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Hill-Mail 5-27-14

May 27, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages over the long weekend topics include the Red Sox and the weekend.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each you to -- to block as the Hill Man Morning Show is still. Have a on WKA. Listen. That's something the Red Sox are turning things around program name you know and then -- and then boom they they get themselves that we yesterday it's extremely. That -- -- that means Mike Hsu will be in a good mood when he gets in the air effort title fight at 90. Your title fight at 930 we have another draft Marxist -- the -- was. That's awesome now though. If you want year the year year tapped. At your home. Then you should try to win title fight today at 935. For crying out what is when these people calling me out on. That whether or not I'm technically savvy and a -- -- my freaking Twitter page shows one picture yeah. You people in there'll Ireland's I am missing summer you know you look at this right here I am tired of these people -- -- a. Yeah -- Doesn't move. Okay balloon. Erica. We now. Must be maybe that maybe I'm still in IOS. Four hours that price. You used -- -- verify -- though that I -- -- -- that you didn't on this night Daniel and his look at everything in my life. You know apologize for alleging that I was making up a photo in your Twitter and I never alleged. It's your tone did I don't know it was -- it's just when you bring random things up without a full explanation of that 87 people like Latin. When he touches you because you didn't see is this. You get grapes in the cotton and -- if you like you can come over here and their -- yeah. And that -- great -- here are the best you're the best film room really. That's it you've got. What do you competing for lowest hanging fruit. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm just sorry that -- covers mine and have been out where there are the best till -- messages and the previous 24 hours. I will hand eleven Lauren. Great. Trip. -- independent of tenancy anybody in the mafia down their managers but you know. Who grows yeah who knows undermine from the bars there Israel. Horrible eight dirty old -- -- -- -- The indictment. Of the limit the handle -- 0:5. PM. One red Clark law I -- my poorer. You brought people are. Here -- who -- Number ironic how. Let them out and what you were able to -- and twelve games left the country back. It did several. Text questions about whether or went to the deli and the way down there I did stop but the place was Jason and then I would've waited and look pretty quickly Julia would not wage we have Madonna we had to go to panera. And he's good marriage great and I live good food it is right view of the free email. When he got here that why there or pass for unity can Fanny -- that you want up -- almost only at one location but Hassan at every. I got a problem now you know that's the one location where. And that's why I'm feeling good. What you want you don't really need to you freer -- we only -- -- four bars and one place they try to write to him. It didn't work the place I think they adds that the US open separately so I think they asked not to a couple of incidents. Yeah -- they opened one downtown for people who elect lowering coming to him that money you pay what you want -- -- -- free -- a couple of -- school some people government. I'll reach out -- that every girl I did I I don't like three things are right cash after a fight scheme and what they're hard on eleven solid -- here and name anyway has yet meaning -- you'd like fourteen dollar surety to borrow. That. Terrible form 10. PM. You are expected -- know what this secret. -- -- On the message that they're gonna do is. The amazing now -- I was pretty -- you're Dodgers fan I was couple it's a wild ride for two days that root root kid to pitch yesterday. At a known or going to a pretty good you are deemed perfect game going -- that are straight up perfect game sixty yanks in Austin and local 12:32. PM. -- Michael can all. Find out at 960. And I don't report it. OR block it. Florida and there -- slots it's sort of ten out of ten pieced together it gives people get it below local. They wanted to -- -- -- and wanted to know who carried in the and it created their eyes that where's smokey -- -- his incredible. Early. Oh sit at all. Yeah I can't speak of but I think that Kanye West's dark and things on the native used to bring King Kong to the. And that now. There's new kind gays non. Which is -- -- is bad. And basically -- off. Just wants to announce throughout the whole song that he is. God level. That's about what it is con is that he's at god level the rest of us are what what -- we as human level minions -- man a Muslim men and. Most what that would happen over -- round losers -- -- -- thrown at the end. I guess is it's so I agree I won't say Atlanta or Washington I'm not home -- A board like that. That's. With Sloan school of jets have snapped. They're all about and 608. Old and. Pretty quick -- and a and the fragment from -- excuse -- LB has -- it -- package will be promised to get. But yet. My rely on -- -- fees are moderate he's been promised I've never let you guys down a leopard. -- thanks again sort of and here's Don hello Don general and yes die and go -- not gonna get a. A quick -- and how alert you guys as our commercial over the weekend. Marine nick burns new Reebok ad she comes home from the gym stripped down to nothing and gets in the -- and forget she has or sneakers on its epic. She is -- is commercially smoke show. -- career is. Mary lovely 6:45. AM. -- in the seventies today. The countdown cute little campaign. Begins. Now. Style and that message discussed happy birthday to jewels. Julia hill seventeen years old seems like just yesterday that. LB was vomiting inner crayons costs -- my -- scenario posts post golf -- I'm I'm just so when you're shelves where he is go. Think it's it's life people grow up you know with each of you do your daughter's beautiful I love you don't you know the fact that. I class -- fires as a professional athlete you know division one colleges. That is is that Dali Lama as of soccer and she's got a free boat sank to Lawrence can. I already at six and Lawrence is division three soccer. Hockey is division one well what are where he was in whatever it is she's gonna be a national championship unification are you very much he's done it she's conquered. -- -- -- -- -- admitted it was below basic. -- -- -- -- -- -- Under the age of those -- colors and they are going to call them colors it was -- -- -- six. Fourteen years old and. I'm no or excuse is LD hasn't used yet. Hey can I tattoo artists all you know come on the -- you -- -- never -- -- follow through on terror well here. Like that many. And that left in Toronto mayor flew the flag any idea right now so many flags onto an athletic but he fluid job by -- -- You could just get a tiny little Canadians that 25 minutes' worth well I -- -- there's no sense in doing -- have to ask him. -- -- -- That was arrested today for masturbating in his BMW. Which from the state court will be known as they -- weekly. Clinton's message but but a group. -- -- critic is dictate traffic in the attic and that's coming weekend and is it still Memorial Day month. -- -- And that that county memorial in my name and all the other memories to remember in Memorial Day months more of them on almost all of my home line yeah where week's Memorial Day month. There Abraham will be selling celebrating all month. -- around my memories and things of Memorial Day in months on the other memories to remember in Memorial Day Memorial Day in -- --