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Masshole Theatre: Braveheart 5-27-14

May 27, 2014|

A special Tuesday visit to Masshole Theatre and discover the great speech from Braveheart.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. The hill man morning. Share of it. It's cold. Is winner. Will receive a pair of tickets for the WAF. Pretty reckless show. Which is at the house of blues on September 10 and it is Sharma who is up first this morning. Hey John pick or where you from. However where. -- -- there how was your Memorial Day weekend. And gotten no barbecues no parade no nothing. About. Nice hotel student. -- in the house and watch TV people are throwing program where you were you on some kind of show -- usually catching up on game -- -- you just. -- -- -- Really what it might well take a listen to this. Particular scene from a film. As enacted by somebody that that reverend -- ran into this weekend and -- can identify the movie will be a winner where did you find this individual and is now and I'll land. Yeah maybe after the Sox game well last week -- -- find some people locking out very depressed job to provide -- set about the loss of great accidents over all right we'll take a listen and they shine here we. Wallace's. -- as the chief Robby Parris. I had that stack Jack beat that bad guy now he's by hundreds if that Tripoli eagle design is make him in half and now. I'm ready joy walks the top of the threw for his morning walk out and down the couple perhaps enjoy expecting. I had once he put on like every cop pulled into the breakdown. For crying out way out on wall. And I -- a hold of comity of county in a defiant that irony. He's got all decked out to fight as a Freeman. Freeman you not what we'd do without freedom we -- I hate it don't pop out. -- -- -- May become nearly the potted -- -- -- you back here is homes -- -- All rise the south the east the -- and -- that at least foul lack. In dieting at that you know many years from now would you be willing to trade all the days -- come back -- and help those knobs that. I may take our lives at delta now Obama. -- -- That was after a good thing good and they did a good job or lose Illinois there. You are. I'm now back now back down now about take -- freedom John what do you got. I would say that my second there to a driver. And that's you know I -- the Israeli rockets -- great. How does you can now that. -- now that sounds it -- I you've -- thank you for playing now is pretty and I got a little special extra audio if I may -- I had another guy do the role. But his Boston accent Mather was so drunk -- or -- just so thick he could understand them he kinda stumbled a few times yeah but I could knock earlier this audio okay I mean it was classic New England mass -- accident if you wanna hear a cut. Wallace's. -- as its chief Robbie Harris. Yeah I heard that tactic beat the -- edit it down he's been a pundits. He's at triple the food is in this vacuum in the half hour. I heard the dogs the top of the -- in this. His motive lurking out there and down a couple of rafts and Johnson on the cape and dirty ones put his blinked. In every cap pulled into the breakdown. (%expletive) Brando and I live laws. As the whole another army of priorities here in the minds that there. You know all decked out of by this agreement. In three menu. What we do without freedom you fight. Play. Not all that -- Yes -- you be the the elite about it I'll take that bag is holds a little thought Rosie goes out the arteries to go Wilbon. And you lists. At least -- while. And dying your bed and many years and would you be willing to trade all the days back here until those knobs that it may take allies but -- take -- and not the other guy who has batted heads the guy I was here. -- the Baghdad earlier is having trouble reason at all and our name yes it is what about the program roughed up. The back guy that guy that did a great job -- -- -- -- those guys -- a fantastic. Far right nice work this morning.