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Hill-Mail 5-22-14

May 22, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours with the topics bouncing all over the place.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each you to do to block as the Hill Man Morning Show please and scale made up. Bought. On W a day. It was fun -- Anthony out there yesterday. Good luck to him on the birth that the forth coming birth of another illegitimate child. Her. I love the reaction from people on FaceBook like audio experience -- is poston at a flag. I'm decades -- -- this kind of magnitude you don't want it took them five months it think it's up to say all in this best so much the show was great I have -- here yesterday on that kids the words -- -- -- much better dot -- I love -- you guys don't have any controversial views anymore you hold the same the like. I'll I mean you know what they say about opinions. Everybody has wanted to highlight cold skin some people will be able loved the kid. Some people didn't like the case the good gags great dad. Called variety a lot of different kind of people on the world and he has done about it -- -- -- connection it's not going to be a legitimate but -- they're getting married yet he mentioned they're getting married -- -- -- haley's dad made the trip down from -- oh yeah -- gather again and we'll -- a sandwich it. Are right New York hill mail messages today brought to you by noon that turf care. Your residential and commercial line care provider. Visit noon turf care dot com and mentioned WA 483 flea and tick treatment. From the experts at noon turf care Ron -- eight Perot to all of them. You know what our air right congratulations. It congratulations. You're Peru. Don't Barton being. Hit. -- January Lugar can get away light. You know Joba go button and it can contribute -- bat. Who are my hero -- yeah. All -- met. At a I really think that I got the message from art Powell. John -- leave the CEO of -- -- yet who is the presenting sponsor of this show. This show is presented by Echostar technologies your data center solutions provider. For more information go to echo -- dot com. I think he's gonna gives -- and kind of defeat of the names -- get echoes the and they want it I love -- And I -- -- -- doing that it's better then lawyer ran the kind of person that he has. When -- 908. PM. -- Broke out Poland wouldn't -- -- Opposite if you would put my twin brother allegedly paid a visit is all we're in the business. Really come -- -- irregardless. I am coming forward throughout the world but I haven't attacked people out of -- -- Has meeting and I -- intent media. North provoke guy named Cancun probably what I could find Palin went as we're gonna about climate -- that the world headquarters of take junk. The latest Costello corporate takeover. -- for 19 AM. It is appropriate that it could they think they're. We all -- And MBTA bus when they're angry world where he met through the turnpike we could break. But we have now -- this governor that a particular ball that was dangling over what we're actually a spot in Red Sox bandwagon. That we see that -- the latest information we have. And it didn't predict that they that they took it. Don't know leave at 404 merely exist. The worry about it would baseball because there's still like 400 games left so it's really not that it's not that anyone's game is that Debbie Garrett a big deal. 04. All -- -- -- they would get out of the radio again prepare for. Don't miss them we don't beat -- people are popular pass it on taken that deal. Under that emotion that's we used in May use you -- do you like the air and then out there while you're. Your answer is now. -- -- -- -- -- Don't look good for all we import the people that weren't able to make yet stereo and market it might start. There could very beautiful women that very concept that applies stop -- woman. Bill video. Follow that keeps on -- my in the that that they really. Anybody can of one atom -- all those girls and I mean. He's come -- and what's when he got to do gel well a lot of -- America and central India and saying they were all gorgeous yet all I can I thought they were all gorgeous -- I have. You know believe me I think MacKenzie. Deserved the win then and I hear Jodi deserve to be the runner up thank you Jody I think one. They yoga pants force definitely I Jody. And if you haven't seen the pictures if he somehow missed them yesterday for their all on my Twitter feed. Greg Hill WA AF. But but really McKenzie who had that weird public transportation dream about last night deserve to be the winner. And 04. Or. You. Don't -- -- to get. Well -- four stroke is nine. And I'll struggle and that will get better once we get to the all star break everybody email instant message is very mediocre. We have about it. Britain one -- -- -- -- -- I'm sure this at this. -- -- -- These are guys stand in the doorway with a bit of name that kept. Or in the world go to. Now -- now. You learn is lesson -- -- I know -- Now you can't pick -- your daughter's girls' boyfriends girlfriends boyfriends ever or whatever whatever they like he can't gatherings antiseptic is that it is that a lot of all of their faces on their -- Adams can't control your kids' lives and twenty Arnold told him. OK and now I'm. Walking around particularly a bit like the start Obama go to Connecticut now. To. The chewed me. -- order order. -- -- And somebody said the dead that morning none on Twitter is like Christmas morning as light the Christmas morning on on Twitter who would like here's. 620 -- an old man. You know we don't forget -- that. Or out of this camera. Movement. I don't know how we know -- This is the real them. And the troops. He does run out on his family's. Twenty Arnold told him. The Katrina did have the elbow bump in the north Canadian. There are great part of what got routed -- point in the entry way. And the command. A forty man. -- material be traded at formats include Vodafone core of who he doesn't get a big head. I don't approve it so that but I ignored. A lot of jail eagle -- -- realized physically we on -- nominee and -- quarter witches and there had. Which is on the huge side is it is now is that big just in America very. Europe and every elsewhere you know at my side yeah. -- -- adds if it ever compared your head into the average head of the European I mean maybe perhaps you go over there and you'd have a as the president has set a peanut there you ever think about that maybe you can have a smaller -- -- -- -- -- -- to -- -- being able -- -- -- the medium -- -- 83. Greg what's up brother. Should get out of it. That comment on not shaking hands well -- NHL and it went in went out there and everybody else and -- -- You know we were -- in case you missed it American Medical Association. Is advising that shaking hands is akin to smoking cigarettes when it comes to the danger. It presents to your health. Though there advising the people elbow -- So portable or maybe. And maybe now and it the Asian called -- -- with a bad back. I know. Well I'd I'd like to hand -- addicts are the first championship excuse me for nothing replaces it because there. That's how you judge people unfortunately somebody gives you a firm handshake. You know I mean business now -- when you do that handshake. Do you -- light slap on the upper -- arm on the opposite shoulder sometimes can't depend on the age of the person. Somebody's in the that are followed by how YNG how she -- chief accountant. -- chief what's up tee -- up. What about you among. The hello Fred. I just want to ask opiate -- it is bigger than -- Kevin Youkilis it's important it. Or me we actually saw that on this show how would you and yet you was about what's it what's the biggest. That's all you is the biggest seven point 758 yeah whatever it was you were you were bigger than them and so. We never did to authorities this -- isn't naive enough now. Big out of it right there with the -- that normal students felt yeah. But it tight to tan. Twisted steal them to you currency resent America and here is that he uses 617 taxed. No handshakes straight to intercourse. But now we assume then that got chocolate we -- We learned this earlier but I'll mention it again handshake BM as a gesture to prove that you don't have a -- Horry weapons. It is also rumored to have begun because the king. Would wipe what is left again so therefore out should -- quit right shake the Mexican yeah that was before they figured out that water. That was available to clearly -- that everybody locked around with a smelly left in. But I and I whipped up with a believes. It guy. -- hours out in the woods solid yeah here's the text that says so that means the government is gonna start taxing the hell out of hand -- like they've done with tobacco yes. There. The Texas is how to Andre or not win yesterday which was odd man lives in India in the long -- -- -- line past they'll make up. And she is on her -- usually cute I gotta go back to Cuba a -- -- -- which one I mean you know and and the like I said earlier anybody to war. My doctor McKenzie was Merrill maybe I mean -- have -- champion -- wasn't there then maybe some meals and -- that the and a I mean. Walks in and -- Lleyton -- -- face it was as though like Al or over into the -- it's fantastic. He uses his lovely very lovely.