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Inside the Warped Female Brain 5-22-14

May 22, 2014|

Another episode of inside the warped female brain as we discuss a man who was dumped by his girlfriend because he is much shorter than her.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Are you ready to go inside the -- female brain AS 808. Or is this email. Danielle. My name is Louis. And I love listening to Neil -- Lewis I especially enjoy the advice you give us men who are having issues. Yesterday. My girlfriend Mira. -- I have been with for almost six months dumb to me out of the -- -- Even though it seemed like everything was great. -- -- a lot of six months. She told me she just can't be would -- anymore because of the height difference between us on average. She is at all 8511. And I am just about five feet tall. Oh that's -- different crew I don't get it. If you like someone. Why does -- matter how tall they are I was born this way and it's not like I'm a fat slob. Are -- counter mr. bullying a tiny can you please tell me why. A woman would dump a guy. Just because he's not all as all of us are. Israeli adding that's a materials that's what Lewis sets. Popular slated spec -- brown -- his head in the sand at the at it this. I think for the for the majority I know someone who won't have a problem with that I had a couple of guys that are bodies that are shorter dude it's great guys. -- two or dating women much taller than Billick wherever I'm kind of accepted it but I found that women overall I menial. As I see my friends who really all I met this guy he was really great like we met online with the date it was like for shortening what word would you David. Probably not now now it seems kind of shallow to me to be honest with very shall we really like why it's very -- one area if you like. What do all -- huge huge eels aren't leaning on the topic here and what's different. So what's the difference of -- -- -- guy does what you check with small groups. They -- I would like no way to encourage students and their green -- five feet tall dated men look up she. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean. I have found yet and stay you're -- give us the other factor. Are you five feet with a -- -- industry -- five feet within a five wood might even like. This there's a foot differential the torsos on kennel I thought hey -- -- and it is doing certain things he's getting -- -- bit missionaries all still in them. And yeah object. Here's a woman who says this is a primal thing with the women wanna Holler guy food it's an instinct to -- protect right. Is that true that's actually goes back to caveman days. With the dog pull my hair and a drag -- vegetable there. LB shut up you shouldn't act all dismissive of being in love after six months how many failure marriages of you at all really to -- that one theory. -- holy holy our allies are -- had been dumped a hundred. Two record for -- I'm five and I couldn't do it a woman says really. I'm 57 dated a guy 54. I was teased all the time his -- started to bother me so -- dumped them. -- like big -- it's it's just Andre you know now I. Paychecks from somebody here I'm 58 and when you're with them and you look down on it's really hard to feel like the weaker sex. Feminine and safe you feel like you can beat him up we want -- tosses around on the bed I mean albeit -- player to Erica and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And they are -- sound like actor Dennis not a personal attack. It's just like -- -- -- but -- option not to girls don't like it like husky guys slots at their beer girls it don't like big guys. But the thing I think the guys probably only zinni at that that the problem is that. She dated him for six months. What she did so good for -- Levy's personality that's been issued hoping to get anything for a -- -- the way she didn't say your personality Sox. She said your short I can't be different but she does all things yes there was going to be some other redeeming characteristic it would help with the past little pun intended that night. Yeah enough for now that she proved that she's not shallow she wasted six months of her life understood yeah you know summer's here and you can't take him on any of the right right at flags are -- that the trial. You're right I mean and you know there's the whole beach staying in partners Clark inside rates on the each. -- do well here is that's so I cleared my ominous sirens nano we can handle it looking them hey wait a second we saw them on the beach and I've heard of others Saturday's -- I mean is that Molly's doing -- she got swept by now. Are any there is -- there's a lot of women texting I need to talk to a woman. Do you feel this way are you -- you -- even if you really like to guide. Are you that shallow. That you wouldn't date him. Because he was shorter than you -- what I would like to hear from the woman who. You know would stay with them. What -- as a good is no way any girl who's gonna data shorter guy rarely think I've seen it. I mean I guess I haven't some what you're now. My friends not as if it you've never seen like it's a married couple like whipped up and with a with a little midget guy you'd kinda doctor ever. Not that I I got this yeah. It's not his -- that bothers her it's the friend her friends joking that she can't stand. Of them yeah. Here's one a little bit of weighing in from a female it's kinda like how size does matter size matters only a woman has had small her whole life. And then got something that was big bank is the same thing for height it's hard to go back to something that was smaller. And the last thing you got -- 26179311. AF is the numbers is that Rachel yes Rachel. -- on guys what's up Rachel. So I was dating a guy who I respect them on fire ignited. And I couldn't deal at the height it's quite dumped them at my arm or an ethics Q and -- a much. So that was only three inches. And look down right -- -- also is it was to you like you. It's an accurate temperature but he had money -- trying to overlook. Here's the text that says that Donner had no problem -- oh that's true and a Don. Where is and I put Bolivia to let -- do at the moment. While Omar like and I thought OK okay -- real Leander -- not -- and Mary hello Mary. Hello hey what's up -- Just wanted to -- -- and -- are you sure guys in the taller girl yes. Wanted to see that some of the -- well and -- it would sort -- you do. -- and now come home the well is he fit what's the height differential. I'm I've read the -- okay he is also eight years younger oh. We really. -- men so I was your first marriage -- Well good. Go to your -- -- where they'll be saying here you've been married before and that married people out I'm not there looking grass that's for being real. How about think college get a chance saying it's that time -- accused payments he was in love with the war hello Jackie. I have morning morning -- you guys it. Jacqui we love you. I might LA and a I am sure bag -- thing I honey I -- -- like you don't have a problem I think. A man that I mean that I I dated someone -- -- like ED -- hiatus he. And it is still uncomfortable without Larry you know you can't cut he can't. He can't hurt you or it's O clock. Now the person that you dated. The did you like that. In hot -- -- -- like in my hottest guy ever dated back pretty elect. So he wasn't real -- super hot every everywhere except for his height of these -- in my -- Exactly. Unite it -- on the -- -- he can't and under the iron because. You know I -- and I -- and. Here's text about Paul Simon's wife is like a foot taller them and she beats them up I mean that's the word that the double. A look at. Hey look I any error -- -- -- and I because -- I've learned all the time they're really it doesn't botany. The only Italian is the problem is when you how to diet I'm comfortable place to keep an monetary yields than. You can tell you I'm here. Not cool really -- -- -- here. -- -- about her milieu maybe gotta you gotta go for angels on May be thanks Jeremy. He just maybe you can -- what -- you get a guy like some -- back cat you should get the guy some lips like and they aren't like yours and be like get him some of those. Yes Sonny Bono shoes -- I would like -- that I don't -- that the platform I listen. I will say there is nothing like feeling to -- like yesterday when -- when I get -- -- -- like yes steel -- and I would warm my old wrestling boots thank you brawler by the way. They're they're there's two inches and so I was actually 63 and a half yesterday when pretty. Throw the ball below Linda. And do what you would that we in the I'm not that I'm just calling about my. Sure I've been -- talked out yeah I'll tell you I and I've had my -- Is. Sidestepped the mat there yeah. He's gotten a lesson to everybody thinks it's bad let's put it frankly and -- Joba out. Yes Christie Brinkley Billy Joseph Doug Christie Brinkley now dear friends make fun do your friends ever make fun of you never now. Okay yeah the doctor Gerald that was and any of them did they detonated that she's been married for thirty years. I can't unbeaten -- -- I don't and I'm so I sent -- a little luck where are well known and -- I said that the wrong way please on to our. What I meant to save lives. When you were married thirty years you know when there wasn't this issue. In August while yeah yeah yeah I don't mean there wasn't in the seventies and eighties you know just started to get you know certain rule on the night. He's when you know objects are dear Ricky yeah I don't think the four inch height differential -- talking 565 and is a -- difference. I think it gets worse when you get six plus persecution like around five -- mark. Well I think this guy she's 511 ranks five foot right that summarizes what a difference that was significant. Like some of the dollars a call -- like warrior differential is or -- -- that's -- -- I think a locate. And I Kate. I'm inclined weigh in on the topic because I am I in Manhattan and I would then they and High Court evidence that ilk. Really I don't think -- all I don't I don't. We have played all right it is a once and then you -- -- that and saying you've got to do. Don't do it no disrespect Kate you large now. Ari. Can you preview Art Shell don't don't sell out you could do you could this guy could be your soul mate and because he's a midget you don't want anything to do put them. I'm not an X ray and I. Yeah. It's off -- him but hire -- guy in the days you're the best yeah I'm willing to -- it. Five minutes into the conversation with case someone probably a lot a couple of like feet off of themselves by just so that she doesn't compare to be couple Ocalan on a low amyloid. -- I'm just. On because this is a good topic for me yeah I -- ravaged. I'd I'd let you know. And I'll highlight as it is really tie guy as well 866. Pollard. And just recently had started dating a guy who's. Well I learn I've I've still very close to my right and I do have -- say it'd actually be backtracked after. Really good for you ask them a because the hi -- insert them myself lined up. No matter what is -- Is it now like it better. You're saying you don't need like like an extender to reached certain things or whatever. Yeah I think I'm the guy is really -- that it. Doesn't matter. OK so you're saying that may be in many of these cases. Short manner not good in bed. Maybe maybe it's me that -- late. Like overdue at yeah I'm sure that's barbaric. They don't know what they're doing and. Yeah. Good 30 because it's an it just seems like Mary shallow this girl Mira. Who dumped what was his name Lewis because he was shorter than her Libby. Good morning want I want I can't thank decent yeah. So I am I as a weapon in my current boyfriend is six. Previously I need I extra warriors. One all it's -- sort it. It all that it really bothered me it was when it was still out. I you know you're aware you're one of severe. -- and I are over let it's taller than. And I hope and it was embarrass it was embarrassing the car all it was uncomfortable -- it did -- I don't write up port so yeah. Did your friends make fun of you. Well I'm not the British General Electric and you know you look at public spirited person that you letter that you look lakers. That's all you -- -- -- aren't inside. Now on the classic question how important to women is it. What their friends say about a guy that their data. How are you guys know to win. I'll give you WiMax. They think a different kind of person I am pretty secure offer. I don't hear anybody. Serious ballot they like what I shouldn't shouldn't do so. Pilots and their Mexicans started. I get other people who. Are totally you know like live and die by the word so. And what their parents that. If he do that -- your like twenties maybe. A locust and. I got -- Well I am not I've sat at my ex boyfriend what we went out in public Hewitt may he walk on the street and walk from the site locked ballot and. Oh my god -- That's just he gave me is very -- at the but it the average you're above my car. -- I got out but I can't even believe. Iron right -- -- One of their college students and -- Jerry yeah I would. I wouldn't talk of alcoholic now -- short saying yes I'm. I'm going to kind of I'm sure the guys you don't you don't really yeah. So I mean I'm I'm I'm more attractive yeah I mean yeah. I think that's good news. That's good news because I think this woman show. I think the fact that she dump this guy after six months and said it was because he was short is just stitch. Little patty. -- what's -- well I kind of look like that I am not but that then my husband went to -- they may yet drive I don't care. A diet that's. Respect it great he can talk about it the perfect right well -- is more comfortable at that. He's so he is so that could cause problems do -- the guy is insecure about it. Like he always wants to know why you're staring at. I NBA players and -- -- and and I'll guides yeah I well Daniel's your advice to this guy move on true. I'll let -- and -- he -- that's good advice Willis probably very very very eyes.