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Kayna Whitworth 5-23-14

May 23, 2014|

One of our favorite news anchors called in to share a charity event and some general perving from Greg.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Oh is on the phone joining us right now from the channel seven's studios. I. Got in a -- Channels lovely channel 7 NEWS anchor how -- I want party I -- Memorial Day weekend. Yes thank -- -- at work but I hope all of you enjoy it and we. Well when you don't get the weekend not a million men -- and they can't give him the break -- over the air channel seven. Oh -- I'm -- this pay the you got an event you wanna -- -- right. I give yeah I think I'd answer a lot of it has seen. And he -- that big buddies. Allan -- though it's next weekend and somehow and it made it's fantastic decision to play my bike from. But then view I can't or -- After the -- hundred miles how much yeah. You get period -- get to -- wars and right on my mom did she. Right it -- And and so. And the -- very difficult putts. We're having huge fund raiser and I hope saying that you that -- -- listeners can become dark and -- -- -- integrated bar tomorrow migrate our money for the -- but -- Tomorrow -- greatest -- what time. We're going to meet at seventeen and and I'll veto -- out of Malia and military air and -- -- a -- -- at all. He's Brady. And so while trying to raise money for the -- but it -- -- anybody out there -- you know it but it's the incredible program where they help people that have. Mental intellectual disabilities you know make friends and my job. You know in the spotlight is absolutely fantastic and robbery but -- being behind it. He says that the event and real quick. All of them are are are which is a lot of. Will you be wearing the yoga is at the greatest. I know there's been a lot of talk about the other. I will be wearing you know eventually bike shorts. In common and millions of. That's a awesome and you should Wear the purple -- -- is to the to the greens -- of that game. And but I think purple and what do they bloom in the promo terrible act or think now is they have their their collar and blue or what color those things -- I -- you -- But I Wear them to work out yeah. You're wearing in the worked in the in the problem. And yes I do I work early in the end and it worked out clause is an elite barking and. I was we were talking yesterday keeping -- in opinion as a woman we're talking about this there was this guy who got dumped violated because he was too short. Do you it would like to do not date guys -- of height. You know I can promise you that whatever story -- that's not been cheaper I assume that's I think that's what -- -- -- -- great right now yeah I achieved there were definitely other things going on that she couldn't get past. Yes absolutely. And I I needed permanent after about my -- yeah. I think. That's the big deal I don't -- and the big guys are at the I don't really know about that that EL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- we'll have that thing -- is she should just be honest. It at the you're you're out you know circus -- a lot of characters come with a Bulldog mentality because Australia the other children and the only other activity you know they live in the Darryl and demands of the head of the Soviet successful. OK the chart and program yes that's. -- -- Yes. So all right here's the deal came. Is riding a bike a hundred miles. -- get help raise some money by coming out to the greatest bar tomorrow night seven until ten. Yeah and you know what we have these are -- and frowned a lot of sports he didn't count my friends are detonating a car and yours blue house cat. Dean the Red Sox are donating a ball back the draft. And we have a Celtic basketball at all he and I went into the patriot anti us. That's the offer America a unit. Or try to get the patriots players that are out and the event as well now. -- -- -- That's his crazy yeah she's. Somebody wants me to ask if you it's happened in the helicopter did -- did the channel seven helicopter on an issue. Yeah you know why are -- she's eight now it is picking not to go to braking and at the -- spot locked up and gently. Just tell her everything is okay and I apparent act is now up and kind of looking edit. I really think if you've ever seen helicopter crash in their here I'm right -- aren't so I'll think that everything fine. And out of very lucky here on the ground. This is how would is that helicopter duty is that a coveted. -- people when they say you're on the helicopter veto it didn't do these people go like I want him helicopter. Well I I think you can depend on the -- that I think being hampered choppers and the cool thing but how are ordered. You know it. Their service that they. And I over the Rick -- and get the video but Anna. Nicole. Here's the text that says we stopped aging king now my -- she doesn't get you getting down when I talk about the elders -- Don't let friends and run it weird that. Now he's gonna jump on the fact that he just said to your friends we don't hang up. We problem and we we how we hang out together I mean can I didn't know that now all -- found aren't right you're. We liked what came out we liked it what are we like to -- Yeah chicken fingers we like the chicken fingers yeah like it's in the state and -- extremely -- it happened to. Them. And I pilot played an L and the helmet I've got hearing. Equipment contract where. He -- be all and where's the other -- so. But still pretty once that happened I'll buy it so let -- and -- or you feel like this I love how -- -- answer me into this country. Yeah I first heard of it -- this is likely to push ups and -- Obama this is not a background. You know relevant my -- Cano will come in here in the youngest. Full show. If we are also in the yoga is and we do push contests. Right what do you -- you can't I have a very quickly garbage you work so it wouldn't. -- That can make a regular -- kind of make it not that they thought I rely on the -- trying to -- even know if that's a good jobs -- we I've told you just suggest we appreciate the effort. Look -- it it's just they hired their greatest inventions. Since the fly. You know when they and when somebody in -- invented the fly for -- great invention and then the yoga pants -- so. But I understand you're just. Now when you bring that up but I've integrated that they're Smart right there's nothing about lies on her hand that -- XP. But it's convenient when your main Annika. Yeah it is talking about things that changed the history of fashion -- you know you think about -- What are the mini skirts the that was big and then you know the illness incidence of top of that tube top -- -- tacky about fashion as a collective -- I mean that I can't uptrend. -- died exactly exactly. All right well I am I my traveling so I won't be able to go to the events. Please don't eat chicken fingers than anybody else. I get from them yet but I bet anybody. In there right now LB LEE -- -- -- be so grateful that you were just trying to raise money. But the program but actually -- more donations but I. Can't compete is it between out a clear I'm reading what everyone was to donate my. How -- they go to donate to him. -- went into a web site I called -- -- right now. And then people on donating you don't need a little like twenty dollars but it definitely helped. Yeah no I in no way you you have to beat them Williams yeah. And -- we won't allow that happens all right donate bird donate for -- and I and then come out to the greatest bar. Tomorrow night at 7 o'clock and hang out great. Yeah absolutely I think so much for having me on and have a good holiday weekend and we. Think about me next Saturday I'll buy it by about. -- call position -- next week due to get our donations yes ya cause I can't come on the show next week we'll talk about the hundred mile bike -- All right well thank you and I cannot. I said how -- I wanna you wanna make sure that she doesn't get Brian you have wrong idea you know she's just that he has wanted to over the tone and -- -- -- trying to. Uncomfortable trying to make sure she knows that it is such -- credit markets platonic. She then in nature at all times amicable here -- Gosselin must really don't want to go buddies -- must that must remain that way. And you know. I don't care whether she believes that she has -- her soul -- And he is. 25 years old and she must remain at all times she must keep it in the platonic perspective. -- If you would here's the Texas nevermind yoga as -- that would look fantastic and a burlap bag what she is being pretty much. She is beautiful. It's overnight. Awesome trend fish nets one of the great well it depends on what well fashion trends. It was yeah. You have Butler surge if you -- -- the fish nets in the boots fish nets nine code on -- people looks like pressed him NA and -- -- The -- grass. You Bratton Obama went kid yeah love and they want them walking into the cern near your -- and appearances and Sandra ago. Here's somebody willing to donated testicles he can and notice I don't know that the bodies and one way to do that the guy at a we appreciate wanna write a curiosity option. -- here's somebody who like the purchaser bike seat those aren't -- that -- a little bit at he's been an area in -- -- -- got -- there.