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Hill-Mail 5-23-14

May 23, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 ours with ranging topics this time.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each you to do to block as the Hill Man Morning Show -- and scale made out. Quite well. On WAA. And what's wrong with him -- it's logical I'll be here is an hour ago. Playing marbles I atlas. He's not a big guy. Probably lie -- confidence yeah he's dumping down you don't. If he goes yeah. Maybe add the put the suntan lotion -- way -- -- -- -- in the problem. Today's mail messages. Brought to you by noon turf care your residential and commercial on care provider visit mutant or -- back I'm. And mentioned WA AF offer free food intake treatment from the experts at noon -- care. There's only six. 0:7. PM. And -- -- I would run out wouldn't. -- under NAFTA. Poker on the homes and now over. Some pretty. Unbelievable. 6:28. AM. -- -- -- We are married it if it. The extent. Have a great weekend. That brings something -- anyway you know. I -- he wouldn't be a little Ford Field not to be here -- Algeria they what you really bored me mice squirrels like -- Chickens can't. -- the -- you wouldn't be able keep you in the lifestyle you've become accustomed I am treated as you budget alone like data -- Third World nation -- me. 43 AM. -- black. And and you're -- you. Can be taxing generous to Syria dot. Boy they -- just run. Only Houston Oilers used in the cubbies in Arizona are worse than than our Red Sox and Red Sox then are defending world that I just -- our guys -- great news -- he sucks. The forty you can. Who would get a pork barrel wouldn't be -- property rhetorical boot sure it. Well I don't know -- you have memorial. I'm confident that gossip about. -- -- for attention and hand. -- great you know what I learned -- could inside the war you're operating yesterday. They do have a whole lot more people know that there's I mean look I'll just kept coming in that -- a little more often feel we're aware that. -- -- -- -- -- Programs popular with men and women think well it's always it's and went on and on our -- -- -- with -- I don't want proposal calls -- -- -- -- -- -- not. Analysts. I was amazed by how many women. Don't wanna data short guys yesterday were shallow I was eight even in the office. I had ladies coming up to me on track. It is short guy one time I could take it never do that again I was so embarrassed I just. I couldn't I couldn't handle it. Seven and -- Doctor I haven't really been feeling well we're nearly -- security and welfare or. So if you spectrometer -- And then that inch and missed that. Do I think masters and understand it even that special K. I guess he didn't -- there is -- -- cinema the Davis last and I got up and there is on the floor may be called the guy happens that hey. The punchline a -- joke. What was it because I couldn't hear you know it's funny not that -- of -- -- from death 712. -- What kept our heads to LA. We learned. During faction acts that staring at a woman's breasts for ten minutes a day can increase your life. Ford F five years so stare at your voice their away. 653. And land. Very true and note that up these is that. I could you could take account there. And that can I do like South Beach actually sparkling wines it's kind of an anomaly. Yes it's it's. Really don't lousy beach right where they're really awesome. Nightlife -- -- situation. The NRA and it got to the year old topless thing knowing all the widgets are cool on -- and then on the fun thing. Makes the difference the only beach here and the commonwealth. That appears are in the top ten -- list this year. Is Coast Guard beach practice that's the only one and then -- task it -- about. Brett beach -- come over British Columbia good one all nude all mood on the news wow. You don't wanna go there right after winner and when they -- storm out of the food and you wanna go there -- is likely July tiger effect early not let the girls -- a Little Rock. 721. Hand. Anyone. Yet that I don't -- -- commander and I repeat I don't. Yeah. Can't -- that yeah. We're going over some of the gift items available at 9/11 memorial. And the the cheese platter in the shape of the United States with the hearts where the planes went down. Completely and utterly tasteless comments -- up on -- and disturbing. Showers yes everybody's getting married is getting it a US cheese plate and you know. When you're walking around like at a party like you're the host this that you have your American. Relief map cheese plate and everybody goes well. What hearts for the amount that's where the planes that the content towers and Shanksville Pennsylvania and not look good but the chatter over Wisconsin and yet at this if if it 720. It. And pro and the now.