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Wedding Cancelled After Invites are Sent Out 5-22-14

May 22, 2014|

Golfer Rory Mcllroy had to cancel his wedding even though the invites were already sent out, which prompted this conversation.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This -- -- every -- that that now mannered and all hello I you know I know what I should ask you mr. in the break I was just. And he's engaging a little water cooler chat with a fellow employee just now and I came -- -- the Condo and she said some pro athlete. Just canceled. His wedding before our bright after the invitations went out there who would you rule us. I I think it was was it right Rory McIlroy the although all third. Why is -- you it was -- is. After the invitation either they get had all that time well I mean you'll wait till after the empty you couldn't have been -- on the abortion get deep cut because -- printed the we couldn't have gotten the bad glue like Susan and Steinfeld. His girlfriend is I believe the professional tennis player she uses. Very beautiful. But here you're outraged. Well what would you rather than when he. No. He was gonna -- like really it was like all of a sudden people started like FaceBook and you might Avery got the wedding got the save the gates got the wedding invite. Like -- to wait till the reply sorry like really the world like it like this to me that kind of akin to like do exit break up like. You know on Valentine's Day like you didn't know. Isn't it better is getting into. Isn't it better is that he wants an expert will ask me how what's what's your expert in there is nothing. I'd been I'd I'd I'd been in the situation twice. The pressure. Of having to face. Her. In Mars and found a way. You you view you wanna do it. -- you get all psyched up to do it like six months before you know 93. Months after the engagement you realize I've this is a huge mistake. And you talk to yourself in the next you know thirty days provide the next thing you know and you know date -- six months go by -- you know it's like oh my god the weddings in six weeks. -- -- you use like you know what I've got to get out of here I gotta get out of here and amp I wish I had this -- -- this guy's awesome. It is because they just like a typical woman she's in regard to I can't believe it you know what. He's saving. The rest of her life. -- -- she's big -- get married -- they waste three years pretending to love each other -- it's all hogwash and then three years your life for down the two so we have this -- cutter clean does not judge she does. -- -- -- before the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- have to track and you never got any good you know the pressure of your like your -- you know the pressure -- -- you put on my bother her mother may give you you know regulate on my god. And I'll tell you that's what it is that says it doesn't put a perspective if you dumbed down it's exactly the same as the guy the breaks up by text. Yet you guys can't do what the -- the man I don't wanna sit there and I don't know father Ron. Tell everybody hey snap at any wedding -- -- -- -- you know you -- get along really. If he'd know what happened as -- here's what happened did they get engaged he says the united there's no date that's set. Eight months you're in the engagement the mother last time you know you guys got -- date -- for you guys get a day yet you know he got engaging can be -- for ten years that's what Rory McIlroy I was thinking right. And that's you know the pressure of a mother locked -- -- you then the next you know after a year and a half it's like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- maybe it's maybe he -- -- him maybe put any team with tiger the floor. There is Iraq. I think he played it you retired and active tiger's house yes and -- strippers and now. I'm. With -- I think there's some -- is that audio you have well OK rob a scenario from him. Yeah. This is. Quite difficult times where. -- myself I think. The statement Ares I at all times weren't news you know you're showing I'm -- go on. It was close for the rest of us -- -- best of both lessen. Find it and spend it on the I think so that I that I knew this day and just wanted to -- my hand it. All this -- play some golf concentrate on tournament. Well. Things went well. Four fingers. At this moment. Questions. If you myself so long as the end of the ability to turn trying to. Meet me on the court. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm sorry you're not invited to you can't contact -- gonna paint in June -- well that we have the press conference I don't know him hello. Hello John. -- Goran what's up. -- and yes you're not a very well but sending that you all like to make fun of her that I picked Delray but but I. But you know I'm sure that she's been close. Of that and of course and what she's saying she may have off days it made critic -- Hey you know -- get it's if I I really love this this you know people giving high Tyler property united -- rare like -- There's a reason I ain't never been married because I realize that the point where I was getting close to marrying whatever boyfriend I was with at the time that I was like -- my god. My life is going to be ruined I've got to bail so the more so why. I reiterate what's of this white matter remember Corey did you study to -- you know what did she was like all the invites are going -- -- -- -- -- -- whatsoever and you. Over the barely gave once before that you do unit was gonna work on -- or other issues. Yeah I love you guys if you're aware of highway there -- Texas says your wedding day is the most horrific day and realize man. -- -- -- I'm only handle and my family hybrid and I wanna go. Off someplace and are to be the tool -- suddenly just as it has to do it with the -- at every given -- if you if you get married younger you don't really consider the eternal. -- consequences. Of it now I -- I don't know I didn't watch your friends fail it's. -- respect our opponent I think you what what people. Q I understand -- is that. Your -- -- did your marriage day. As as great as it is is you have to always know. That more that almost 60% the you have to know you're not making it you have to go into -- it Biden get to ten years evident with our I don't -- by the fifty here but I'm on the border is more like -- and not this forever and forever service not nineteen. My 35 -- when you're you're you're women aren't allowed to work. And you you don't so you can't make money to buy a house right and take care yourself women can take care of themselves now and that's why it that we don't marriages don't -- The 508 text it's funny that he is more upset about the social implications she'd rather go through this year wedding -- collar friends and how well. I don't the -- just a timing thing you know we were gonna do it don't Anderson at the invitation to probably -- -- -- -- we're gonna mail the invitations today everything. Signed sealed delivered music and a passionate -- Yeah. Pick out one more we'd like to hand -- had gone there. Haven't we have a -- of you guys admittedly it was the end of the world this -- going -- -- -- struck it guzzling Vieira. They were you struck by lightning and everybody's gonna -- here we call it that's you a -- Glenn. Deep breath -- LET. -- fired up like multiple I know it sounds like -- that interview. Just narrowly missed the school crossing and got a body -- that it. Would -- -- dobbs. I have -- that you know that your -- an account in the Al don't worry I don't not when he. Trust me I'm not -- really. And he's you can tell he's like -- nervous that she's gonna come flying out of the behind the press. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hi my ears that Texas says I called my letting off two weeks in advance it was that my parents house. And my fiance said he notified everybody and his family I believed him until people. Showing up we -- Worst day ever that's sexy you have to give the gift decked him the copy. But stocks. That's like I don't do anything -- friends first wedding. Thank you for the model injecting -- -- like I was their friends first wedding I wanna say well is -- like maybe 2090. And 90000. And it was one of those scenarios where. There like five bridesmaids and we were at the we're at today -- -- big fancy formal to do like you know the only child -- an Atlanta and a now how -- was not. I. So the double doors that close to the church the wedding march starts off where written like that wedding planners there and they're like -- girls getting carried around first. We're getting her her gown and her her train and everything ready and she turns to us very dramatically and says I can't do this and I'm like well. Too -- now you're going off. Yeah here on the euphoric after I got watch him yeah and only name mine -- -- married her father Fred are so there's you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- my point. I -- I might inflation out and about your anger in my fifty feet to the Alter your reference she put her trusting you to be a bridesmaid. And -- -- secure border future. And I like it got tough guy I Sweeney -- -- 200 bucks on again on your debt -- I don't know a hundred bucks sonic gown you wish well. I'm your guy made it did -- So he buzz and you only saves the same one that's say an eleven to help the dinner hour I don't -- a black suit your way airmen in order. Danielle is like complex it tanked up. Daniels like that -- -- father who got in trouble for shoving -- down -- -- -- -- skate -- eat you like through that woman to the only to the week. Tried do we -- we tried for two years to get her not to marry that dude he sucked and then when they got divorced. He took the TV that we bought them. -- He's the only -- -- the bridesmaids -- how he got the TV she's like Ernie and -- we aired that was and ended at a time now is really. Number television. Here's the techsters says maybe he's more adjusted and his golf game and he is in his and his romantic dinner and by the money -- is good relationship. Is interfering Whitaker and like I said. I lived it. You might act which grew worse thing that ever did in my Laker ruined my career I pulled my high school girlfriend in my rookie year Christmas for 113 weight and and April she can't shoot pregnant and my life and that ruined your life. And it's been downhill slope ought to think about I'm I'm eighteen just turned ninety drove. I I'm the trying to play for the Boston Bruins are -- I got high school chick who's pregnant and I'm trying to I mean start I'm trying to get a career on track ya and I'm trying to figure out how to -- -- kidnapped and amateur can only go by you know I don't I'm not imam. Yeah my high school sweeter and a -- for a week I'm going to do you think. You couldn't find some she responds yeah I don't some -- what -- got to fly girl in from home. I encourage every argument went trip dominion dominion number collar community your real treat for being here right towards -- under treatment. With a -- apparently there today not particularly America. A partner in normal anger me. Right now. I guess if you get -- it is. They -- the management finding them now I well. I can tell. I mean god forbid the guy whoever cancels after he gets engaged to you if the good luck on that he's. And is there. But there is talking to the guards are thousands and I asked the wedding a text their loves the fact that you said you've been close many times the electorally. I closed one awesome and I go to formula might realize I was going I was liking a refundable deposit now. Although I just -- -- are my provisional on our news or some way able the guy bills after being engaged today and -- then. Is getting married who's been on the air because wanted to see now podium they come July like got -- Columbia faculty but it's at now or. As you go in the disguised that's what bring -- that one looks good and the jeweler look at him. Do you think about -- -- whatever time Allen's -- today and I had an -- -- -- -- -- her out the fuel that could figure out that you should have been in Maryland I was like yes it works thing about work are you sure you I don't think you can think about this like now cameo. Yeah fine and Daniels taxes -- she's watching on the album bride as a Republican in the bad actors -- -- Doesn't look -- -- again I tried and gotta take it managed. A -- hook up slightly heavy woman doing and I with a beard on yeah. Now here's a woman. -- attacks from lament. Who said her dad. Said to her before they locked down that it's not too late to leave it means he hated the -- and then yeah but that's great. That's got some on the -- -- that someone that loves her daughter -- -- -- -- -- -- -- lot of headaches await their eyes and he's that was some left -- If my ailment being burned and was you know just grabbed me and Jeremy Case. Don't do this letter every kid -- -- -- -- -- start -- Joker will get through -- -- nobody let me tell you something. As renowned. -- scary provide paid the deposit. No I am asking Julia and if if she wants foliage particularly forget about them -- it is solid and now that is -- ready and governors and I'd get -- your mentality and it's like you know went. She gets divorce she's giving you this afternoon we notify parents I don't know Annapolis than. Speaking. Of odd. And perhaps disturbing this one final thing about not not to not to beat up from the lovely -- yeah but by during the last break when I went to the bathroom. I locked by the kitchen. And she's in there with -- and Jan -- the receptionist there or the order project director of director of first impressions. And she's talking about how she asked to warm the squirrels formula out. In order to -- you -- hormonal and what the order that need this little rebels. You baby girl didn't want anyone shed Jan ten between the Grammy machine and I'm here late kind of girl -- Like I mean as if it is an annoying enough when people are telling you about bear children out there -- actually children and she's got this poor girl. Like trap English in. School. -- keep him at. It's about -- Rosemary. Runs I don't know when he -- Ichiro. Receptionist I don't I fired up about statements were apparent moment where she's. He's actually -- orgy party and and do we need not to get some action. That would. Obviously yes look forward to once all the shots in the -- -- a couple of that -- in fifteen years yeah yeah yeah. I have people who are -- crazy cat lady started dancing crazy Cali are thinking financing and gives an all look she ran out of owner from George to kind of speed OK -- your FaceBook page you'll be like -- in the period and branding and a -- airtime on the weekends. Catch. And I -- a I needed Jeremy tried Jen tried to leave him Daniel grabbed him by the shirt she's like some of the story out about Jordan make eye contact with -- and I brought you raise eyebrows like -- -- -- I.