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Get the Memorial Day weekend forecast from Pete Bouchard from 7 News.

May 22, 2014|

According to his work bio Pete Bouchard is the 7 News Chief Meteorologist. But around here, he is known as a music fan, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Lord of the Rings nerd, and "weather porn" aficionado. He called in today to talk about all of that, and the Memorial Day weekend weather forecast. Mike Hsu jumped into the discussion too!

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-- scary weekdays three to seven on Boston's rock station WA AF. What's. And not much. You're do we need to talk to -- you -- -- or that the biggest expert I could think with the holiday weekend coming everybody wants and what battles going on with the weather. This is a big deal I now and opinion is that laughter pretty reports start a -- that -- a shower or whether the cool temperatures. Think not so well that you got to trust me. It's an object our he got to trust them that's gonna turn around -- ankle while. I think Saturday. You'll see you know that one of those -- it done in parallel I think -- could have been better because the -- showers still around in the afternoon but you know they'll be some bright spots to. -- Sunday's better temperature and go from 68 on Saturday seventy on Sunday and then Monday Memorial Day at Sevastopol offense and now. Again I think you know we'll work through it. But it just not gonna go out to a bright blue -- start that structure. -- what are Twitter friends say you know you know when I get a long weekend I either wanna go. Skydive anger or wanna be out of my motorcycles so that's right it is it going to be windy this week and I mean now. I don't think that went to going to be an issue but you know I think you're gonna have to go under an overpass -- under past whenever you get one of -- show on Saturday and there's a 40% chance Saturday 20% chance on Sunday so you know fitness stuff. I don't think I canceled plans over it but it may just be aware so but I figured -- -- I'm not talking go for -- that's for sure. How tough is it free you know to go to our Memorial Day weekend barbecue. With everybody look at fewest in his there's a rain -- Blake you must I don't wanna leave the highways of the -- cast -- -- right. I do I literal you know I'm always thinking about the weather so everybody approaches me -- I'm like to already make conversation it's just like anything else in it so it's like to -- Your job obviously -- -- you know sentence and no one is you know not shy about go to where Amanda excellent reduced our straight from -- -- you know -- I've heard all the jokes. And all the good natured ribbing it is so those involved at all. Last couple days -- Kabul whether things that I knew I was gonna to RT news so I I waited. Why and that they're crazy tornado in Denver the Domtar and the other today. That was great -- Lebanon six to seven inches of hail the letter was. People on both sides the other. I think the most extreme -- tennis ball size but yeah those gulf are ranked and chart their career he beat crazy and they can really do some damage if a tornado so. And the other one is everybody's impasse in around on baseball night. Is that weird cloud that looked like a US bowl oh yeah the one from Wyoming -- is all or is that really cloud. I was real thick cloud I mean imagine this still picture there and the grand doctored but the real video on YouTube that was real that was like. The most amazing mental cycle I've seen a long long time and yet that it. They get that Europe -- integration in the air spinning and then you know it's also the effect that counts wolf like it was really cool so. You know I guess I had did get a moment there her and to be -- that guy and he -- to pick a moment that it deeper step away from the computer for a little while a full report. Speaking of -- -- might soon but that's put it tell you look at their days said hello and also wanted to ask you if you are currently dressed as Gandalf. I waited on the weekend click and that but you. My favorite stuff Lord of the Rings Star Wars. I can aggregate data on that forever. You know it's kind of personal solely -- -- -- note no Star Trek he's. Yeah -- I amateur records it's okay. Two and I can't wait for the new. Star Trek movie and also an assortment easily could be an extra two. Yeah shocker for you you know to give -- on your order it's like ten box and then you sending. And now like you get a chance to be on sets and -- are on its I was solo to be like. I don't know what kind of be a band. Scary enough. I wanna be like the crazy three boom -- at the bar in the cantina I don't mind like that's why they cannot really -- ten bucks an hour. -- excitement put on make up although it I can. Usually some weird instruments that I don't know how to play. You really need to -- and bring back I would totally do this is organs. The fact tiger blows up in the -- -- fighter here that's all that's all nearing retirement while you guys are like I hung newly married and hollering now we ought not to cut our military Iowa -- -- -- I'll see the chat group needs that side over here. You guys both actually found women marry you non. -- -- -- -- Well my choices my voice a huge Benedict number best chance and now she loves star all okay and out she's good at the national news item on the bandwagon. -- know absolutely that the and I -- again and again doctor not work -- not do it for. Yeah aren't huge and your kids into the -- guy -- I got my youngest son he's been through the I'll bet he got the dvd adding sneaker on the weekends I'm like well. I discussed so I don't know what does what that does -- get below watching yeah. Supervised visitation with the Internet sort of a poor kid he's gonna be wearing white robes and carrying around Hobbits bread and stuff yeah that's right. Oh boy. They want and -- become like your official weather spotter is here in Brighton. I gotta do is like sending you know. Little thing on Twitter just wherever you see just. Throw down in the and it pictures and recreate of the happy -- -- whether it any act. -- before audio we gotta talk to owns 'cause I know your big -- guys so cute gimme some of your favorite music this time of year is -- outside. Hopefully in the sun and what -- -- a Nintendo all manner. But what thicken your favorite child at Brigham. I don't know -- so -- -- can go for. I know you don't depend on automotive and it work outside and and I argued senator I'm. Our intent to go Iran began. Look I mean you'll cut dated -- -- -- go a little bit of black Abbott may be. And then acquisitions as it depends on the day it's really difficult. Well I say I'm gonna hold you to this forecast for the weekends yet you can edit that strong tweet me every radio yeah. Hopefully you'll get second too much rain out on the bike this weekend and hopefully the winds will be calm enough that I get some skydiving and. That definitely not a big deal on the wins you know little brisk but not a strong weekend so enjoy yourself and be safe and are you know they remember -- too -- that the jury had so memorial day's big course so you know on absolutely. I'm hurt like and I agree on that can carry out -- -- -- all the years and absolutely enjoyed -- barbecues. And peace that is occurring on Monday attempts in the eighties opened poll. Aren't you I appreciate you checking our caretaker here you are going to be like my official weather expert I'm gonna call you wanna start freaking out about the weather this summer. Absolutely and here. -- scary weekdays three to seven on Boston's rock station WA AF.