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James Montgomrey 5-23-14

May 23, 2014|

Musician James Montgomery came by to discuss a music event and to play a little for us.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And yes. And is that -- legendary James Montgomery and -- good giant slippage is Montgomery James Taylor what you know -- -- I'll be always calls and James Taylor you know and then I hit employees. I don't want to fireflies it was one time one but James Montgomery blues legend a long time friend of this program. Is doing an event on the cape participating in Havana indicate this again he wanted to stop by and good morning how are jail not bit better than the Red Sox are now is different and I got a confident -- and taken -- slings and potluck and it's really today there charges this stake in the -- and out of it there man and news you amazing Grace Kelly and planning but they're more amazing -- opponents in the world and I brought he brought -- not the actress grace -- We got Grace Kelly the saxophone yeah and with all due respect to the wonderful actress girls got more. -- -- -- at fourteen -- -- -- when mark cells that are really. So the event and is the real blues fest on the -- this weekend yes it's at the wonderful Seacrest. Resorted which is worth the trip in itself but we have the best and jazz great Kelly yeah the best and follow yeah Jonathan Edwards. The best of blows me of course of course -- -- Investor class where others can't -- symphony orchestra members wearing shoes on or off or genres under one roof Wednesday -- lot of jamming a lot of -- Energize an aerial. There -- Yeah diseases. Like. Yeah. And -- attendance and all the money goes to goes to benefits health care for musicians and first time filmmakers are yet to win went very well. People might not notice but James during his long career. Became bothered by the fact that some of the great blues man. Had no health -- a lot of their money take in my the record companies and managers -- so and so and you got involved this a long long time ago when it comes to help these. We we have actually save lives and and in most of -- stuff is personal but I you know the one that I -- mentioned -- -- -- because it's not blocked it right all right rice argued read in the market until about -- but we got Johnny and and to our program. And you've got him off all the prescription drugs -- manager has had a marked as his manager was like stealing from -- or is it out and in every little aspect all the tired at all I'll -- ten dollars -- how much and had a card -- you know -- bad idea that we got -- in the program he's -- it is I just -- host -- -- seventieth birthday party BB Johnny winter is seventy. Now and we're getting all finished doing -- right yeah ideas yeah. I always that's an example of the kind of work Purdue. I was thinking about you yesterday because. Did you see did this sixty minute this sixty minutes thing on Aerosmith and the and the Charlie Baker. But that the guys run for governor of the tie in there but only I know I didn't see the -- so. I was thinking of you because Aerosmith used to open up for you that they -- -- for while -- -- I've read in the Steven Tyler were alerts users while James Montgomery to reopens in Georgia said I don't know what's -- I don't know. Right girls ready as well I've heard you guys up yards from -- But beyond. They they showed his picture on sixty minutes and and they were showing a group of fans. And turns out. That the Republican candidate for governor Charlie Baker is right smack dab in the middle of the of the group of the well it wasn't called the mosh pit in nosed out after our -- right in the middle of the of the group riveted up a little bit and Aerosmith are there there's there's a reason to vote for the guy right right and I'm excited about it exactly. You bring -- did you bring your here -- -- unfortunately -- every instrument which may as opposed to grace period who really knows what she's doing I thought you might maybe we could do a little. A little mouth part name that tune. Welcome Danielle used to playing college. But -- -- -- provided I can name that tune in the first place. In the -- -- play that thing. I know I actually in the words commander -- no now they're about what about a pregnant resent learn -- to athletics have wanted to be an abandoned this is the quickest way to get -- yeah Canada guitar you got it takes two years of piano. -- -- six months later they had an abandonment right exactly but does like game like for a a chin are like myself. I mean it would I have to be conditioned properly Lincoln on the treadmill and learn to play the mouth harper once again and the word is rendered already -- I. I I didn't you know admitted that it indoors like us are glad to see thirty years later still making a living playing a child's. Stuff all right we'll see -- we'll see we'll see if we can do it just gimme gimme something that thing well I'll tell the first resistance stuff might be your sort of OK about. Try one more time. MLB knows it obvious that remark led down by far is Ross now. Now Swanee river there and gone down by this money and public disorder yeah. Let. I think that's -- racers off its. Well it's actually eight I think -- monster like -- I'm not bad enough that's about. They are you -- -- Are you -- giant in her case in Iraq and all version of a 1967. Johnny in the hurricanes that version of that and I'm glad to. Yeah red river valley you know. Barack did -- yeah yeah yeah. Yeah it's. A rat but and yeah players are -- -- -- awful. And I don't know about that. They only. No that's already Butler shuffling disappointed that I got the one from gone with the way I'm not a big arm of the -- -- and nodded and our analyst and a big gone with the wind enemies to beyond merely trying to collect as when she made address on the very. I -- all right well it actually look at the students -- -- -- that would be pretty good about my wallet yesterday and found. Somebody wants Sanofi -- Did you see the controversy over the sergeant at the ice cream truck plays that apparently that's like the most races soccer in America now we're talking about that last week -- big -- -- on the ice cream truck stop. -- as he cuts off awhile. The I love watermelon on the watermelons at the very racist I got on Pennsylvania but I mean. Music you know extreme guy probably -- -- -- and screamed I didn't now it is now. What did you think do you see this story also this week about spirit the -- and spirit. Saying that Led Zeppelin ripped off stairway to heaven from them. Well you know in the early -- I didn't listeners -- for a long time because. I know that they did takes Arthur were written by blues guys and and and and and you know it in retrospect I don't think it was abandoning it was probably their management. Who said you know no one owns -- Sox elections on ourselves but I I was anti example unfurl like you -- because of that because of that you know because I knew that they edit their organize -- being -- -- of who's dying in hospital. Making zero dollars off on the site rhetoric in my hand. But you know why it went when I was sure Johnny winner widgets -- -- Robert Plant. He was elected I changed to manually stroke a check yeah yeah yeah he started here you. It's. And nobody started where humans the it's a New Orleans and foundation and and Arkansas. And started to really roll up -- sleeves and do some work for some of these impoverished guys who you know it was a -- who who needed itself but I do like Robert but it. But -- it now did that just the is that not a credible though if you -- if you just take what would James just said. And then you then you apply the fact that -- and I do it the it is gonna blow you away so painful those guys that have nothing. That song to date or no -- of 2008. Wasn't it Deirdre. -- -- what's really -- as of yes there to heaven this bats are the ones on 300 has merely by. Below 564. Million dollars. -- and those guys don't get it dying -- Would you use to have a would you be pissed if someone -- yeah yeah yeah they deserve our goal and that's generated governments. -- out of -- out of 100 people okay yeah. Well I think you now I mean. What percentage of rock. Is ripped off from the blues -- like this stuff stated well and Ali you know the stones gave credit of the star -- -- against a guy credit -- it you know you know I started started out you know what to rural blues in -- and I knew a lot about all the old guys. But for me to discover a lot of the Chicago or Detroit blues guys. I learned from the stones because you looked at and you saw who wrote after did that they give credit to Willie Dixon McKinley Morgan field was Muddy Waters and and -- McCain and answers Bo -- They gave today they always gave credit to those guys always -- and -- and that's why didn't like Led Zeppelin -- I saw The Beatles and the stones. Given that jeopardy after the guys and again give giving on the money. And Led -- just didn't completely didn't do you know you never -- way I blamed it on the band but you know they probably have a manager who was yeah -- lets you know here's another way we can make some money anybody else yes she'll Oreo. Pitches with a Edelman a and believe that was their manager. -- -- -- think -- yeah gangster yeah he had set the standard for managers of today well that's that I mean because he was abandoned and he said forget those guys and the actors say. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- and didn't -- version young man blues. And roadrunner so lets them -- roadrunner the old. Junior walk and all stars on. All right well listen I'm so glad you guys came by so mom dad and -- by the way just is is this the most amazing saxophone -- -- everywhere you from grace. I -- -- in -- Bennett and learning in LA and has been rescued and taken classically trained or I'm on jazz and and I started ever upgrade my name free CD it twelve and informing all of yeah wow and -- -- -- and well. -- -- -- -- is -- that later CD for the guys in my -- it can't get merely ball. -- -- And -- -- probably got yeah we know we hear -- -- strength of this now we really down to -- right up against the break up the question maybe she'll play in the kitchen for you. Are you human resources you have to come down the decay by -- editor Grace Kelly yeah Johns and Edwards came guys in front running -- and James Montgomery best and jazz folk blues and classical although no matter what all the money goes to regret about well here's hoping you some day he reached the levels of the greatest saxophone as the ball she's only outcome you know without Eric comes. You know the greatest -- -- play. Hope -- live depends who went hiking on its all time bar none and anti religion honorably and it doesn't matter what Jonathan. I don't feel like alliances in any different you know. It's very hard to name this -- I started playing because it's in it that Belmont pack. I. Clarence -- actually I met Clarence and I did is going to video footage in a day we both played on TV station and I got a call from their partisan Clinton wants to meet -- -- -- Clinton and on backstage sneezing girl that was incredible guy might come here he ain't no I was just watching the footage can be like. -- -- -- -- And carry out here yeah there's no man's gonna want attention Dennis. She's sort of -- -- -- producer and just going to be a household name before a lot gets still everything from we're. -- you don't I think you're right you know a couple of my guess is John and I do not. Give me a couple -- -- now -- try to figure out what I'm doing a lot of I don't watch yourself. I. James Montgomery great to see you know Andrea -- you know I appreciate your -- on the also -- have happened I had that is being number one -- -- -- well thought out they have regular James Montgomery to.