -- CD they accidentally banged in -- in the great drama and back but I want a professor at the. This is the kind of an interesting one. I want to get my nipple pierced but my boyfriend Steve. Says only slots do that -- oil -- tour fall towards what's report what's wrong with Steve was the data sonar true who doesn't want a girlfriend that the -- the I don't even worry about sex -- just have passed a. -- -- are cool now I -- with -- like if you have like I had a friend who got her nipple pierced. And then she got a harm rang this infection of one of them and one of them and they had what your entire but I had a great visuals and oh yeah. Why would I want everybody saying it I dare I don't want ladies to ruin their beautiful articles spending an infection I think the moves are Garrett. Don't hoo -- though it gets confusing for guys you just don't know you don't know what you where we are you supposed to doing work to do it on January when Dwight pullen would we do well. Phone they handled -- the question really is does that indicate slot are right price and now -- saying well it doesn't president doesn't matter if she showing everyone in the bar her nipple piercings throughout she might be a slow start again that's not that's not a big deal either. Do anything like that when you get fake boobs we get like piercings like that they automatically become inanimate objects like even more solidarity act so it's like well. Don't judge my boobs now is -- real but I got breast implants yeah and you component I mean what makes your girl sliders and she's hitting like five neighbors in the cul-de-sac but isn't she getting it to show it off. Now isn't it telling -- pleasure. You would think has what LC an -- -- some people like to have it didn't even considered old girl goes gets -- and -- -- doesn't it that's an automatic shell -- Yeah. This is Kyle yes Kyle. I dated a girl and I nipple pierced in. One of them got snagged on her bra and actually ripped open. Word of oil. -- here all by have been counted but again if -- -- -- at least. We only way to -- that be careful that's got to get the no snagged Barack's. You can't they are on the lease with -- net or just overall analysts want you to do that I'm -- -- that I think drugs are over having underwear in general -- sure you still.