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Listen to Mistress Carrie's interview with Rob Zombie.

May 22, 2014|

Rob Zombie called in today to talk about his new LIVE Concert DVD "The Zombie Horror Picture Show". As always he was friendly, courteous, funny, and open. We talked about his upcoming album, his new movie, and his tour. Before I let him go, I also had to talk about his pet pug! We're both members of the pug club, yes... freaks love pugs!

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It's just scary weekdays you just seven on Boston -- station WA AF -- -- married you and our ARAMARK. I would like to ask where you are first because I can never keep track of where you guys are on the planet in any given time -- It certainly here. I got a copy of these zombie horror picture show and -- were actually able to kind of capture the essence of Rob Zombie performance. Without you being at the venue is -- took you so long to actually release one. Well art artistic a lot of fun because -- -- to vote postponing you know we are at fox are short and -- -- 2007. And they added and changed numbers are. I don't want put that out because -- our lives and people's. I -- leaders were waiting and waiting until. I thought the band little water he -- of people wondered could be. And some are part of the perfect on payments super I -- gigantic what -- It sounds really good to how many of the shows did you have to record to make sure that you got a perfect. What we recorded -- recruited our. And Houston. Media mostly outlets by and we like we put -- -- songs in Houston so I can't get it so yeah a longer conflict. But are we at a fighter and do we you know we can go back and fix the how did you record and ordered to be like their -- sound like it could mistake. In the air probably I don't know because sometimes in. Kabul quote from the article without perhaps Kyrgyz leader happen and I let it be it was. Did you have a hard time going through the set list trying to figure out which song she definitely wanted to make the. He learned. And it's pretty eat -- sometimes just because. At this stage of the game at least. Everybody expects expect it here they expect here that Integra so -- delete all obvious song. And then from now on our planet more like now we -- it makes. You know what corporate. We're under no matter what you do about why it took place such it's such a favorite -- I'm so we are. When you're going through making a set list for -- show. You know you talk about songs like Dracula are you know the ones that people expect. Do you love the fact that they expect to see those sign his or her if you never played them again would you be OK with that TO. Good color to give the guardian I want because they didn't bite take pressure -- you hear the song like. And I'm you know I'm only played because there are. We couldn't go on twelve where -- -- I wouldn't say you know mom you're -- same thing I -- -- and I don't want them to play. Wonder what if you're gonna put him. And he can't make sure people -- people aren't super most people all know certain songs. So that we become engaged to conduct. -- would play -- smaller here and there are thousands of what we're saying let you know sometimes it goes more obvious forget. Seattle going on not only the release of don't live concert film but you're also working on a follow up to venomous -- regeneration and are you in yeah. And the real right now and has gotten according at least people mothers speak according portrait. And you're out and. I read a recent interview that said you said it sounded weird which to -- spoke volumes if you think it's weird. I want everything to be we hear all -- -- that the -- -- -- -- always your goal is making. Finance. It after a certain point everything like seems like -- -- so -- -- Clearly -- sustained when he acts as saying -- he wants the same thing. I think we're a water. Or a goal made it weird. -- -- -- You're very rare people that has been able to straddle the line between music and film and kind of ping pong back and forth whenever you feel like doing that so. As you're working on this new music in the studio. Where is that leaving you as far as film projects. There's a lot of people like posting on FaceBook and stuff about 31 and one -- and makes. One of the next. 31 the next movie ever in a -- that long ago so we're in the process of setting up all on the news that. The structure that you. Part of all I won't actually starts and -- -- -- probably October but also a -- these should certainly Kirk on the world so -- that. -- -- -- Music for awhile. Regulate and make it will be. From. You started. With music and and the music business in dealing with the record companies and all that stuff. What is worse the record side of things with record companies in the business and of that or trying to raise financing. For fail. Everything and -- so -- harder. It was easier template if you aren't to a record label you know you knew it was going to be money to make the record. And also -- so I'm iPod yarder up. We battled a lot more. Like are they probably -- -- are popular in the first -- so all. You. I would make records and -- dugout and then you know at all. Porn movies it. A low budget movie take millions and millions and hours. Oh yeah it's harder to get people sign off on -- -- -- and put it almost becomes really argue here. And that's why a lot of times you know you're attacked movies you have movie that crop up that are usually more original and different or you know. Big budget movies goes. For perfect partner and -- got a track record it's true. You're so it's in the party. Well I think it's art you know target people -- -- -- but you know are pretty good track record you're and so far so. I ever really hard time imagining you sitting across a conference table in a pinstripe suit talking to finance -- about a film. I don't do it like I mean I I as our current. I never want to prevent default response because then people go oh what happened and -- our court like because you're here what scares you want to get involved great oh. Oprah and where he complained later that technology -- supportive. You know because -- you know I don't trick people. I read an interview recently where you were talking about what an amazing experience it was touring with Alice Cooper and I wanted to ask you if he got you golf saying. And the index series of -- saying -- -- like robot golf I don't have any interest in whatsoever. What I -- I remembered that America got all of our regular number try to have a bit. And I liked it. -- Speaking of sports I got a lot of people that want me ask you about the broad street bullies and what happened with that movie and if it's ever gonna come out. Why I don't know maybe it will come every movie -- updated it yet. Picture on the whole you know we might revisit it but you know everything no part in party financing party financing any. And you know believe they're not sports movies are not popular illegal sports movie -- consent -- is -- on -- People probably isn't a popular among sportsmen general -- and can't control this is important for them -- about that since the foreign markets are so important. You know. Are they don't know what so a lot of American common term so yeah -- cornerstone -- -- -- yet you're -- but at. -- or pattern and circling the airport -- widow and. Speaking of overseas you're talking about going overseas for a lot of the big festival shows this summer. Do you think eventually. The United States what kind of figure out these big iconic festivals it seems like. You -- the last ten years we've made we made leaps and bounds but nothing like the giant -- they have in Europe. Well yeah I mean when Rory out further so anymore festivals here and -- Omar locker -- and those are the boat festival. I'm I don't know what. So ever reached as high. School what are you -- -- quite. Sitting here -- over the air unfortunately. Music anyway. Country music or something else that you are now we are now we don't really great thing. And sort of action ignore what you know number one worker on black -- on -- some. Art -- Corporate cheers you know infrastructure in thousand people to go overseas to be strictly out people on the news. All 100. There are some really interesting places on this tour are there any cities that you're going to visit that you haven't and yet you -- you've been touring for so long is there any -- -- state. You haven't visited. Can't because -- on the schedule I'm not sure what -- we have a great. I'm quite in congress before so that's on a new and now there's -- places -- and -- what the answer. Comedy. Goes someplace a year ago now. What was really opening up now and come or anywhere at this point. The last time we talked. You know we had talked about how we had both had -- in the past. So I wanted to find out if you've got a new dog since the last time we talked. -- current and accurate with our economy. Could you actually. -- this -- -- like on -- that you hear her. You -- yeah well and NATO -- in my book called dead asleep in the vocal -- -- trying to not -- that. What did you name and what are we didn't -- know. Structure that people think I'm weird because I have plugs at least I'm in good company -- you -- a great pair of that person out there and poppies are. Psychotic but when I can't pick up from psychotic chubby little old man. Yeah they're like Waldorf and stat from the Muppets trapped in a dog by I describe them out or at least. -- -- Larry yes and lazy but will do anything for food no matter how much energy they have to exert. Yeah America weird quirks that last part almost felt they -- -- we are -- now. He is part of the normal probably hit one and it's way better than the other some effort you know let's not only good for -- now. -- -- All right I really appreciate taken its time to talk to me today I'm glad to hear that you're working on new music and congratulations. On a concert -- it is very very well done well I. Have a great afternoon. It's just scary weekdays -- you just seven on Boston -- station WA AF.