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Is It Fact or Is It Schmact? 5-22-14

May 22, 2014|

A slew of interesting topics as the callers challenge LB including how many time zones there use to be, was Nirvana inspired by Bruce, and is sperm good to fight aging?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now. But -- Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your wits against -- please I don't believe such a dangerous nothing unsanitary home. You drink yeah there's got to be a lot of demand seed and not only name you blather about. Aids dying of facts she Max. If you win -- -- this morning you win a pair of tickets for the pretty reckless at the house of blues that is a WAA after show. Coming up on September. 10 and bill is up first this morning hello bill. They -- about what's going on Billy. Not too -- and some traffic where where -- where in traffic 18. What you saw a high heading north toward the city here yeah yeah off what do you what do you do bill. I say -- actually Ellis. And that's where excellence and are a lot of big thank you basically yeah kid did -- Hey bill in the eighteen hundreds. The United States have 144. Separate times zones. Back and accurate accomplice got him or will we we had we had to dump out of -- this isn't some kind of you know a a sales. Summoned here where you can use the foul language and a real fired up please now what do you say that she backed. Yeah I LB would. Holy smokes coming back in the Dade they had it there that there -- -- they always kept it ended little changed yeah. It has been. Yeah I mean there was just a little pocket and I don't want I want pocket they call that the watch. It was a and so I gotta say Agassi each -- believe it or not it's back. You would get what that's insane -- keep track if you play only four separate. I'll be perfect for you know a couple of yeah yeah great excuse you heard I was in I was in that time zone 142. Of its its its technical competence to listen I was review case throughout grabbed -- horse might -- was only the war. -- follow her posts get it you follow Jaffa. A -- -- job. Yeah Jeff are you are you present and accounted for. Already are doing we're doing right -- powering. You very much excellent Jeff Kurt Cobain. Met his nerve bombing of the inmates. In a Bruce Springsteen cover band to act Porsche Mac. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I can't believe you could take you so you're going there -- you warrant cruised to be relative to grind slowly to the Clinton because the losses the man who loved I don't love the bus and I hear you you want him to influence. On the West Coast -- Gary bush Mac. Yeah its finish back however. They met any credence Clearwater revival covered little -- see see her love creeds and do like the have you ever seen the green. That may never come. Use some tomorrow who'll stop the rain one made we will use them tomorrow hello Michelle. Good morning out and be corrected by several techsters. Saying of course there is the pocket watch. But there was nothing ever call a watch pocket but I -- -- on of that in the vast that I -- watch our -- was called the watch pocket. Now it apart -- watch. We are you put your pocket I don't want what I call the watch pop. Why then maybe that's why they invented then that the vast beat out guys get tired of -- watch game all right you want the washed Angela today and there everyday. The government of the -- Michelle. Yeah sperm men. Is considered to be anti aging treatment back there should. It's good product on oral realism -- Harrison did and I'll tell you approaching these -- for the body builder monster that keeps them in the patent lean times has LB said that in his life. -- -- is just a -- and just give a complete line and a banana yeah. Your face -- so much better and more it is back it is backed the right he Michelle nailed it is only. Nailed it nailed it it's yeah it's good for what ails you tip. Mean you know it's hidden on the antioxidants -- and don't be afraid to look at the inaugural I don't I don't know don't let the freon skiing here and I don't afraid to consume the process. That is. Hello Marc. Yeah what's up. -- Dylan Bob -- Mark there are close to 1000. Deaths a year. Due to auto -- product X -- best sixty patient is that a factor is actually act. Well yeah I've got I would definitely say that's. Yeah there's a dead period there's some there's some -- to keep people out there would yup that's their engine and common. -- -- and close close to a thousand I'll consider why do you -- -- I -- well I guess I was I was can I learned about the none you know what I have to do -- good point you address. So I you know what I I. I'm SH matches I think the numbers even higher -- its active there are close too close to what does not as many as. I guess you might think. But still an alarming number hello -- stuff what are how are you Lisa are under -- excellent where you from. Westminster are nice have you been protein and -- -- her. Maybe -- Naimi added I -- Lisa -- big plans for the Memorial Day weekend are now. And all are on -- order. You all overseas -- Brazil and I'm all right. Lisa smoking cigars. Shortens a man's penis. By eight centimeter. Or act or should now. Also back. Does well as a stimulant that guy. You know what I I I couldn't disagree more ya -- if you if you look at people at small the -- they'd -- big would it would you always needs to -- ten years news older than they really are -- guys -- -- -- -- right ankle -- -- why why should just be your face it's got to be your whole body races I would say it was. I would say well it is little -- little trickery at that at work here it's actually cigarettes. And it is indeed. A fact that really smoking cigarettes. Shortens you were. Keenness by eighty. Centimeter that is frightening I now all of my -- if you don't have much despair about -- that's a real problem in on an infant at the and I want to. Lose what you guys. All right that's backs -- this morning it is 731.